Wife's Special Occasion

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Let me start this fantasy with a description of my wife. She is in her early 40’s and is a Native American. She enjoys wild sex from time to time. One evening, she is very much in the mood and she allows me to blindfold her and tie her to the bed fully exposed. I had planned for this evening for a while now. I had invited a black school friend that I knew (call him James) and informed him to slip into the house using the back door. As she laid there on the bed I had opened the curtains to allow James to see her as he walked by the bedroom windows. I noticed him staring in the windows at my wife all tied and naked to the bed. I started to get her in the mood, she began to moan and I reached down to her finely trimmed pussy and it was very wet. I had the video camera going to tape this special occasion and the digital camera was also ready. When James entered our bedroom, I motioned to the camera on the desk for him to take pictures and to get undressed. After a while she began to really moan and told me that she wanted to feel my cock inside her; I knew she was ready. I got off of her and told James it was his turn; he was shocked. He thought he was only coming over to take pictures; I told him surprise.
He began to get on the bed and start sucking her brown nipples then moved down to her already wet pussy; she was moaning even more now and wanted cock. I motioned to him that she was ready and he started to put a condom on; I shook my head no and that got him even more excited. He started to move on top of her and began to sink his hard black cock into my wife, who has only been with me, and began to pump in her. She was moaning and screaming loudly saying that I was really big tonight. His pumping began to pick up even more and I was watching his black cock sink into my wife’s Indian pussy. Seeing her pussy juice all over his cock; I almost unloaded all over the carpet watching them. He started to moan very softly and I knew he was going to climax soon. I told him not to pull out but to shoot his semen into her pussy and fill it full. Hearing that must have sent him over the edge and he started filling her with his black semen. Knowing that her pussy had only been filled with my semen added to the pleasure of watching her absorb the black seed and got me even more hornier.
When he was finally done and pulled out of her; I noticed that her pussy was leaking his comb. I motioned for him to get dressed as I climbed onto her and entered her. Her pussy was very loose and quite lubricated with James’ semen. I started into a rhythm and she said you want more and of course I said yes. It didn’t take long for me to explode into to her used pussy and fill her again. That was the best fuck I have ever had and I may arrange something again real soon, possibly with one of her friends.

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  1. its vry vry hot n nice idea rather dan convencing her erotic wid out telling her u fullfilled fantasy

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