Things That Go Hump in the Night 3

The young black woman in the slinky cat outfit literally prowled the room. She knew what she was looking for. It was just a matter of finding it.

Nothing here. Move onto the next one. She didn’t have time to waste.

Aw now, this looked more promising the young woman thought. Yes, indeed. This looked a lot better. She could feel herself begin to preen. This was a lot better.

One of the guys looked up from the beer he’d been drinking. “Wow,” he said, “would you look at that.” That got the attention of his buddies and like him, they were all suitably impressed.

The girl in the cat suit strode up to the four young men. Her tail twitched provocatively as she walked her fingers up the arm of the nearest of the men. “What,” she purred. “Don’t tell me that this is the first time you’ve ever seen a little … black … pussy … cat.”

One of the young men gulped. “Not like you, I haven’t.”

The young black woman smiled seductively. “I can believe that,” she told the boys, “because there ain’t no one out there that’s as good … as … me.”

“You from around here,” stammered another of the young men.

The girl smiled. “From around here, yes, but I’m not sure you’ve ever seen me before and I know damned well I would have remembered if I’d seen the likes of you.” She let her hand slip between the boy’s legs. “It ain’t every day you see a boy who has what it takes to satisfy me. Do you know what satisfies me?”

“N-n-no,” the boy stammered.

“Cock,” the black woman purred as she continued to stroke the boy. “What really satisfies me is … big … hard … cock. So what do you say. You think you boys got what it takes to satisfy me?”


The young black woman grinned. “I think so, too, but maybe not just by yourself, but all of you together. Now maybe you boys have what I need.”

“Maybe we do and maybe we don’t,” said the boldest of the boys, “but the question is are you willing to put out or do you just like to tease.”

The woman smiled. “Now that is the question, isn’t it,” she said. “We all know that cat’s can be notoriously standoffish, but cats don’t ever tease except when it comes to mice and birds, and I don’t think any of you is a bird or a mouse, but you know that when cats play, they … play … hard. But to answer your question, why don’t you take a look at these.”

The woman barely stood more than five feet tall and her breasts weren’t all that big, either, and her costume, well hell, it was little more than a pair of cat ears and a long, black tail worn over a pair of sexy, black lingerie, but when the girl opened her top, you can bet she had the guys’ attentions.

“So what do you think, boys,” she asked as her hands played with her small tits, “do you think I’m playing or do you think it’s for real?”

The boys, it seemed, had come to a decision rather quickly and the decision was unanimous. The girl was for real.

“Well then,” the girl said, “I’ve shown you mine. Now I think it’s time for you to show me yours.”

The boys, it seemed, were also in agreement with that, too, because in no time at all, they were stripping themselves down until they were just in their underwear and in nothing else, and then moments later, they weren’t even wearing those.

“Me-ow-w-w-w,” the woman exclaimed. “So many big, hard cocks and there’s only one of me. Oh well, I hate to be greedy, but I am after all, a cat, so I guess I’m going to have to take them all.”

That was how the girl found herself on her knees with the men gathered around her, all of them offering up their cocks to her little cock sucking mouth.

“Oh yeah,” one of the men groaned as the girl sucked on his cock. “Kitty keeps that up and kitty’s going to get a mouth full of cream and I’ll bet kitty just loves to have a mouth full of cream.”

The girl pulled her mouth off of that cock just long enough to let out a low moan. “Kitty loves cream,” she said and then once again, she sucked that cock back into her mouth.

The man groaned but moments later, it was someone else’s turn to groan because it someone else that had the kitty’s attention. And then it was someone else, and someone else.

“Oh geez,” one of the men moaned, “what a playful little pussy we have here.”

The girl didn’t say anything. She just kept on sucking on that cock and the men just kept on groaning.

One of the men stroked her as she sucked on his cock. “Oh geez.” he groaned, “that’s it. Suck it. Suck it good.”

The girl’s mouth kept moving back and forth between those cocks. Back and forth she went and the men just kept moaning louder and louder.

It was one of the men on the end that came first. Maybe it was an overzealous mouth or maybe it was a hand that holding him just a little too tight, but whatever it was, he wasn’t the only one who was cumming. Soon they were all cumming, and the little kitty cat had more cream than even she could handle.

Unlike most little kitties, this was one that didn’t mind getting wet which was good because by that time, she already was good and wet. Already, her mouth was working those cocks over. Already, she was getting them hard for her, because this was a little kitty that needed to be fucked.

The men groaned as the little black girl’s mouth did its work. Slowly, their cocks were coming back to life.

One young man stood on the end and as the girl’s mouth moved back away from him, he stroked his cock. He was hard again and he was ready to fuck. His hand continued to work his member. Yeah, he was ready, really ready. “Here, kitty, kitty,” the man called out to her. “I got something for you. Here kitty, kitty.”

The girl’s head swung back around and she gave him a big grin when she saw that big cock. “Are you going to put that in me,” she asked eagerly.

“Is that what kitty wants?”

The young black woman batted playfully at the man’s cock almost as if she were a cat playing with a ball of string. “Kitty gets what kitty wants,” she purred, “and what kitty wants is that cock.”

“Then I guess you better come on over here and get it.”

Before the man realized what was happening, the young woman was jumping on him and knocking him to the floor. She straddled his body and her hands reached between her legs and she grabbed a hold of his cock. “I told you that kitty gets what kitty wants,” she told the man even as she pushed her pussy down onto that cock.

The little, black girl almost had to notice that she was being watched, but if she did, she didn’t show it. She just kept riding that cock as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

“Would you look at that,” one of the men said. “What a pretty, little pussy she has.”

“It’s not her pussy I’m interested in said another,” and then moments later, the girl felt a hand on her ass even as she felt something else being pushed between her cheeks.

She hardly had time to groan before she felt it being pushed up against the tightest of her tight, little holes and then it was being pushed even harder, and this time, she did groan as she felt that cock enter her ass.

The girl seemed to almost purr as she took a cock in her ass and one in her cunt. “That’s it,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Fuck me.”

“Look at that,” snickered one of the guys, “it’s a little kitty cat taking it doggie style,” and the other man laughed.

The girl groaned almost to herself. “I don’t take it doggie style,” she said in a voice so low that no one but her could have heard it and she groaned again as that cock once more entered her ass.

The guys seemed to have come to a rhythm with her, the girl realized. When one would enter her, the other would withdraw and when the other withdrew, the other one would enter. That meant there was always a cock there to take her either in the front or the back. All she
had to do was stay there and take it.

The girl moaned again. If there was one thing she really loved, it was getting stroked and those cocks were stroking her good. She could
feel her body responding to the cocks inside her. She was getting hotter and wetter and she knew what that meant. She was going to cum.

“Come on,” she urged the men, “you can do it. Fuck me harder. Make me cum.”

The men fucked her harder.

The girl moaned again. She was going to cum. She knew she was going to cum. There was no stopping it now. She was going to cum so fucking hard.

She yowled as those cocks finally did it. She was cumming and so were they. She could feel the one cumming in her cunt and she could feel the other one spraying itself all over her butt and she yowled again. God, it felt good to cum, but it felt even better when someone else came with you.

She was still in the final throes of her orgasm when another of the men stepped forward and pushed her down on her back. Cats are known for landing on their feet, but sometimes, the girl thought, sometimes, it was good to land on your back.

The man moved in between her legs and then he was pressing his cock up against her pussy. The girl spread her legs even wider. Oh yeah, the girl thought, sometimes, it was really good to land on your back.

The little, black girl looked up at the man with deep, dark eyes as the man pounded away at her inner pussy. Her hands played with her small tits and she let out a little mewing sound when the man’s cock hit a really good spot. There was no doubt about it. Kitty liked to get fucked.

Her pussy was so wet that it was making little sloshing sounds as that cock entered her. “Yeah, Kitty likes this,” the man said. “Kitty likes getting fucked.”

The girl just nodded breathlessly.

The man groaned and then he groaned again. “Aw fuck,” he groaned as he pounded that pussy even harder and faster. “Aw fuck. Aw fuck.”

The girl just watched as the man pounded away.

The man groaned again and then he grunted and then he buried himself inside her and then he didn’t do much of anything at all after that because his cock was too busy filling that little pussy with his cream and the little pussy must have liked it because no sooner had he started to cum than she was cumming, too.

There was still one guy whose cock hadn’t seen the inside of her pussy and the little, black cat was bound and determined that she was going to get what she wanted so without even thinking about it, she got up and pulled the man down onto the bed.

Cats like to play and cats like to tease and so it was that as the man laid there, the little black cat straddled his body and looked back at his friends even as she opened her legs so they could see her cunt going down on his cock. “You like this,” she moaned as she took that cock. “You like watching me do this.”

The guys didn’t really answer her at least not directly but they were pulling on their cocks as they watched her ride that cock and that was answer enough for her.

The little block cat fingered herself as she rode that cock. She pried her lips open so the boys could see the pink inside. No little fangs inside this little pussy. Here, it was all pink and wet and soft.

The guys were pulling on their cocks even harder. There was no doubt about it. She was definitely turning them on.

The girl smiled to herself. Her hand left her pussy and went to her little, tiny tits. She moaned to herself. She loved playing with herself.

She was going to cum. She was going to cum so fucking hard. She was going to cum. She let out a little mewling cry. “Come on, boys,” she moaned. “I’m going to cum. I want you to cum with me. Come on, do it. Cum with me. Do it now.”

The men pulled on their cocks even harder.

The cock she was riding was ready. This was it. She was going to cum. There was no stopping it. She was going to cum. She was going to cum so fucking hard.

The little, black cat screamed as her pussy finally gave into the inevitable. She was cumming. She was cumming so hard, and so was the cock she was riding. Oh fuck, that was good. That was so fucking good.

And then almost as one, the men stepped forward, the ones who’d been watching her, and they let her have it, and as her pussy continued to cum, they continued to rain come down on her little, black body. Damn, that was good. That was so fucking good.

The party was winding down and the three of them, the witch and the ghost and the black cat, all met one last time outside the place. “So how’d it go,” the witch asked.

“Got fucked good and hard,” the ghost said.

“Me, too,” the cat replied.

“I guess that makes three of us,” the witch said and then she sighed. “I wish Halloween came more often than just once a year.”

“You said it,” said the ghost even as the cat nodded her agreement.

“Aw well, until next year,” the witch said, and with a wave of her hand, the spell was gone, and where there had just moments before stood a sexy cat woman, and a stunning spectre and a bodacious witch, now their stood only a cat and a ghost and an old hag. “Until next year,” the witch said as she climbed on her broomstick and as the other two dashed away, the witch quickly flew off into the moonlight.

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