evil john part 3

All charters are 21 years old in this tells thanks
As John and Jill drove up in his big jeep. And walk in their door were u get that his mom said my dad gave it to john. Miss Abby cool ur such a lucky boy john. Yes I am mom he walk in his sister was a have a sleep over with three of her friend. Let go down stairs were body when john went to his room the was a new work out gym and a hot tub and a new bathroom their happy birth day john saw a new pool table and a new couch nice he said after the party john sent Jill home he walk her to the door were know one around and kiss her good night feel her breast one more time my mom wait for me she moan out damn your luck he said now off I will sneak over Sunday john she kiss he and off she went he was closing the door when his mom came down happy birth day john to see mark. He was the guy she was cheating with after dad died but now willing to let the money she got from he will. Rebecca is mark darter who move in with john and his mom. Abby is not allow to remarry for 5 more years so she sneak off to cheat with mark when his wife is off traveling for long periods of time. Be back soon she lied she of to spend the night with him at his place. Latter mom off she went. He demon sis calls to him hey why don’t u let out of here it hell in here u know I will not last long ok I know the spell the witch used now soon u be here and that it I found a good spot for us to hide remenber if the white knight find out were back they will kills us. Witch body u want the girl next door no he said. She my slave Rebecca nice as he walk down the stairs her friend were watching a porn up stairs while she was dipping the hot tub with her love June a black hair model at school both have hot bodies Rebecca was tall 6-1 with fake tits med size breast she had done last summer when mom was away her red and brown hair was long and hair pubic was in the shape of a broken heart she was lying nude on the tub look at June was a well know teen model her breast were nice a huge double dds that were nature and u would think they were fake but their not. June was making a drink at the bar for them when john came down starts nude what the fuck are u doing Rebecca said look at him wow john June. Did not no ur were that hot or I would have fuck already. U will soon he said no she will not get the fuck out Rebecca yelled but it to late john summed his sister who grad her breast and said now bitch ur mine she pulled her in the tub as an evil circle was at the button of the tub as the evil female dragon was take care of Rebecca john walk over to his gym look at June a start to work out. Rebecca cries of joy was come from the tub as his sister was eating her pussy. June finish make her drinks and walk over to john now back to his demon forum
What the fuck are u June says We are demon dragon. Come from form the old world a sealed in to darkness for 100,000 years now final were free . I see the ur evil just like us so here the deal I will give u power if u supply us with female. u get deal. Ok Rebecca was being fuck bye his sitter hard her tail deep in her pussy. Rebecca felt her soul melt away as she orgasm her cries felling the room with an evil green light only the evil Rebecca is lying in the tub laugh away oh god I miss this world she get out nude and look at her self mmm she walk over to the bar and help her self to a glass of red wine and kiss June chick your up removing the black waste grown around her waist not so fast what in it for me she says. I make ur my guard john says look and his machine switching it for he can do pulls down. And give u power real power like a witch girl. Rebecca says now how do we seal this June ask. Rebecca laughs with an orgasm she says . Well I not really in to boy john but in ur case I find my self turn on. I want wings like urs is that clear I not so nice how am I suppose to server u just bring fresh girls who can be sub duce one’s who are sub misses. Deal want a drink yes I would john said a jack and coke dear she make him one as she walk over to him she walk are look at him from every angle like I said if I knew you were so hot and big look at his cock I would have be turned on sooner. He back in human forum fishing his work out and his phone clicks on. I see this is a night worth rembering a john. Look at her super model body very nice view john says. June slip off her bra how it now better. John says now lying back as she undone her button bikini take a drink of his jack and coke before she hands in to him. He look at her pubic hair in the shape of a skull nice he says aa she sits on his cock. What no fore play john said look at as she rides his huge cock I not that kind of girl john she says moaning to the night air yes ur big oh god yes he feel her breast as they bounces and down wow ur a hottie . More like a 10 john fuck me June cried out o god yes she riding him hard and hard till a green light fill the room bat like wing grow out her back yes I feel it yes. More john grab her ass a trust hard still yes FUCKKKK IT’S A DEEAAALLL ahaha aha she lying on top of him breathing hard. I don’t know about u 2 but I still hunger for more. U friend from school is still up stairs watching porn let say we join them June say indeed john spoke. The three of doesn’t even tries to get dress as the walk up stairs the three girl were watching porn when they came in to the room . Tina a short girl with red hair was lying off to the right her head was off the bed she about 5-4 with a go with the flow personality. April was in the middle look up at them a nice look Africa girl with a little spunk and Aden a nice white girl try to fit in with the popular girl in school what are ur guy doing says Tina.
Well Rebecca says this is a sleep over and if u are going to be watching porn u might as well be doing it. John says he suck on this as he put his cook in her mouth. Aden goes to Rebecca and start licking her pussy. And April take off her top as June walk over and starts kiss each other. John pull off Tina panties. He hold up upside down as his snake tongue go deep in her pussy as she suck his cocks flash of light feels the room. John put Tina on the bed. Eat her pussy while I fuck you. He point her to April pussy she has June on top of her face eating her pussy. Tina bend over and start licking April pussy as john put his cock deep in her tight pussy. Aden cries feel the air as Rebecca strapon her dildo and give her anal sex. And June is still have her pussy Eaten by Aden john is doing Tina doggy style as flash of light can be seen of the window

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