Behind Closed Doors

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When I was just 3 months old my Dad left. So it was always just me and my Mom. I remember her going out once in a while. But she never brought men around. She said that she hadn’t come across one that “got her blood pumpin’.”

Right around the time I turned 17 I started to wonder what my Dad was like. Why did he leave? Did he ever wonder about me? I never said anything to my Mom though. She was the best and I think it would have hurt her…so I kept it to myself.

Shorty after I turned eighteen I graduated from High School and was all set to ugo to college on a full scholarship. But a month before I was to leave my Mom died in a car wreck. My whole world was turned upside down.

She was my only family. It was then that I decided to try and find my Dad. After several months of disappointments I finally located him. We talked on the phone and decided to meet. We would go from there.

The day came and I was nervous as all hell. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t even know what he looked like. So to make it easier I was going to wear a pink shirt that said “Cute is what I am”. I got off the plane and went inside to get my bags and find my Dad.

I was starting to get a little worried when someone tapped me on the back and said…
I turned around and my mouth fell open. There stood the man that was supposed to be my Dad. He looked like a dirty mess. His hair was all matted…his smelled. My heart just sank.
“Chrissy? Its me.” He tried to hug me but I backed away. I saw the hurt in his eyes but I couldn’t help it.
“I know I look a mess,” he said. “But since you came this far can we at least talk?”
“You do whatever you feel you got to do. I’ll understand.”

With my return ticket safely tucked away I figured I might as well get some answers. So we went to a hotel. He got adjoining rooms and we were going to have dinner in his in a few hours.

The time came and I went knocked on his door. A man answered and I thought I had misunderstood which room was his. I apologized and turned to leave…
“Chrissy…its me. Come in.” He flashed a smile and I about died.
“I thought I better get cleaned up…I didnt have time . This all happened so fast. I was working and well…I saw how you looked at me at the airport. Sorry about that.”

Chrissy couldn’t believe her eyes. The man standing in front of her was absolutely gorgeous.
“Wow…well you sure do clean up…nice. What kind of work do you do?”
“I’m a reporter. I am on assignment. Theres been a series of murders among the people that ride the rails. They are a tight group and don’t trust us.”
“Sounds dangerous.”
“Enough about that. Tell me about your Mom.”
I told him what happened. I told him about her and what a wonderful person she was. That she never said a bad word about him and that she never married. Then I asked him why he left.

“At this point anything that I say sounds like an excuse. I was young. Didnt have my priorities straight. I drifted around. Alot of time passed and I figured that I didn’t have the right. I think I was afraid too. Afraid that I would be rejected or hated. I thought about you two all the time.”
“Did you love my Mom?”
“Yes. And you too. I was just immature. Sounds pathetic.”
“Yeah…but I understand. It’s okay Dad really.”
He reached over and grabbed her…hugging her for quite some time. Until…

He began to feel aroused. He felt her firm young breasts rise and fall with each breath. Her hair smelled of lavender. He pulled away not looking into her eyes. For had he done so he would have noticed that she had become aroused as well.
He pushed the thoughts from his mind. This is his daughther for christ sakes.
Chrissy was also confused but she wasn’t put off by what she felt. In fact she really liked it.

They talked for hours. And came to the decision that she would come live with him. He would find a bigger place. She left the next day. And within a month came back to stay.

“So…what do you think?”
“I just love it.”
He had found a four bedroom house with a pool and stables
“I figure…two rooms for me…two for you. If you want horses we can do that too.”
She gave him a hug…then ran off to explore her new home. Her watched her firm young body for a moment then looked away.

They quickly settled into a routine until one day she walked in on him masturbating…his eyes were closed and he was saying her name. She had never had sex before but she knew she wanted him to take her. She slowly approached and on a down stroke of his shaft she took in as much as she could in one swift move. He jumped then moaned. Her mouth was so hot…
“Chrissy…we shouldn’t be doing this…” But the truth was he wanted to do this…this and much more.
“But I want you to be the first.”
She removed all of her clothes
…”Don’t you want me Daddy?”
He was so aroused that nothing else mattered.
“Yes baby…I want you more than anything.”
He explored every inch of her body. He kissed…licked and bit her. She writhed and bucked…she thrashed her head back and forth. When he finally spread her legs wide…she was ready.

He poised at the entrance of her sweet virgin tunnel. He looked down upon her and was consumed by his wanton desire. His lust knew no bounds. When she lifted her hips and her wet lips touched his swollen head he drove his member into her. She gasped. Her tight tunnel clamped tighter around him. He pulled back…all the way out…then dove back in deep…each time a “pop” sounded. “Oh my god…that feels so good…faster Daddy…faster…Ohhhhh mmyyyy gawwddd!”
Her juices shot out with each contraction of her love muscle. He drove in and shot his load deep inside her womb. It seemed liked it lasted forever and yet it didn’t last long enough.

He was still hard inside her. He held her as he moved to the bottom…her sitting on top.He lifted her up and down. Soon she found her rhythm and was bouncing wildly on him.
“Does that feel good baby?”
She was biting her lower lip and just nodded furiously. When she began to cum she fell back on his legs…her whole body shaking. His orgasm was so intense. He had never felt such complete satisfaction. It felt so good. And God help him but it felt so right.

Me and my Dad are lovers. No else knows. They wouldn’t understand. I know that people think its wrong. I don’t think it is. So to the world we are just your average father and daughter. But behind closed doors we are…anything but!

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  1. scar023

    A very bold story. I enjoyed the aspect of the two getting to know each other. Very well written.

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  2. breeze

    Thank you. I appreciate the feedback.

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