Big Fat Greek Vacation, Part 1

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This year’s family vacation came as a total surprise to Jen and John. You see, the family would usually take a week and visit some predictable vacation spot not far from home, but this year was to be totally different. This year the family is going to Greece–a departure and a bit of a splurge, but this might be the last true family vacation for a while. John had just finished his first year of college and Jen would be starting soon so, realizing their kids were growing up, it was the intent of their parents to make this one special in hopes of creating some lasting memories. They had no idea how many memories would be created over the space of this hot and steamy summer.

It was a warm sunny late spring day when suddenly the front door swings open and Jen yells out, “John’s here,” as she runs over to give him a hug.
“How’s my favorite little sister?”
“Good and how about you? How was the drive? I didn’t expect you for another hour.”
“Well traffic was lite and well…”
“Yeah, I know how you drive,” Jen laughs.
“Where’s mom and…”
“Welcome home, son,” comes from a voice at the top of the stairs.
“Hey dad,” John says as he watches this mom and dad quickly descend the stairs to give him a welcome home hug.

Jen and John’s parents, Bill and Sue, are a nice middle class couple approaching forty who keep fit by playing tennis almost daily as well as other physical activities.

After all the hugging John inquires, “I hear you guys have something special up your sleeves?”
“Oh not that special, we’ve been planning this for some time now and well…your mom and I felt like the time was right,” John’s dad explains. “Why don’t you go get settled in before dinner, we’ll talk details later. After all we don’t leave for a few days yet.”

Dinner was filled with the usual catching up chat amongst the family. John talking about his first year in college and how much different it was than high school. He hadn’t been home since Thanksgiving because he spent the holidays and spring break with his new girlfriend, whom he had yet to bring home to meet his family.

“So we’re going to Greece?” John inquires.
“That’s right,” his dad replies.
“That sounds like a lot of fun…I can’t wait to check out the beaches,” John laughs.
“Yeah I know what you’ll be checking out,” his father says with a wink as he receives a rib punch from Sue.
“Well speaking of beaches, I’m going for a swim,” announces Jen.
“Wait till your dinner settles,” warns her mom.
“Yes, Mother,” replies Jen with that tone she gives when she feels she’s being nagged as she heads up stairs to her room.

The rest of the family decide to pass on swimming but retires out to the patio, which joins the pool deck, to relax and enjoy the early evening sun. As they get settled in Sue questions John, “So are we ever going to get to meet this girl that kept you away for the past year?”

“Now Sue,” Bill jumps in.
“Mom, she’s coming down as soon as she can get away. I was hoping she could go with us to Greece but…,” replies John with a slightly annoyed tone as the sound of the back door slamming interrupts.

John looks toward the sound to see Jen emerge from the side door holding a towel and clad only in her bikini and wrap. John cannot help but stare as he watches his not-so-little sister walk across the cement deck to the pool. He is amazed at how much she’s changed since he last saw her in swimwear. Somehow she had turned into a well-built young woman with very well defined curves and athletic body. Jen stands just over five feet tall with dark brown hair, nicely toned thighs, which lead up to her well curved hips, and firm perky breasts. Just as she gets to the edge of the pool she drops her wrap revealing her beautifully rounded ass. John feels that familiar throb that all men know, when they see something new and exciting, as he watches her reach back with her thumb and index finger to pull down—in vain—on the edge of her bikini bottom attempting to cover her exposed bottom.

Maybe it was the splash as she hit the water or his mother’s voice saying, “You better watch after her when we get to Greece,” suddenly he snapped him out of the moment in which he had become lost.
“Ah….sure mom,” John mumbles.
“She’s really grown up and I don’t want her attracting unwanted attention…well you know what I mean.”
John laughs, “You mean unwanted by you.”
“I mean unwanted by me and your father.”

Just then Bill jumps in changing the subject to some usual talk about plans and the vacation schedule but John could hardly keep his eyes off his sister as she would come out of the water from time to time. Then finally she climbs out of the pool and walks over to where the rest of the family are seated with all her newly formed, sexy, female parts jiggling and bouncing. Most noticeable are her newly developed C cups which fit her tight petite body perfectly. John looks her up and down as she comes closer and can’t help but notice how nicely she has developed and how her wet suit clings so tightly to her with an almost translucent appearance as it attempts to cover her sweet body. Whether she realized it or not, she was showing off just how hot her body had become, her nipples rock hard from the cold water, her pussy crack so well defined through her tiny bikini bottom, John was fighting an erection as she stood there before him.

“OK, go get dried off, enough swimming for tonight,” her mother chimes in in a tone she would have used on Jen when she was much younger as Jen walks up to the rest of the family. “You’ll have plenty of time for that in Greece.”
“John, I’m sure you’re pretty tired after such a long drive and would like to settle in,” Bill says in a sympathetic voice.
“Yeah, a hot shower and some downtime sounds good,” replies John as they all begin to file back into the house and to their usual evening routines.

John goes to his old room which hadn’t changed much since he had gone away and began to unpack and prepare for that shower. He grabs a towel and heads down the hallway to the bathroom as he notices Jen coming out wrapped in a towel.

“Hope you saved me some hot water,” he quips.
“A little,” Jen laughs.

After closing the door, John gets undress and can’t help but notice his cock being just a little hard. He can’t believe his little sister caused that. He steps inside the now running shower and begins to recount what had just transpired, how he had actually lusted over his sister’s tight little body. As he showered his well-toned body, he wondered what her tits would look like outside that swimsuit and how her sweet ass would feel in his hands. Before he knew it he was holding his hard, soapy cock in his hands and stroking as he imagined his sister naked and in his hands. “What the hell?” John says out loud as he realizes this is his sister he’s fantasizing about. He stops stroking and finishes his shower but he notices his cock can’t seem to forget as he steps out of the shower and dries himself, still hard as a rock. John throws on his boxer briefs and wraps a towel around his waist to conceal his throbbing erection as he heads back to his room, hoping he doesn’t bump into anyone in the hallway.

He opens the door and throws the towel across the chair at his desk, looks around and growls, “What the hell are you doing in here?” as he notices Jen sprawled out on his bed wearing her sleep shirt and panties.
“Oh I just wanted to catch up on things without mom and dad around.”
“Catch up?”
“Yeah, you know, find out how college life really is.”
“It’s a lot of hard work and late nights,” John retorts.
“Hard huh?” Jen quips.

John can’t help but notice Jen’s eyes glaring at the swelling in his underwear.

“I bet I know what’s hard on those late nights,” Jen says with an evil smile on her face.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“Come on, John, I’m not stupid, I know what goes on at your school. So tell me about…Cathy…is that her name?”
“Yes, that’s her name.”
“So how did the two of you meet? How often do you do it?”
“What in the world has come over you? You didn’t used to be so interested in what I was doing and you sure didn’t talk like that.”
“Well I’ve grown up a bit since we’ve spent time together…see that’s what happens when you’re off fucking your girlfriend and not coming home for the holidays.”
“Whoa, just how do you know what we’re doing?”
“John, I know how horny you are. You think I’ve never seen or heard you in here jacking off…oh and heard you screwing some girl you sneaked in.”
John blushes a little as he tries to sit without his cock jumping out. “Ok, well if you must know….we have done it but we’re careful,” John says and he grabs his towel back from the chair.
“Must have been a while from the size of that thing in your pants,” Jen prods.
“Hey, why are you looking?”
“Oh, look who’s talking. I saw you looking me up and down tonight while I was swimming.”
“Well I guess I never noticed…”
“What?” Jen asks with a quick shaking of her head.
“Well I mean you’ve really filled out and well….hey, I’m your brother…I wasn’t looking at you like that.”
“Really? Then what caused that bulge in your pants?”
“Please, what? Hey….see…I was looking too. And, from what I can see this Cathy is a pretty lucky girl.”

John fights it but he can’t make his hard on go away as long as the conversation continues on this subject and Jen doesn’t seem to want it to change.

“OK, what are you trying to do to me?” John asks as he tries to shift.
“Looks like I’ve already done it. Come on stand up and let me see it.”
“Are you crazy?” blasts back at her while all along he’s thinking how much he wants to show it to her and let her know it was her tight little body that caused it.
“No fair you saw me all wet and….EXPOSED,” Jen laughs. “Come on I won’t laugh or say anything.”

Finally John caves and stands up in front of her and drops the towel. Jen’s eyes grow wide as they become glued to his massive erection which is right there except for a few then threads covering it. She almost gasps and she sees his throbbing cock perfectly outlined as his boxer briefs struggle to contain it. She can almost see the veins pulsing as she follows the length of his shaft which is pressed to his body and leaning to the left. Jen can feel her pussy start to tingle as she looks upon John’s engorged head, so prevalent through his thin underwear.

“Alright, are you happy?” John asks quickly.
“OH yes,” Jen replies in a dreamy voice, “it’s prettier than I ever imagined.” All along she’s thinking how much something that big would stretch her now wet pussy.
“I can tell I’m going to have my hands full with you when we get to Greece,” John interrupts.
“I bet you’d like to have your hands full of these,” Jen interjects while cupping her breasts.
John’s cock throbs as she does and he replies, “No and I’m going to make sure no one else does either.”
“Oh, now he’s the protective big brother,” she proclaims as she jumps to her feet and heads for the door.

Just as she passes John she reaches out and grabs a handful of his cock, further teasing him and herself as well, as she exits the room.

John pulls back into a protective mode as he watches her prance out the door, her ass shaking and her hips swaying. She turns to him and giggles, “Night BIG brother,” as she closes the door.

John secures the lock after it closes, grabs his towel, flips off the light and jumps into bed. His hand already on his enlarged cock.

Morning arrives and John is awakened by the sound of the garage door opening then closing. He lies there for a moment then stumbles out of bed and to the bathroom to prepare to meet the day. Now fully awake, he makes his way down stairs to the kitchen where he sees Jen listening to something on her iPod while she rustles through the cabinets. He can’t help but notice as she reaches the high shelves that her night-shirt rises up, revealing her bare ass. His heart begins to race again as he thinks about getting revenge for being grabbed the evening before. Slowly he sneaks up behind her as she is totally unaware of his presence. Suddenly he reaches around and grabs both her breasts catching her totally by surprise. It was like a moment frozen in time, the feel of her young firm—almost hard—breasts as he squeezed them in his lustful hands. The suddenly Jen spins around and lets out a blood curdling squeal as she rips the iPod  buds from her ears.

“You bad bad boy,” Jen laughs after the initial shock wears off.
“Who me?”
“Well there’s nobody else here,” Jen replies as she hops up on the counter top in front of John.
“I owed you that one.”
“You did?” Jen quickly replies as her foot starts up the inside of John’s leg.

John is instantly turned on as she continues up his leg to the bottom of his shorts. Then without warning he feels the bottom of her foot begin to caress his hard cock. “Somebody likes,” she says with a smile, while all along she feels her clit swelling with desire. She bites her bottom lip as feels her pussy tingle and moisten.

“What are you doing?” John asks as she catches the band of his shorts and begins to pull them down.

Before he knew it he is standing there with his rock hard cock fully exposed to her as she continues to fondle it with her bare foot.

“Where did you learn all this shit?” John questions her.
“I do have internet access, you know,” she laughs as she places one foot on each shoulder giving him full view and full access to her beautiful little pussy.

He takes a moment to survey his sisters red hot pussy, her beautiful folds now filled with blood and passion. He sees the glistening moisture that has formed on her tight little pussy. He stands there for a moment with his cock poised for attack.

“This is sooo wrong,” he complains to her.
Jen nods with a smile, “That’s what makes it sooo good.”

By now she was so turned on from looking at Johns throbbing organ only inches from entering her sweet wet prize. Her swollen lips and clit throbbing, aching to be touched, to be penetrated, to be fucked so hard.

Her tone changes to sweet and sultry as she pleads in a soft whisper, “Don’t tease me, John, please, fuck me, God yessss, fuck me hard.”

With those words John grabs her thighs and pulls her to him, pressing the tip of his cock to her now dripping opening. Jen then, leaning back on one arm, uses the other to pull her shirt off over her head, revealing the nicest pair of tits John has ever seen.

“Fuck me, John. I’ve wanted you for a long time.”

John pushes his cock inside her with one sudden thrust his head parts her lips and penetrates deep inside her hot wanting hole as she lets out a loud moan. Jen feels that wonderful sensation of being filled by a piece of throbbing manhood that she created. Her walls squeezing it tightly as she feels her juices oozing from her covering her brother’s hard tool. She leans back and bites her bottom lip with pleasure as she feels him begin his rhythmic thrusts. She opens wider to let him in further, loving the feeling of being stretched so wide and penetrated so deep. Her hips begin that involuntary motion as they push upward to meet each of his quickening thrusts.

“No one can ever know about this,” John says as he pushes deeper inside her.
“Shut up and fuck me,” she replies, in a tone that lets him know she is in agreement.

With that John grabs her ankles, holds her legs up high and pushes his massive cock even deeper inside her. Then he pulls out, then in again, faster and faster with each thrust. Jen throws her head back moaning and sighing loudly and uncontrollably, her breasts bouncing with each thrust. Over and over he pounds her as the sound of their bodies slapping together fills the room.

“Oh God, John, yes, yes, yes…fuck me, fuck me hard.”

John is so turned on by this he loses all sense of what he is dong and begins to fuck her with all his might. Jen is overcome by the pounding she is receiving and feels the wave of orgasm building inside her as like a tidal wave it hits.

“OH God, John, I’m cuming…yessssssss.”

Jen’s body shakes uncontrollably as she is overcome with pleasure.

John feels his desire building to the point of no return as he pumps her over and over, her pussy juices dripping from the tip of his balls. “Jen….I need to cum….I’m gonna cum,” he gasps.

“Oh yes, cum inside me, it’s OK.”

With that, John lets out a half moan half growl as he loses control and the waves of orgasm explode from deep inside. Jen quakes again and again with her own uncontrolled orgasm as she feels John’s white hot lust shooting into her with each pulse bringing another wave of his hot lava to her tight dripping pussy.

Neither of them had ever cum so hard or for so long as, together, they experience a new level of pleasure. Savoring the moment, John stays inside her until the last aftershock fades, relishing her hot tight squeeze. Both their bodies spent, they lean into each other.  Then slowly pulling out of her John reaches for the hand towel, looks at Jen and sighs, “Oh shit.”


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