The Bar and The Phone Booth

I sat there at the bar. I crossed my legs and stirred my martini. “What a pointless night.” I thought to myself. As I shifted in my seat, my skirt slid up my leg. I looked down to correct the brief show I had started. As I did, I noticed the man in the corner. I didn’t see him come in, at least I would imagine I would have noticed someone as gorgeous as he was. I found myself staring at this man. I looked back at my martini, using every power in my body to not look at him again. He was dark. He had broad shoulders and a well sculpted goatee. He had a great smile and big lips. His hands were big and strong, as were his arms. I found myself drifting off into a daydream about him taking my legs over his shoulders. My pale skin against his dark body. His head diving into the cleft between my legs. His tongue touching me where I longed to be touched.
As I opened my eyes, I found another martini in front of me. “From the man in the corner” the bartender said with a grin. I looked at him and smiled. He just continued to sit there. As I turned around, I could feel the searing heat of his stair on my back, and then moving lower. I crossed my legs again and let the skirt fall to the side. My entire leg was put on display for this stranger. I looked over at him. He locked eye contact with me and slowly unbuttoned the first button on his shirt. I turned back around. I bit my lip and tried not to smile as I felt the heat move down my body. I looked back at the corner booth and he was gone. A small panic surged through me. Then as I looked up again, I saw him. He took a seat at the other end of the bar. We held each others gaze for a moment. I looked down and smiled to myself. Thinking “This is crazy!” I saw him order a drink and then he smacked down a huge tip for the bar tender. He ordered something with a cherry. I watched him as he tasted his drink and then took the cherry into his mouth. He looked at me and then began to flick the cherry with his tongue. All I could think was how bad I wanted that cherry to be my nipple, or even better…my clit. The wetness between my legs was unbearable. I had to take care of this. I got up from the bar and walked toward the restroom. I walked through the door and found a stall. I stepped in. As I grabbed some tissue to dab away the wetness I heard the door open up. I froze. Then I heard the footsteps. They were not a womans footsteps. These were strong, heavy, manly. Like a man on a mission. I heard him walk in front of every stall and then he stopped in front of mine. He pushed open the door, which I hadn’t even locked yet. There he stood. 6 and a half feet of pure animal magnetism. He walked forward. I pressed myself against the side of the stall. He rested his hand against the wall. With his other hand he outlined the flower design on my dress. As he touched me my breath quickened. I leaned forward and put his mouth on my neck. I felt his tongue flicker over my skin. I wanted to melt right there. He moved his mouth lower. His lips left a simmering blaze from my neck to my breasts. As he pulled the neckline of my dress lower, I squirmed. He tauntingly moved lower. He moved my breast out of my bra. He held it in his fingers and then lightly licked it. I took a heavy breath. He stood up and pulled my dress up the way it was when he had come in. He walked out of the stall. He looked back at me and winked. I followed him out of the restroom. He walked back into the bar, through a bill down for our drinks and then walked outside.
We walked a few steps in complete silence and then he grabbed me and planted a kiss on me. Those thick lips locked onto mine and he pushed me back into the phone booth. Once we were inside, she shut the sliding door. Not that it mattered, because everyone who was walking the streets was getting a free show anyway. He pushed me up against the glass. His lips traveled everywhere. He pulled the neckline of my dress down again and he took my nipple into his hot, wet mouth. He sucked it so gently, it sent chills up and down my spine. I found my hands racing up and down his back. Then he moved away. Leaving my breasts totally exposed to the cold air around us. He went back to kissing my mouth. His kisses were much deeper now. A little harder too. As he kissed me, he moved his knee in between my legs. He moved his hand up my leg. He pushed my skirt out of the way and moved his hand higher. Then he was at the top of my thigh. He found the seam of my panties and moved them to the side. His fingers moved lightly over my clit. Then he dipped a finger inside of me. I gasped and then he did it again. Then he put 2 fingers inside. He pushed them in as deep as he could. I moaned louder and louder with every push. Then he got down on his knees. He lightly licked my clit. Then he gently took it into his mouth and began to suck on it. As he worked his lips and tongue on my clit he was still stroking me from the inside with his fingers. I began to feel me body shaking. I began to breathe heavier. I grabbed the back of his head and held him down as I grinded down against is mouth. As I came, I gushed all over him. He and I were both soaked, yet neither of us seemed to care. He came back up to my mouth and I could taste myself on his lips. I reached down for his belt buckle and unfastened it. His pants fell around his ankles. I felt down his stomach and found his cock. It was massive. I stroked it. He moaned and gripped the sides of my dress. I couldn’t wait anymore. I had to have it inside of me. I spread my legs open for him and he plunged himself inside of me. At first his strokes were very soft. Very slow. He wanted me to feel every inch of him, and I wanted him to feel every inch of me. Then he began speeding up. He felt so big. I could feel my pussy being stretched open as he tried to put all of himself inside of me. He began to speed up some more. I begged him to go harder. He did. I begged him to fuck me deeper. He did. Soon we were both on the edge of our climax. I arched my back and let the surge of heat take over my entire body. Then I felt it. The flood of warmth inside of me. He came inside of me. He came hard too. After a moment, he pulled out of me. He put his pants on. I pulled my dress down. And put everything back behind the veil of clothing. He smiled at me. I smiled at him. He walked out of the booth and headed east. I walked out of the booth and headed west.

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