A Family Affair

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A Family Affair

I was browsing a sex-oriented dating site not long ago, saw an ad that caught my eye, and read the profile. The ad was placed by
a married couple, a few years younger than myself, and stated the husband enjoyed watching his wife have sex with other men. They mentioned that it happened only once before, but they enjoyed it so much they wanted to continue, and were looking to meet another man who was new to this kind of thing. They mentioned that most of the men who had answered the ad were very pushy, which they disliked, wanting to go slow instead. The part of the ad that caught my eye was the faceless picture of the wife’s body. She was full-figured, not fat, but big, big tits, big ass, wide hips, and tall. She was wearing very plain, light pink, bra and panties, and had a sexy gold chain hanging from her pierced  belly-button.
I replied, via email, with a brief description of myself, where I lived, my age, and the fact that I had never experienced anything
like that, but after seeing pictures of his wife, I was very interested.  I saved the ad to my laptop and hoped I would get a reply. It was
three weeks later that I recieved an email from the husband, asking me to write another email to his wife, telling her more about what I liked about her body, what kind of sex I liked most, what would I like her to do with me. The husband told me that there was just one other man his wife might be interested in meeting with, and after reading our emails, she would chose one of us.
The next day I sent a very vivid description of what I loved about her body, what I imagined us doing while her husband watched,
including him in the description knowing he would also be reading the email, and included that I hoped we would become friends and our relationship would continue, rather than just a one-time thing.
One week later I recieved a reply from Kathy, the wife. She told me that they had recieved over fifty emails from men and I was the
only one who hoped we could become friends and mentioned her husband, that’s why she chose me. She and her husband, also enjoyed the scene I described of us together, so much so they had sex right then and there, after reading it. Kathy told me because they had children they would have to plan the evening we would get together, and the first meeting would be just drinks to get to know each other, no sex on the first date. She told me she would send me another mail with the details, hoping I’d be able to meet them, and to enjoy some more pictures of her her husband had taken.
That evening I recieved an email from Hank, the husband, with the pictures Kathy had mentioned. The pictures were still faceless, but much more provocative. Kathy was on a bed, wearing sheer black panties and bra, her clean-shaven pussy visible, her nipples long and hard, pushing against the silky material of her bra. Kathy had one finger, her fingernails painted a ruby red, a big diamond wedding ring showing on her hand, touching her clit, the other hand on her big tit, two fingers pinching her long hard nipple. The next picture showed her on her knee’s on the bed, her head in the pillow,her panties pulled tight over her ass, two fingers buried deep inside her, again that large diamond wedding ring in the shot. Hank lastly admitted he used a false name and address to weed out the wierdo’s, gave me his real name and town he lived in, and asked if I would be willing to meet with just him first, to see if we hit it off.
My mind was racing! Could it be! No, I’m sure it was just a fluke! Hank told me his real name was Paul, Kathy was his wife’s real name,
and the real name of his hometown. My sister’s name is Kathy, her husband’s is Paul, and they lived in the town Paul mentioned, also thier ages were correct. What was I going to do? I have to admit the pictures he sent me made me hard, but now thinking they may be of my sister, I was caught off guard. Before I answered his request to meet with me, I again looked at the pictures of his wife. I must admit, the thought that I may be looking at my sister, made my cock grow longer and harder than I’ve been in a long time! I even jerked off, emptying my balls all over my chest and stomach, thinking of my tongue tasting my sister, my cock sliding inside her.
I didn’t want to let on, besides I told them my real name,  my age, and where I lived, and they hadn’t put it together, so I emailed Paul  telling him I’d be happy to meet with him.  I was surprised, when still sitting in front of my laptop, Paul answered me, telling me when, where and what time, to meet him at an area diner. Paul mentioned what kind of car he would be driving, again, the same as my brother-in laws, this had to be them! I replied right back, telling him I’d be there and what kind of car I’d be driving, and waited for his reply. I guessed they still hadn’t put all the facts together, because he agree’d to meet me the next evening.
All day long I couldn’t stop thinking about Kathy and her sexy body. I never thought of her like that before, but then again I never
saw her in the postions she was posing in. I didn’t know what kind of reaction I would get from Paul when we met, but decided to go along with the plan and play dumb if things got uncomfortable.
Paul’s car was parked in front of the diner when I got there and I pulled into the empty space next to him. Paul put his window down when he saw me, I did the same. ” Hi Tim, we thought it could be you.” he said. ” Hi Paul, same here,” I replied. ” You came anyway, thinking it might be your sister and me?” Paul said, not angry, but questioning me. ” Yes I did, and you came to meet me.” I answered, not knowing what was  going to happen next. ” To be honest Tim, I was against it, but Kathy loved it! Thinking it might be you looking at her pictures and you telling her how much you liked looking at them, and what the two of you would be doing while I watched, drove her crazy!” Paul had a “still not sure” look on his face. I answered him, hoping to change that look, “Well Paul, you know you can trust me, this is something that will stay between the three of us, and were already friends.”  “True, well if you want, Kathy’s home waiting for me, well actually home waiting, hoping it’s you. Want to follow me home?”
That last question didn’t need an answer, I backed up and waited for Paul to lead the way. Once at thier house, Paul opened the doorsaying, ” If this gets to wierd for anyone, I mean anyone of us, we stop, agree’d?”  “Paul I wouldn’t do anything that all three of us don’t agree on.” I answered. ” Kathy’s upstairs waiting for you, come on up.” he said, again leading the way. We got to the closed bedroom door and before Paul opened it, he turned to me and asked, ” You sure your ok with this?” ” Paul, I was hoping I was going to meet the two of you, I’ve been thinking of Kathy and looking at your sexy pictures for days now, and now knowing she feels the same way, makes it even hotter!” I said waiting for him to open the door.
” Oh my God it is you!” Kathy whispered, her hands covering her face, but the rest of her was very uncovered. Kathy was on the bed,  wearing the same black lingerie from the pictures, but now she added thigh-high black stockings and garter belt. In the corner of the room Paul had set up a video camera, the lights were dimmed, candles lit, silk sheets on the bed, and an assortment of adult toys on the nightstand. Paul didn’t say a word, but walked to the chair in the corner, undressed, and now naked, took a seat in front of the camera, making  adjustments.
I walked to the side of the bed and undressed as well, standing naked, waiting for Kathy to take her hands away from her face.
“I’m so embarresed” again a soft whisper. ” I’m not, I’m glad it’s you, I never knew you were so fucking sexy! I jerked off looking at your
pictures, but seeing you like this, seeing my sister like this, knowing that you knew it was me coming here, knowing you wanted it to be, makes it even hotter!” I growled at my sister. Kathy slowly pulled her hands away, seeing me with my hand wrapped around my growing cock, then looking over at her husband and seeing him doing the same, said quietly, ” So, were all ok with this?” Paul answered her,” Like Tim said, it’s not like he’s going to tell anyone, and were all friends already.”
Kathy slide her legs to the floor, sitting and facing me. Her hand went to my balls and gently scratched them with her long red
fingernails, watching as my hand moved slowly over my cock. ” Fuck! This is so fucking hot! When we read your email, and we both thought it might be you, we hoped it was. I got so fucking hot thinking about fucking my brother while my husband watched. Paul told me how much he wanted to see my brother fucking me, his long hard cock in my pussy, right baby?” ” Yes baby” I heard Paul say from the corner, one hand on the camera, one on his cock. ” I want a copy of this.” I called his way. ” You got it.” he replied.
I let go of my cock and cupped my sisters big tits in my hand, squeezing them gently. ” You like them?” Kathy said looking up at me. ” Love them!” I replied. ” I wish you would have told me sooner, you wouldn’t have had to wait this long to touch them” Kathy said, a sexy smile on her face, as she reached for the clasp holding her bra together, opened it, and letting her tits spill from the silky material. My fingers went to her nipples, remembering from her pictures, she liked them to be squeezed. ” You remember from the pictures, I like that, I like that you jerked off looking at me”, Kathy’s hand went to my cock, running her nails along it’s lenght, and continued,” When we fucked last night, I was thinking it was your cock inside me, I told Paul I was thinking it was you fucking me, not him, that it was your hard cock  inside me, that it was your cock my pussy wanted, right baby.” Again from the corner,” Right baby” but niether one of us looked his way, our eyes locked onto each others. I knew then that Kathy was in control of what was going on, that Paul and I were under her sexy spell, that both of us wanted her, and she knew it.
I feel to my knee’s in front of my sister, pushed her knee’s apart, and moved in closer, taking a hard nipple into my mouth. ” Oh Fuck! Yes! Suck it baby. Bite it! Paul, come closer, bring the camera closer, look he’s sucking on his sisters tit!”  I didn’t see, my face buried  in Kathy’s tits, but heard Paul shuffle closer to the bed. ” Yeah just like that! She likes it just like that!” I heard Paul instructing me. ” You like that baby, don’t you? You like watching another man get my pussy all wet, don’t you?” Thier voices getting louder, feeding off each other. ” Look Tim, Look how wet you made me!” Kathy said, leaning back, her nipple popping free of my mouth, her hand moving between her legs, her legs spread wide. My sisters sexual aroma filled my nostrils, my eyes saw her silk covered pussy, the lips swollen and wet, a damp circle spreading wider, one finger pushing past those lips and circleing over her hard swollen clit.
” Oh God you have to get this Paul! Move closer! He’s going to lick me! He wants to taste me, don’t you Tim?” ” Yes!” I answered
as loud as the two of them were speaking. “Closer Paul, Move in closer to my pussy” Kathy yelled as she put her hand on the back of my head. ” That’s it, ok baby, lick that pussy, taste your sisters pussy, drink her juices!” she said as she pulled my face hard against her, holding my face tight against her wet panties, moving her hips, my face getting drenched, her pussy dripping. ” Yeah that’s it lick it, can you see his  tongue licking me baby, can you see my brother licking your wife’s pussy, can you see my juices on his face?” Fuck yes!” Paul cried out, I  knew, but I couldn’t see, my face held tight against her pussy, but I knew Paul had cum. “Fuck yes!” Paul cried out again.
Kathy, grabbing a handful of my hair, pulled my face away, and with her other hand, pulled her panties to the side, my sisters shaved pussy, open and wet, pink and inviting, inches from my face. ” Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue brother. Push that fat tongue deep inside that wet hole.” As my sister pulled my head closer, I quickly opened my mouth, my tongue pushing past her lips and finding her hole and plunged right in. ” Fuck Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with that fat thing!” again she screamed as her hips moved back and forth on the bed, and her hand on my head pushing my tongue in and out. Kathy wrapped her legs around my neck and with my tongue buried deep inside her, smashed my face into her pussy. “Oh Fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming all over his tongue! Get this baby, get his tongue inside me, his face covered in  my cum!” Again giving directions to the film being made. Kathy let my hair go and fell back onto the bed, her eyes closed, her breathing heavy. I rested my head on the wet sheets of the bed, catching my breath. I felt Kathy move and looked up at her. My sister was resting on her  elbows looking between her spread legs at my wet face. ” Oh baby get a shot of that! My brother between my legs, his face soaked, dripping with my cum!”  Paul moved behind my sister on the bed, the camera aimed down along her delicious body then focusing on me, breathless, between his wife’s legs. ” Oh baby!” Kathy said, reaching her arm back over her head, taking hold of her husbands hard cock and pulling it into her mouth. I watched my sister suck, lick, and rub his cock over her face, before letting it go.
” Ok baby, this is what you’ve been dreaming about, watching your wife sucking another man’s fat cock, right, watching a man cum all over your wife’s face, right?” Well your dreams about to “Cum” true!” my sister laughed, motioning me to join her on the bed. ” God Tim, imagine all the fun we could have had when we lived in the same house!  Thinking about you sneaking into my bedroom in the middle of the night to lick my pussy, you crawling under my blanket while I was sleeping and pulling my little girl panties off and fucking me while Mom and Dad slept in the next room is so fucking hot! ” Hearing my sister say these things had my cock pumping, the bulb a deep dark purple. ” Oh my God Paul! Look at his cock, it’s so fucking big! My brother likes young little girls! Next time he comes over I have to wear a little girls outfit!”
Kathy pushed me down onto the bed and laid across my belly, her face by my cock, giving soft kisses to the tip, ” Close your eyes Tim, think about me when I was twelve, your little sister, wearing a little girls bra and panties, with cute little flowers on them. You walk into my room while I’m sitting on my bed, brushing my hair, getting ready for school, Mom in the kitchen making our lunches. Your wearing your little boy white undies when you sit next to me, your little boy cock is hard, peeking out the top of your undies. You tell me to touch it, and I do, I put my fingertip over the hole and smear the drop of liquid over it. You push your hand into my panties, feeling my hairless pussy, your first pussy, your little sisters pussy.”  That’s as far as my sister got with her story, rope after long rope of cum shot from my cock onto her face and hair, without her even touching me. My cock jerked on it’s own, pulsing, throbbing, shooting hard and fast! ” Oh Fuck!” I heard Paul scream, then felt Kathy’s mouth devour me, sucking me into her mouth, milking every last drop from my throbbing cock, then rolling onto her back so Paul could move in for a close-up, her face and hair covered in sticky cum, her open mouth dripping with it, her husband and the  camera inches away.

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