evil john love night 2

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All charters are 21 years old in this tell

As the night went on he went up stairs to check on his wife and May. May was pass out nude on his old bed he saw the new tattoo on her ass $ . Wow he shook great I got a knock up porn star he pull the dildo out of her asshole she mumble something but he could not make it out. He pick up the bottle of wine and put the cork back in it. Dam May fuck it 500 dollars a glass u drunk almost all of it. Her look down at lay up right spread eagle her gold nipple rings she had done in front of him. She was fast a sleep. As he pull out another piercing kit this full a real high dollar jewelry. He pulled out a Genuine Diamond Princess Cut – Curved dumbbell. and smiled look at her pussy clit. Their he said look like I did it again not bad as he flick it. Well good night may he kiss her new gift. And she rolled over. Well that’s gratitude. He turn the light out as he left his mom was coming out the guestroom. How was Emma mom. She was wear a bath robe not tide in front and only went down to her waist she turn and said. Not bad but not good when it come to making out with another girl but I will fix that good night my son she kiss him on her for head and went to her room. He went out side to get Jill and Ella. Not a good I deal to leave his new girlfriend half dress in their back yard sneak them to their room and was about to leave when the twin cousin. Open their door both were wear a string dark red bikini top and daisy duke shorts and their matching cowgirl hat. They were from Texas he knew that before they even spoke. Hey their rough rider. He was enjoy the view of the twin. Hi I am Ava and Grace. Both of them were tall 6-2 one would have a hard tell telling them a part their matching outfits and blue eye’s. but not john he saw the breast sizes Ava was 44d and grace 42d. So john right yes he smile. We saw u do piercing. Yes he said walk over to them I real good at it. It my hobby. The twin giggle and lead agents the door framed rub their left hands between the breast and wrap their finger in the hair. How good john they said together. Why don’t u to come over and find out I am giving them away I need practices. With the jewels or with ur cock grace moan out make her Ava grin. Both john say hold his black box and his cock now are u cuming. Ava cut him off not yet she kiss grace on her lips. Mmm lets go. Out side he took them to his back yard were a huge patio fold down bed was their and a it nicely lit be hide a brick wall the was a rain shield block in the view on three sides to keep prying eyes off the hot tub room he set the box down near the make shift bar hope ur girls are 21. Grace spoke yep sugar were had a long drive up to see u take Ella vigilantly. If they had not take so long pick threw is body jewel collation. And making their drinks the would have cult him look over his set up that may had installed early this night that how see found him doing Jill and Ella. Nice he said very nice as he put on his shades that were a record link to his recorder in side grace laugh as she saw him wearing them let me guess so u can see right yep john said getting up for a jack and coke. So only 3 Ava said still hold a few in her hand grace was still pick threw the remaining box. No u can have more I just buy more on the net he remark. Cool Grace said pick of the boxes of jewels Ava just sat down so many fuck gold ones to and diamonds her sister wiggle in front of her u know what this mean diamonds = sex ohh grace said ok with out a moment pause. So much for her boyfriend. And you john look threw his sun glass that were high tech records and were link threw all the cameras hidden in the pot lights all 48 of them on top side and bottom. 360 of none stop viewing his was figured the set up a need a few more mins to get it down. So a little chit chat was in order. Is see ur ring how long u been marry 3 year grace said he in the army. Thanks Ava her sitter smack her butt. And your boyfriend. Hey he not buying me diamonds tonight c as u said Ava. I will be right back need to kit the main kit to pierces u2. Got any condoms Grace ask again Ava smack her ass harder yet. How much do u have in ur hand Grace. Right never mind just spray ur seed on Ava smack again as grace laugh out got any more GRACE. It all right I will bring more out. He goes over to his pc and check on his wife who was masterbating on may newest post he was back to his demon forum now look like a creature from hell his giant bat wings black as night with spikes at least 50 running along the top of each one his teeth were made steel. His evil tail was like an anaconda with a huge spaded end with lion main. He walk over and grab her left beast hello my love she still fingering her self I see u have twin wait on u. indeed he pulled a door of filled with all kind of body piercing he pulled of a few pre made boxes. Hey save some for edde and June dear. I just by more he kiss his wife again. She tickle his balls. Why may in ur old room. I knocked her up. Why she told to fucking pull out or else. She smiled don’t keep them waiting dear. She grab his dick just in time hey I have an appointment with the board tomorrow can u do my detention class. Sure dear anytime. He went back out they were still picking threw till they filled two of their own. John took off his shorts. Sorry grace no condoms. Fine she said lay out her favorites piercing everything was a contest with her sister Ava and I do mean everything. Ava said look like ur first. Grace look at john walk over to her lets see. He look at her jewels for tonight. Silver Star Nipple Chain With Titanium Straight Barbell
and a Clitoral Vibrator.

Nice he very nice now tits please. He watch with joy as she took her top off her 42d flopping out. She took a piece of ice and rub her nipple’s. she blush as he grab her left then right breast their that was fun. Now he un button her short and pulled them off again she hand him a piece of ice and he did her clit her face was red as can be. Now ur turn Ava he look at her she was all ready nude and hand a shot glass in her hand no ice she said her choices were.
Silver Heart Nipple Chain With Titanium Straight Barbell and a Multi Star Dangle Captive Bead Ring for her clit.
She moaned as he did hers look sexy at her sisters who turn her clit vibrator. So Ava said cock or tongue mmm grace said mm cock she walk over and kiss john then Ava French kiss him both hold his hand as they walk him to the bed. Ava sat on his face watching her sister suck his cock come on she said after 10 min of grace try to just suck him off. Get ur pussy on it. Grace gave her an evil look he big she said. So fuck him. Ok grace said climing on the bed well get off his face. Ur suppose to fuck him not make out. Don’t tell how to fuck Ava. she kiss john as he felt her breast. She slow sat on his rock hard cock ahh so big oh god she was slow enjoy every trust of his cock she rose up and down take the time to kiss Ava till her orgasm happen ( Luke ) she yelled out be for passing out on him Ava laugh so load he was sure she will wake up the Nabors. Un like her sister slow and romantic and quite. She was road him fast and hard. First time a girl sat down on his cock all at once. She lick his lips as she road his cock hard and hard she keep on laughing as she fuck him yes o john yes yes yes fuck harder pull my hair. John did she yelled louder then her sisters as she climax. ( john)
As she was out like a light. Wow Wanda Jill’s and Ella mom came walking up nude as a j bird she was 49 long bleach blonde hair a heart shape was cut in her pubic hair wow. That must have been a one hell of an orgasm her saggy tit were like Ella as she roll Ava off him. Hi ssshh she cut john off just lay their and shut the fuck up . She stuck his cock in her. See now let a real women show u. she was in the middle of her orgasm as a green light was glowing from her john smile evil as he took what he wanted form he as she orgasm she piss on his cock and bed . Fuck I still have it she got up and went back to the house walking by Ella now up again in her white gown. Well their a cock over take slut go get she slap he ass a went in side . She always like that she said the door flew open ass Wanda came back out nude with a lot of bound toys here see he nude that a penis it goes in you. Then u go ah ah and ur pregnant. Why are u out here. Ella sad soft to tell him my first wish. Oh she said pulling out some cuff she look down and pulled up her gown and laugh at he pear drop weight. She pulled on it Ella head went back see. John see like it real rough now. Tell him ur wish . Yes ser good she slap her pussy. And let her go. To have a baby. The grin on their faces said it all. She motion john to cum over. Grab the bag john after all it might be one o clock  but her  birthday this year has come sooner
then expected.

The end ?

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