The Doctor Is In

The scent of her wet cunt assailed his nostrils. It was beautiful, glistening and shining; the wetness matting her pubic hairs to her pussy lips. Aaaahhh, the smell of her perfume mingling with the female scents made his dick stand at attention. This was what he lived for, what he craved day in and day out. It was, in fact, his job: watching hundreds of slits each day, thighs spreading for him with just the one word he issued…ready! He was the doctor, the gynecologist, the man that examined women for a living. He knew he was not handsome, his paunch was obvious and pronounced; but he had a trusting face and demeanor, so he never lacked for patients. He was very good at his work. He would examine the women, cure the illnesses, and make them comfortable with his bedside manner. Yet, as he cured he also craved. Yes, it was his job, but it was also his passion. He was addicted to the smell and taste of pussy–he would no longer deny it and he would no longer be denied. He was finally going to take some initiative and find out if he was just imagining the women wanting him sexually. God knew he wanted them.

Why was she wet? She knew she was seeing him today. Most of his patients would ask to be excused to the ladies room to briefly freshen up, but not this one, nor several of the others he saw on a regular basis. He quietly pulled off the rubber glove he always used then, flexing his fingers, he slid his middle finger into the slick hole in front of him. The aromatic aroma of cunt juices overwhelmed him as he pushed in and out of her well. Unable to resist, he bent and placed a steamy French kiss right on her pussy. God, the taste of it! His tongue delved deep into her cunt hole and she arched he hips up to meet his face. Now he absolutely couldn’t resist and began eating her in earnest. Her ass rose up and she grabbed his head; rotating her hips into his entire face, she pulled him closer still and began fucking his tongue. Her juices flowed freely and his greedy tongue lapped up each and every drop. His tongue worked like a piston, darting in and out of her rapidly; he could never tire of this, eating a sweet pungent pussy like this…baby, oooohhhh. Then, he felt the shudders, sipping the first drops of her cum, lapping hungrily at the stream of creamy cum squirting up to his tongue. His cock began to pump on its own…shusssshhh…the cum pumped upwards and shot out of his stiff cock, shooting and splattering onto the examining table and dripping onto the floor. His tongue began to slow down and soothingly, he tongued gently the clit and pussy that was now very sensitive to the touch.

“Baby, that was so good, so damned good,” he said between panting breaths. He buried his face into her crotch, wanting it all over his face, and raised his head and licked his lips.

She climbed from the table, wobbling slightly, and reached to kiss his lips. Her tongue licked and she tasted her own cum. She smiled and asked him when her next appointment was then, dressing quickly, she waved goodbye and left the room. Smiling to himself, he went to the sink and washed his face to prepare for his next patient. She was another of the women he suspected of baiting and teasing him. Well, he would just see what would happen this time, too.

Her skin was a soft milk chocolate. He was always amazed at the softness of it when he examined her. She was so plump and fine. Her scent was always the same–Perry Ellis 360–but it usually mingled with the scent of her womanhood, that tantalizing aroma of musk and sex. Yes, there was a strong difference between the women. This woman exuded sex. She moved provocatively as she leaned back awaiting her exam. The paper sheet that covered her from the waist down slipped as he scooted his stool forward, holding the rubber glove in his hand. He asked how she was doing and she answered that she was fine, just keeping an appointment. He breathed in deeply, loving the scent of her. She spread her thighs without his asking and he lifted the sheet and purposely didn’t bother with the glove, letting it drop to the floor. The droplets of wetness that covered her pussy were heavy. It was like she had just cum and wanted to be examined. He smiled and humorously asked her if something was on her mind.

“Yes,” she said, “I can not understand it, but I found myself having several orgasms during the day and night without much stimulation.” She wanted to know if he thought there was something wrong with her.
“Of course not,” he said. “It isn’t that unusual for a woman to have multiple orgasms at your age.” Then, he mentioned that all that hot cum should not go to waste and dropping his head, he began licking and lapping all the excess cum up and swallowing it.

She was not the least bit surprised or hesitant and responded to his tongue. He glued his mouth to her wet cunt and started eating her pussy as he slid his finger to her asshole, teasing it and enjoying her moans of pleasure. He was massaging his phallus as he licked and sucked her. His cock grew harder as he stroked himself. This was turning out to be his lucky day. There was something about chocolate pussy that made you want more. He didn’t care how many waiting patients there were, he was going to eat this sweet tasting cunt that he had been dreaming about for a while. She wiggled her ass and laid her legs on his shoulders and started a slow grind to his face. Her words were music to his ears as she told him to eat her pussy good. Her juices covered most of his face and dripped from his chin. He wanted to fuck her and, standing up, he plunged his stiff cock deep into her wet slit. Placing her feet in the stirrups, he grabbed her ass in his hands and fucked her like a fast train. The feel of her hotness surrounding his dick was awesome. His desire was burning and he felt his balls quicken as his cum boiled upwards. Now, he was cumming, spewing forth is creamy liquid and jerking as she pushed up to meet his pounding pelvis. Ooohhh, so hot, so wet, so good. He was breathless, he knew she hadn’t cum and he hadn’t wanted her to. What he wanted so bad was to eat her pussy filled with his cum…and make her cum in his mouth. Her hips were still pumping up and down as he withdrew his now flaccid cock. Without thinking, he delved his head between her thighs and lapped at the cum seeping from her slit. Mmmmmmmmm, so tasty, so tart. He slurped up the cum until she was clean, and then continued eating her stuff until he felt her stiffen. Her thighs clamped tightly to his head. He could no longer hear clearly as they covered his ears. Oh, sweet God, she was cumming hard. Bucking and grinding her ass as he licked and sucked her hot pussy, she grabbed his head and let her liquid pour out of her. Deep into his throat it went and he swallowed every drop. This was heaven.

As she recovered, she reached down and pulled his face to hers for a kiss. He was noticing that all the women seemed to want to taste their own juices on a man’s tongue. He kissed her back, but knew he wanted more of this and asked if she would be willing to see him outside of the office. She smiled and told him he had her address–and that she would see him tonight at 8:00. As she left the examining room, he stretched and went to the sink to wash his face again and prepare for his next patient.

This one really was in need of medical attention and he was glad because he could sure use a break…


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