The Room within the Chamber of Secrets

Kurt Smith Riddle arrives from the main chamber and sits in his favorite chair. “They should be here by now with my mate..”

the fire golems emerge from the fireplace with Cho Chang kicking and screaming.

Kurt rises from his chair, “Ahh Cho Chang. The current hottie of this school. I am the new Lord Voldemort. And I have chosen you to be my mate.”

Cho screams, “you mean to tell me you want me to have sex with you?”

Kurt nods, “Yes. I wish to have a pureblood in the Voldemort family.”

“And you want me to just give in to you? I do not take orders!”

“I would prefer for you to be willing. But I can make you. By simply using a spell.” he says pulling out his wand

“Useing magic! Ha! Are you so weak you can’t do it with out magic?!”

“I can do anything without magic. It just makes it easier. I could kill you using the fire poker, or i could kill you by saying a curse. Take your pick Chang.”

She stops strugleing her breathing heavy

“That’s what I thought. So will you be my mate or not?”

“Do i have a choice?”

“Of course. Voluntary or under a curse?”

She sighs “I will come to you willingly”

He smiles, “Good.”

“Now will you tell this thing to put me down?”

He snaps his fingers and the golem carries her to the bed and releases her. “you will notice that if you try to escape, you’ll be shocked. I have sealed the doors.”

She sits up on the bed and throws her hair back “Not one for loop holes are you?”

“I do not like when people run from me.”

“apparantly” she leans back on the bed, “but i must say, i like your taste in beds”

“I must say you look ravishing on my bed.”

“So are you just going to stand there? Or are you going to ravish me?”

“You know Cho, I never thought you’d be so eager.” he says removing his pants and letting his large member out

She gasps “i had no idea you were so big”

“Well, I hope it’s big enough for you Cho.”

“Oh it is, i’ve never seen one that big”

He smiles, “Then I hope it feels good.”

“Lets find out then.” she stands up and takes off whats left of her pants standing before him in just her bra and underwear.

He grows a little and removes the rest of her clothing

She pulls him down on top of her and kisses him

“Wow Cho. You waste no time.” he says moving down and rubbing her hips

“Well from the looks of it i didn’t think you wanted to.”

“I’m an impatient man Cho.”

“I know” she moves her body shamelessly against his

He starts to play with her large breasts

she moans “your so good at this”

He smiles, “I can make your pleasure soo much more. With just the swish of my wand Cho.”

“Oh do what ever you want to me. I’m yours.”

He grins and grabs his wand, “Pleasurous Maximus”

“OHHHHHHhhhh” she arches her back “OH take me…please take me…….”

He smiles, “You like that little spell don’t you Cho?” he says thrusting himself inside her hard, “My name is Kurt.”

“Oh Kurt” she moans as she writhes under his large strong body

“Oh Cho…..” he says fucking her so hard her head smacks the headboard

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” She digs her finger nails into his back

He smiles and continues ramming her, “Tell me what you want Cho.”

“You! Only you!” she wraps her legs tightly around his hips drawing him even deeper into her

“Good. Good. If you wanted other men after me, I would have to kill you. I will not have an unlawful mate Cho.” he says pulling himself out of her and traceing her legs

“Oh” she gasps “how could i want any other men? You’re perfect, so big and powerful…..”

He smiles, “I hope you like this Cho.” he starts sucking her breast and thrusts himself roughly up her asshole

She screams her fingers digging deeply into his back

he pulls himself out a little then puts himself back in, “It won’t hurt much after a little bit Cho.”

She screams again but not as loud

he starts to finger her pussy with one hand and massages her breast with the other, still sucking her other breast, and still pumping into her ass

She moans loudly her body shaking as she orgasms, then lays limp on the bed gaspsing for breath

“Cho, I haven’t yet. But you are too tired to continue. Sleep well my mate.” he says pulling himself out of her ass.
He puts the blankets over her and walks off to clean his dick

Her eyes drift close even as she pulls the blanket over her sweat covered body and in seconds she is asleep.

He washes himself off and walks over to see Cho fast asleep under the covers. He smiles and sits beside her.
He runs his hand down her back and inserts his fingers inside her wet pussy. He whispers into her ear, “I wonder what you taste like Cho. I’m thinking strawberries and peaches.”

She moans in her sleep

He smiles and kisses her cheek and starts sliding his fingers in and out over and over

She wakes slightly and moans again

He smiles and kisses her again and pulls his fingers out, “I want you well rested mate. Sleep well.”

“You will sleep with me won’t you?”

“I want you to sleep well. If I was in the bed with you, there would be no possible way you could sleep.”

“But this bed is so big, i’ll get lonely” Cho pouts

He smiles, “Oh alright Cho.”

she smiles and snuggles up to his chest

He wraps his arms around her and buries his face in her long black hair

She yawns and falls asleep with her head on his chest

He yawns and moves his hands down to her ass.
He inserts on finger in her ass, and with his other hand he fingers her pussy

She moans again in her sleep

He smiles and kisses her neck

her dreams are taken over by an erotic fantasy “Oh master” she moans in her sleep

He feels as she grows moist and he smiles again, falling asleep fingering her

(some hours later)
Cho wakes, his fingers still in her

he moves his head up along the back of her neck

she smiles

He wakes and sees her lovely smile. “How did you sleep?”

“Wonderfully, then again how could i not with your strong body laying beside me”

He smiles, “You’re so smooth”
he runs his hands up her back and around to her chest. He starts playing with her beautiful breasts

“Well i do use alot of lotion and oils.”

“Of course you do.” he says rubbing her breasts. “You know, I hate muggles as much as the next Slytherine, but they do know how to make toys…..”

“That is very true”

“Too bad they won’t work on the grounds of this stupid school”

“Yeah, but i’m sure if you really wanted something to play wit you could just make it with magic”

“True. I’d have to look it up, but I believe there is a vibrating spell for wands.”

“Really? i didn’t know that,” she pins him to the bed “But i don’t want you to leave”

“I don’t have to leave.” he says taking his wand, “Accio Book”
a spell book flies through the fireplace and into his hands

She shrugs and kisses down his chest

He smiles and lets her continue kissing him, he takes the book and thumbbs threw it

she glances up at him then licks him

he rolls his eyes back and moans loudly

she takes him into her mouth and sucks hard

he moans louder, “Cho you are so good at this!!!!”

She smiles and keeps sucking and moves her hand up to massage his balls


she keeps sucking harder and harder trying to make him cum

“Cho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he yells thrusting himself up inside
her mouth and then he blasts his load down her throat

she licks him clean then lays her headon his sweaty stomach

He smiles and rubs her back, “I found the spell.” he whispers in her ear


He nods, “Vibratous Wand” his wand starts to vibrate, “There are even different speeds. And it is not even just for wands.”

“Wands are such small things….”

Yeah, well how about that?” he says pointing to the broom stick in the corner. “Accio Broom”

The broom flies to his hand

“A broom?”

“Well, it’s bigger and thicker than my wand.”

“so are you” She wraps her fingers around his large member

“Yeah, but I can’t vibrate.” he says “Vibratous Broom”
the broom vibrates

“Whats your point?”

“I wanted to give you pleasure. Since you give me so much. I wanteed to give it to you without sex.” he says pushing her back on the bed

“Whats wrong with sex?”

“Nothing.” he says before he licks her throbbing pussy. “I still want to taste you.”
He runs his hands across her smooth skin and lifts her legs up.
he uses his fingers to open her pussy for more access

she moans loudly and closes her eyes

he smiles and takes his wand, “Vibratous Wand”
as the wand vibrates he slips it up her asshole

“Oh!” she gasps

he smiles and continues his treatment of her holes

She arches her back and grips the sheets

he slips his fingers up insde her and ram his tongue inside as well.
he pulls the wand in and out of her asshole all at the same time

She begins to shake her breath coming in short gasps

he smiles and pulls the wand out, wipes it off and sticks it inside her throbbing pussy, still vibrating
taking her closer and closer to climax

She screams as she orgasms ripping the sheets to ribbons

He smiles widely and licks and drinks all of her juices up, “I was right Cho. Peaches and strawberries.” he licks her again, “You are delicious.”

she smiles laying back on the bed

“Tell me Cho, what position do you want to do? I know you are agile. You gotta be to be the seeker.”

“Well i’ve never tried doggy style”

“Doggy style eh? Alright.”

“You don’t mind do you?”

“Not at all Cho.” he moves toward her, “Just get in the position.”

She grins and gets on her hands and knees

He grins and rams himself into her juicy waiting pussy

“Ohhh, god i love how big you are”

He smiles, “I love how eager you always are Cho.” he rams himself into her even harder

“OH!” she grips the bed

“Oh Cho…you’re so smooth.” he whispers rubbing her breasts and ramming her harder

she arches her back pressing her breasts more fully

He thrusts himself deeper inside of her, almost getting his entire cock in


“Ohhhh…..Cho…..” he pushes himself completely in

She gasps her eyes going wide as his hard slick member buries deep with in her

He grips her breasts firmly and orgasms deep inside of her, “Ohhhhhhhh Cho……….”

she moans loudly as his orgasm triggers hers

As her juices coat his now softening member, he pulls out and rolls her on her back

She smiles “You are simply amazeing.” she wraps her arms around his neck

He smiles, “Thanks. I’ve never done this before. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.”
He wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her closer

“Never?! Wow and your so good at it, so wild” she runs her hands down his chest “so powerful”

He kisses her, “Never. You’re my first. I want to see what you can do though Cho. Take me.”

She smiles and rolls him onto his back then climbs on top of him and slowly lowers herself onto him

He smiles and takes her breasts in his hands once again

she smiles and slowly starts to move her hips

He moans and rubs her breasts, “Faster Cho.”

She moves faster and faster throwing her hair back

“Ohhhhhhh………Cho…………” he moans moving his hands down to her hips

She squeezes his hips with her legs

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Cho………………….” he moans moving his hands around to play with her lovely ass

she smiles moving even faster trying to make him cum

“Cho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he yells as he blasts his load inside her once again

She smiles and lays on his chest stroking his strong arms

He breathing very fast now, “That was amazing Cho. I had no idea you could do that.”

“Well i try”

He smiles and kisses her again. “You know, we have to leave her eventually. We have classes to go to. People will be suspicious.”

“no we don’t, you could make up some goloms or something”

“Yeah, but golems are kinda mindless. We can come back ever night. We just need to go to clases and waht not.”

“but i don’t wanna go”

“I don’t know if we’d get away with ditching school all year. I mean, they can’t contact my parents, since they are dead. But you could get in trouble.”

“I don’t care”

“I do Cho. I dont want you kicked out of this school.”

“You are so picky”


“So i don’t want to leave here” she runs her hands down his chest “I want to stay here and be with you”

He smiles, “Very well Cho. But we’ll need to make something up when we finally surface.”

“I don’t care”

“Well, could say you were kidnapped by Voldemort to get at Potter, since he has this little crush thing on you.”

“That sounds perfect. Plus maybe we can have some fun with Potter.” she kisses his neck and shoulders “But for now…….lets only think of us.”

“You sound like you should be a Slytherine….” he says kissing her breasts

“well i learn quickly”

“I’ll say.”

she smiles and massages his hips and legs

He smiles and sucks on her lucious breasts

She smiles and moans

“You are amazing Cho.”

“I know”

“I’m tired”

“then sleep, i’ll watch over you”

“The chamber can watch over us. You’re going to sleep too.”

“But i’m not tired”

“I can make you tired”


“Well, there are sleeping spells. Or I can make you tired, like you made me tired.”

She yawns “maybe you won’t have to”

He smiles, “That’s good.”


He kisses her neck, “Sleep well lover. I”m thinking of taking you to see the rest of the chamber tomorrow.”

“that would be nice”

“Yeah, I just hope you aren’t afraid of snakes.”

“not at all”

“Good.” he says smiling


“Let’s just have a little more before bed. Ok? I love feeling you all over my body.” Kurt says smiling, “Just a little bit. ok?”

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