Swingin’ And Swappin’

It was a nice Friday night, and my friend Brandi and I were getting ready to go to this exclusive swinger party. Brandi was a tall, busty brown-skinned beauty with a hot figure and long black straight hair. She had big charming brown eyes and sexy full lips. It was easy to mistake us as a couple because of our strong chemistry. I often wondered how sex would be with her.

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to do this,” I said. “I should have known you had something outrageous in mind.”

“You said your sex life had not been the same lately so I’m trying to spice it up for you,” Brandi quipped. “Places like the one I’m about to take you always do the trick.”

“How many times have you done this?” I asked.

“This will be my third time doing this,” Brandi answered. “I don’t know what my man does when he’s with his friends, so I do me. Men do their thing, and women are going to do their thing when their man is gone.”

Riding in my white Audi R8, Brandi had me astounded on how she looked in her black one-piece backless dress. I laughed to myself thinking that Brandi’s famous husband did not know how wild and sneaky she was. I just prayed that this swinger party would be worth my time.

We arrived at the upstate New York mansion around eleven, and the scenery of the area resembled something out of Desperate Housewives. Brandi knocked on the door twice. A tall black man wearing a blue suit answered the door and introduced himself as Desmond. He checked our names on the guest list; then invited us inside. I could not wait to meet the other guests.

Inside the mansion, a dozen elegantly sexy people mingled beneath the gentle moonlight of the European chandeliers. The soulful sound of R&B music blended smoothly with the soft conversation going on among the guests. It almost felt like a lounge for the grown and sexy. Brandi was a natural in this kind of environment. She immediately caught the eyes of a bald black man and conversed with him.

I stood solitary observing. I felt it was crazy that people participated in these social gatherings with strangers. All the guests had wedding rings on and did not mind sharing their partners. I did felt a little out-of-place as I kept on checking my Audemars Piguet watch and realized time was moving slowly.

A very busty woman with dark creamy skin, long brown wavy hair, and exotic looks approached me. Her body was lethally curvy that aroused me.

“How are you doing, mister?” she said. “I’m Carmen. What is your name?”

“Mar’e,” I told her with a smile.

“Did you come here with your wife?”

“Yes, she’s the lovely black woman over there wearing the black dress,” I lied.

“She’s very pretty,” Carmen said. “My husband is over there getting acquainted with our neighbors. Come on; let us have a drink, papi.”

We sat on the couch and talked. Carmen was a fellow New Yorker and mixed with Native American, Italian, Hispanic, and Black. She was also a very popular Webcam girl. As the evening progressed, the drinks had me in a mellow mood. I felt at ease and part of this strange surrounding. Therefore, Carmen and I retired upstairs for some privacy. I took off my clothes and got comfortable in the bed. Carmen stripped out of her clothes like an exotic dancer at a men’s club.

Carmen stood there nude. She looked radiant. I moved close to her and our moist lips touched. Her body pressed close to mine, and I could hear soft moans escaping her mouth. I loved every minute of it; I got to the point where I could not help myself any longer. I palmed her ass as we continued to kiss. Our tongues danced for a few minutes; then she pulled away and gave me soft pecks around my lips.

I rolled on a condom and Carmen climbed on top of me like a wild cat. She kissed and licked my lips and torso. Then she sucked my balls while her cool hand massaged my dick. Her oral techniques made my eyes rolled in the back of my head. She licked her way up my dick until she got to the head. Carmen smiled and sucked away. I felt my dick plunged down her throat.

“Yes, you are incredible,” I told Carmen.

“I know,” she mumbled.

Carmen increased her fervor, and like a piston, her head went up and down. Her fellatio skills triggered me to ejaculate. I felt like I released enough semen to fill a champagne bottle.

“You are the best, baby girl.” I sighed.

“Thanks, baby. Now let us get a clean rubber on you. I always fantasize about fucking a black man,” Carmen confessed.

Carmen made the act of putting on a condom exciting. I pulled her on top of me and she rode me like a veteran porn star. The more I squeezed her tits, the wilder she became. Carmen screamed and moaned her excitement. I enjoyed every second of the pleasure she gave me. Carmen shrieked her intense orgasm.

When Carmen’s orgasm subsided, I laid her down and mounted her missionary style. I slammed into her for all I was worth. Carmen was going crazy with pleasure as her sexy body moved up and down on my dick. Her pussy was burning up, and her love juices were pouring out. Within seconds, I achieved my second orgasm of the night. I ejaculated harder than I ever had before. I smiled with the feeling of total satisfaction. Carmen rubbed her pussy and stared at me with a big smile on her face.

As I recovered my breath, Carmen crawled out the bed. Without saying a word, she dressed and walked out the bedroom. I lay there; body glistened from the sex and sweat, looking up at the ceiling. I was about to get dressed when Brandi walked in the bedroom clothed in her bra and thong. She crawled in the bed and told me about the bald man she sexed. I did not even listen as I had my eyes on Brandi’s flawless body. When I gazed at her big brown eyes, I could not deny my sexual attraction to Brandi. I leaned over and kissed those soft, wet wanting lips of hers. Brandi smiled and pulled me closer. Then she tongued me down.

I went to work licking, sucking, and fingering Brandi’s pussy. I savored the sight of her body vibrating with erotic pleasure. The look on Brandi’s face convinced me that she was in a state of sexual frenzy. I lowered myself gently on top of Brandi and entered her. I probed the pussy with a slow rhythm at first and then my pace quickened. I pushed all the way into her, which sent her all the way to ecstasy land. The rhythm we developed had the bed shaking.

As I neared another orgasm, I pulled my dick from Brandi’s hot pussy and shot a load of golden jism on her tits. As she rubbed it down to her belly, I was thinking to myself, I hit it without a condom. Thank God, I did not keep my dick in her a second more. With satisfied looks on our faces, we cuddled.

“I can’t believe how big your dick is. Damn, you have a big dick. Nobody ever fucked me the way you did, Mar’e.” Brandi confirmed.

“Baby girl, the one thing I’m the best at is fucking. I have a long list of satisfied women in my black book,” I told her.

“Are you going to put me on the top of the list?” Brandi whispered in my ear.

“You know it.” I laughed.

We decided to take a quick shower together. In the shower, I loved the way her wet tits felt against my body. Brandi wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer. We kissed passionately and took turns scrubbing each other.

After taking a nice sensual shower and getting dressed, we headed back downstairs to mingle with a few guests. I felt lucky partying in a house filled with energy, endless laughter, and euphoria. Brandi and I drank and danced the night away like a New Year’s party.

We had an enjoyable conversation on the way home. We commented about how much fun the swinger party was, and how we never expected us to have sex, even though we had both wanted it to happen for a while. When I stopped in front of Brandi’s brownstone, she leaned over, and French kissed me.

“We have to do this again soon, lover boy.” Brandi suggested. “I love good dick!”

“Let me know the date and I’m there, baby girl.” I replied.

“All right, good night, handsome.” Brandi winked.

I watched Brandi walked her fine ass inside her place. Then I drove off.

What a swinging night!

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