Watching The Daughter

Juliet was on her way home from another long day. She had to get the kids and her husband out of bed since everyone seemed to forget to set the alarms again. Her husband was the first to leave without eating breakfast but that was something she was used to by now. Her kids, Michael and Kim, did their usual teenage arguments before eating a bowl of oatmeal and drinking a small glass of orange juice. They both drove but since Kim was the oldest by ten months she was allowed to drive when the two of them had to go to the same place.
Then it was off to get the clothes washed and dried, vacuum the home while listening to some of her classics then she had to go out and walk the dog, buy groceries and drop off Christmas at the post office. She was expecting the day to go by smoothly until she got a call from her children’s high school saying Kim had gotten in a fight with her History teacher and had been suspended for two days. Juliet had told the principal to let Kim drive home and she’d talk to her.
She got to her house an hour after the phone call had taken place but the kids school was only a ten minute drive so she suspected Kim to be at home.
She left the door of her SUV open and her front door open while she went back and forth from car to kitchen getting the groceries. It hadn’t occurred to her to question why there was a red mustang parked in front of her two-story suburban home or to call Kim down to help her with groceries. When she was done with the groceries she went upstairs to take a shower, the bathroom was adjacent to Kim’s room and as she turned to enter the bathroom she heard a low moaning coming from her daughter’s room. Juliet decided to see what was going on and so she slowly opened the door and at first what she saw didn’t register with her until a few seconds of staring then she knew what she was looking at.
There was a big black male lying on her daughter’s bed, the male was naked but he looked to be around Kim’s age. Kim was bouncing on the man’s cock and seemed to be enjoying it as well. Her eyes were shut tight and she was squeezing her small breasts while trying to keep her moans quiet.
Kim, who was 5’5, had platinum white hair, dark green eyes, smooth vanilla skin and small breasts, had placed her hands on the man’s chest and was bouncing her hips while grinding her pelvis against his crotch and her low moans weren’t low anymore. She was practically howling with pleasure.
Juliet, 5’7, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair that was cut just beneath her ear lobes, and had large breasts, had thought about stopping this. Her daughter was only 17 but she was riding that cock like she had been fucking for years. However Juliet felt herself getting horny from watching and she almost tried to imagine it was her riding this young stud. She and her husband only had sex twice a year, once on her birthday and once on his, the only problem was that her birthday was in January and her husbands was in February and it hardly ever lasted long nor had she ever howled as loud as her daughter.
As she watched this man turn her daughter over she it was he who was on top and was now thrusting his cock in and out of her daughters pussy she couldn’t help but reach inside of her gray sweat pants, slide her hand inside of her panties and rub her pussy. She had shaved a week ago but she felt the soft bristles of hair on her fingers as she slowly rubbed herself then she slid a finger inside and started moving it in and out quickly.
Juliet wasn’t a stranger to masturbation, aside from getting laid twice a year she masturbated twice a day, sometimes three if she had alone time in the bathtub. The man grabbed Kim by her waist and was doing long and fast thrusts, Juliet timed the thrusting of her finger with his thrusts and she soon felt her climax building.
“Oh god, I’m coming, I’m coming!” Kim shouted.
At the same time both mother and daughter had their climaxes. The man had pulled out to let Kim’s juices erupt from her pussy and onto his cock and hips. Juliet saw his cock and she nearly fell into her daughters room. He was a thick and long man, it made her husband seem like a shriveled up prune compared to this man sleeping with her daughter.
“You got my cock covered in your juices,” the man said firmly.
“I’m…sorry.” Kim said through her pants.
“Clean it up.”
The man was so demanding but he was nice about it as well. Kim got onto her knees and took part of his cock into her mouth and she started sucking on it. She went slowly at first and was caressing it with her mouth and tongue. The man groaned with each of Kim’s sucks and Juliet, though she was now kneeling on the floor with her panties and fingers soaking wet, was still rubbing herself to this scene. Kim went back to stuffing her mouth with more cock and she kept moving her head back and forth slowly while using one of her hands to massage the man’s balls.
Soon it was the man who was now about ready to come. He was grunting and told Kim he was about to come but that didn’t seem to stop her sucking. Juliet watched as the man’s hips tightened and he moaned softly as he came in her daughters mouth.
“Let me see.” The man said.
Kim opened her mouth and he smiled. She had swallowed all of his come.
“Same time tomorrow?” he asked.
“I have to see what my mom is doing.” Kim said.
Masturbating to you and your boyfriend, Juliet thought as she had hit orgasm number two and hid inside the bathroom until the coast was clear.

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    i love all of your stories, they really are very good and very graphic. you are a very talented writher

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