the divorce, chapter 9

It took a week to get my wife and her lawyer into a negotiation room. I had to take the day off work to go over every little detail. It was tedious and pointless the only good thing was watching my lawyer basically eat my wife’s lawyer for lunch.
After the meeting we went to her office her assistant Nell whom I spent an evening fucking about a week ago was leaving. She gave me a wink and wished us a good evening. We went into her office and she kicked off her pumps and took off her jacket exposing a fine silk blouse that looked bright against her brown skin. She was a fine looking black woman with full red lips, her hair was done up in the back except some bangs coming down the front of her face. She was about five, five and stacked, she hid it behind loose clothes but she had nice high c cup tits. Long sexy legs and a smokey voice that could melt butter.
” hope yaw do not mind it is the end of the day and I just wanna be comfortable” she said putting her papers on the desk. “You want a drink?” she asked. Walking to a cabinet and bending over and pulling out a bottle of scotch.
“Wouldn’t say no” I said as I watched her bend over. I then turned and looked over the city from her sixth story office. It was a big office with windows floor to ceiling on two sides. The sun was sinking and made the city look actually pretty. She walked over and handed me the glass.
“What’s on your mind” she asked walking back to her chair.
“You think they are fucking? Her and her attorney?”
“If he isn’t hitting that skinny bitch he wants to… but the way she lost today doubt he will even get a peek at her cleavage.”
“Is that allowed, a lawyer fucking their client?” I asked sipping my drink.
“It’s a sticky slope, and a bit unethical but it happens” she said walking back to stand beside me questioning why I care, I told her it was because it seems like such a turn around we had agreed to terms then she turns around and does this.
She began rubbing my shoulders “look at it this way, now you are getting more than the few sticks of furniture now she has to sell the house and you split the profits.
“You know what I really want?”
“No, baby what?”
“You.. I want to split you and pound you”
“well……… that sounds nice”
“you married?”
“Na I don’t even have a regular fuck buddy something my hairless pussy misses”
“that is too bad.” as I began undoing her blouse. “You know a beautiful woman like you could have any straight man he wanted.”
“True” as she started undoing my pants “but I am just too busy to cruise”
We kissed and I backed her up against the window and pushed her shirt off and reached around and undid her skirt, and let it fall to the ground exposing her red lace panties which I ripped off exposing her shaved slit.
She pulled my shirt over my head and let my pants fall exposing my hardening cock. She dropped to her knees and sucked me to full erection as I leaned against the glass and pulled off her red bra.
I pulled her to her feet, and put her face first against the glass spread eagle and hands up and fondled her breasts as I kissed her neck. My hard cock rubbing her slit from behind causing her to moan.
“Ever fuck a client before Lana?” I asked as I twisted her nipple.
“All the time, divorced men love their new fuck freedom”
“I know I have been” as I stood back and pulled her hips back so she was bent over, her hands still on the glass.
“Don’t be gentle, if you’re gonna fuck me, pound me!”she begged as I slid my cock deep into her causing her to gasp with delight.
“I think that can be arraigned , cause I love hard core sex” as I slapped my hands on her ass and started pounding her. She had to push hard off the glass to keep from banging her head on the window as our flesh banged together as I rammed into her and pulled almost totally out with every plunge.
She just kept repeating oh oh ah yeah as I screwed her and watched our reflections in the window. She finally begged me to switch position as her legs were starting to buckle. So I backed up and grabbed her hand and led her to her desk and sat her on top of it and sliding back into her as she lay back and put her legs in the air and over my shoulders and I grabbed her sides and began pounding again.
“Oh man am I going to come!!” she yelled as she grabbed my arms and squeezed as she screamed out loudly.
“Oh god your so hot as you come Lana, I just can not take it”
“YEAH” she said sitting up and putting her arms around my neck and wrap her legs around my waste. I grabbed her ass and lifted her up then sank into her chair, “I am going to milk your prick of all juice baby!” she then raised her legs and used them to wrap around the arms of the chair for leverage as she started pumping her hips hard and sticking her tongue down my throat as she continued the nasty talk. “Fuck I love this chair, to screw in! Gets me in a position to feel the buckets of come you are about to dump into me”
“yaw you want the good stuff?”
“yes” as she let go of the back of the chair and grabbed the arms of the chair with her hands. “Come inside me! Come now! Please!” she begged and the wish was granted as I came harder than I have ever probably.
She just smiled and kissed me “consider me off the clock for that” she said.
“That’s good” I said as she stood up and wiped herself off.

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