Grandfather's Fault

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I guess you could say it was my Grandfather’s fault. Not that he meant to, or really had anything to do with it, except for the fact that his passing away is the whole reason this happened.

My Grandfather was 99 and a-half years old when he passed away. His mind was still sharp, but his body just gave in. I flew to my home town, leaving my wife and kids back in California. My kids had just visited Grandpa about 3 month before when he was healthy and that is how I wanted them to remember him. Since the whole family was coming out, my brother and his family stayed at my parents’ house. Luckily for me that meant I got to stay at my sister’s house. My sister is 2 years younger than me, married with 1 child. We were very close growing up. My brother and I on the other hand never got a long. Perhaps it was the almost 5 year difference in age.

So we went to the service, it was beautiful and I got see a lot of family friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. After the service we went back to my parents for the obligatory wake. It was early in the evening and I had just about as much as I could take, so I decided to depart and head to bar to have a few drinks. I saw a couple of high school friends that never moved away. They were almost just like they were in high school. I was finishing my third beer when someone came up behind me and put their hands over my eyes and said, “guess who”? Of course, I had not idea so I just started naming off names of girls I dated in high school. After the forth name, she turned me around on the bar stool and said “it’s Connie”. I smiled, but my mind drew a blank. I was thinking hard, and I could only remember one Connie I dated in high school. She went to a different school, but this looked nothing like her. The Connie I dated was a bit heavy. Not fat in any sense of the word, but I think “thick” would best describe her back then. I looked again and sure enough it was her. Wow, had she changed…all for the better. I said, “Connie is that you?” She smiled so big and said, of course silly, didn’t you recognize me? I admitted that at first I didn’t recognize her, but now it was very clear. She smiled, and said that she was so happy to see me. We chatted about what we had been doing and where we had been. She had a couple of bad marriages, but was enjoying being single again. We shared some pictures of our kids and talked for the next hour. She told me that I was one of the best boyfriends she ever had, and she still kept pictures from our dating days on her desk to take her back to “happier times”. It was getting late, and I told her that I needed to head back to my sisters since I didn’t have a key to get in. She frowned and said, okay. I told her that I would love to get together again before I left to go back home. She was elated. I asked if she wanted to do breakfast since my sister and her husband would be at work the next day. She agreed and we decided where to go.

The next morning I was exited to go have breakfast with Connie. I told my wife that I had met an old friend and we were going out for coffee. She never asked who it was, lucky for me. I met Connie at the diner and we ate and talked some more. She was dressed to kill, with a low cut shirt showing ample cleavage, and a pair of tight Capri pants that showed off her ass nicely. Breakfast went too quickly and I could tell she wasn’t ready to break off our conversations. Without really thinking about it, I asked if she wanted to come over to my sisters so we weren’t taking up a booth.

She followed me to my sister’s house, and we went down to the basement and sat on the large couch. My brother-in-law had turned the basement into a great entertainment area. One side had a huge couch with a 50 inch flat screen, and the other side had a pool table and a wet bar. We chatted for about an hour, when I noticed that Connie and inched closer and closer to me until our legs were touching. I really didn’t think too much of it. That was until she said the words that to this day are ingrained in my memory. I just asked about one of our mutual friends when she asked, “are we gonna fuck, or just talk?” I’m certain the look of shock and disbelief were all over my face, but she continued. I don’t want to ruin your marriage; I don’t want this to be anything more than sex. She continued that I was the only person she had ever had sex with that made her orgasm and she wanted to see if I still had it. I admit that I was hesitant at first. I started to look around for hidden cameras or something. But then my smaller brain started to do the thinking. I said why don’t we just start with kissing and see where it goes from there.

Well, it didn’t take long for it to escalate from our making out and heaving petting. Our tongues danced together, and for a moment if felt just like being back in high school. My hands quickly found their way to her to tits. I gave them each a firm squeeze and could feel her nipples harden under her shirt and bra. I knew then, that we were going to fuck, just like high school kids. I slid my hands under her shirt and skillfully unhooked her bra, which led to her whispering, I see you haven’t lost your touch. I then slid my hands under her bra, and felt the weight of full breasts and tweaked each nipple, making them harder. She groaned, and quickly started to pull off my shirt. She kissed her way down my neck and she licked and softly sucked my nipples making them hard themselves. I pulled at her shirt as she did this, and she sat up and pulled off the shirt, taking the bra with it. She held her tits her in hands and said, “remember these?” I didn’t reply, instead choosing to quickly dive at her chest and suck on her nipples. Switching back and forth, flicking each of them with my tongue and sucking them as she continued to hold them up for me.

She grabbed my hair and pulled me to her mouth as we kissed enthusiastically again. She was the aggressor, and she quickly found my belt and the buttons on my jeans. In one swift move, she pulled off my jeans and my boxer-briefs came with them. My hard cock spring up from its confinement. She looked at it and said, “I remember him.” Now, I don’t have a huge dick, probably close to average, but my cock tilts back right at the tip, which I think it is so easy for me to give girls orgasms; it hits their G-spot. She quickly grabbed it, winked at me and fully engulfed my cocked in one quick move. I was in heaven. She slowly moved up and down my cock, sucking and slurping as she did. She moved her hand to balls and gave them firm squeeze as she continued to suck me. I could feel my cum starting to boil in my loins and I asked her to stop for a moment. She did and she tightly gripped the base of my cock. She looked up at me and smiled, and I said that I would like to return the favor.

She quickly let go of my cock, and began removing her jeans. She turned her back to me as she slowly pulled them over her ass. The view was almost unbelievable, considering I am an ass man anyway. She turned around as she kicked off her pants and I saw her nicely trimmed pussy. She started to walk back toward me, when I asked her to turn around again. She giggled, and said “I forgot how much you liked my but”. She did as I asked and turned around. I sat up and grabbed both cheeks and gave them a firm squeeze. She groaned, bent slightly at the waist and spread her legs just a bit. I kissed each cheek and ran my tongue up the crack of her ass. This caused her to bend over even more, exposing more of the pussy and her tight little asshole. I pulled her back on to me, so that we were in perfect 69 position. I began by softly running my tongue slowly up and down the wet lips of her pussy. She tasted so good. At the same time she was hungrily taking my cock deep in her mouth and throat. I took my thumbs and spread her lips so I could push my tongue deep in her pussy. I began to slowly tongue fuck her. She had now shifted her attention to my balls. Apparently she hadn’t forgotten how much I love my balls being sucked. After a few minutes of tongue fucking her, I found her clit and attacked it. Flicking it with my tongue, and at the same time pushing a finger insider her wet pussy. It didn’t take long for her to start cumming all over me. Her fluid spilled from her. She didn’t squirt like the girls in the porno movies, but she definitely came and it tasted wonderful.

I was able to hold off my orgasm since she was spending so much time on my balls. As she came down off her orgasm, I continued to softly kiss and lick her pussy. Then, I couldn’t help myself, and I spread her ass cheeks and rimmed her asshole. She gasped, and almost squealed as I tongued her asshole. She squirmed as I continued my attack and she completely left my cock alone as she came again. This time her cum spilled on my chest. It was so cool to have a woman actually cum on me.

She pulled herself off of me, and looked me in the eyes, and said, you need to fuck me now. I started to push her down on the couch and get myself between her legs when she suddenly stopped me. I was confused. Then, she said, no….like we used to do in the back of your car. She flipped over and got on all fours, raising her pussy and ass in the air. Her wet pussy slightly opened for me as I enjoyed the view.

I slid up behind her, and slowly started to slide my cock in her. Slowly I pushed until my pubes were against her ass. I stayed there for a bit and enjoyed the warmth and wetness around my cock. She turned her head back to me and said, none of the slow, romantic shit, just fuck me hard. Who am I to disobey her? I grabbed her hips and started slamming my cock into her pussy. Within in minutes, I felt her pussy almost push me out of her with another orgasm. I was relentless, and pushed harder into her again. She was almost screaming and I was glad nobody was home because there is no way they wouldn’t have heard her. We fucked for about 10 minutes when I started to feel my climax building in my balls. I suddenly remembered that I didn’t ask about pulling out when she said, fill my pussy with your cum, I’m on the pill. That was all it took and I started shooting my cum into her. I knew she was cumming again, as her pussy again tried to push my cock out of her.

I stayed in her for a few minutes after I came, until I started to go soft. I slowly slid my cock out of the hottest and wettest pussy I have ever had. She reached her hand underneath her and stuck her fingers in her well used pussy. She pulled them out and quickly sucked them off. Mmmmm, was all she could say.

I went and got a towel to clean up our mess and started to get dressed. I heard noise from upstairs and got a little worried. Then one of my sister’s cats came down the stairs. Whew, I was really scared for a moment. Connie and I said our goodbye’s and exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and I told her I would let he know if I was coming back to town. We kissed and she left.

I went up and took a shower and couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. I felt bad I cheated on my wife, but damn it was a good fuck. I got dressed and went and spent the rest of the day with my mom and dad.

My sister showed up at my parent’s house and we had dinner. We then headed back to her place for my last night at “home”. She asked what I did today and I said that I went and had breakfast with an old friend. She grinned and said, I didn’t know you could eat pussy and ass for breakfast. I was stunned and scared. I looked away from her and I begged her not to tell my wife. She started laughing and told me not to worry my secret was safe with her. And then she added an IF. She said, I won’t tell your wife IF you do to me everything you did to her in MY basement.

Again, I was stunned. My sister was 2 years younger than me and we had always been close. We had explored each other when we were much younger as most brothers and sisters do, but it was never sexual. I told her I was okay with it, but wanted to make sure this is what she wanted. She said that her husband just made love to her in missionary position and she wanted to try some other things but he just wasn’t going for it. She told me that her husband was doing a double shift and wouldn’t be home until very early the next morning. I said great, lets go upstairs.

She grabbed my hands and said, no. Down stairs on the couch where you fucked Connie. I said okay, but let’s go shower first. She grinned again, when she realized I meant that we would shower together. We got naked and got into her shower and washed each other. We really didn’t do too much in the shower probably due to nerves and her desire to be on the couch. We dried of and wrapped the towels around us and headed down stairs. I grabbed her towel, and pulled it from her body and quickly pushed her so she was bending over the arm of the couch. I knelled behind her and began lick up the back of her legs, up to her ass, then back down. She spread her legs and groaned something about not teasing her. I thought, okay. I spread her ass cheeks and stuck my tongue right in her asshole. She screamed and tried to squirm away, but I held her down as I licked all over her ass and rimmed her.

When I thought she had enough of that, I told her to turn over and to get over here and suck my cock. She wanted something different; she was going to get it. I pulled my towel off and she stared at my cock. I asked her if she was having second thoughts. She said, I thought we were only fucking. I said this is fucking; I’m going to show you what your husband should be doing to you. She was hesitant and I asked her if she had sucked cock before. She said once in high school, but she hated the taste of cum so she would just give guys hand-jobs. I promised her I wouldn’t cum in her mouth, but she had to suck my cock. She began and at first it was rough. But after some coaching she was pretty good. No where near what Connie could do, but she did her best.

I pulled her up to my face and I kissed her like I had never kissed my sister before. My hands quickly found her tits and I played and sucked them. I then took my hand to her wet pussy. I slowly slipped a finger in her pussy and I knew she was ready by how wet she was. As I continued to finger her, I asked her if she was ready and she nodded as she groaned yes. Without any direction she got in the same exact spot Connie was earlier that day. I will have to admit that Connie had a prettier pussy, but I was harder than I was this morning knowing I was going to fuck my sister. I warned her that I wasn’t going to be gentle after I got my cock in her and she said, that is what I want damn it. I lined my cock up to her pussy and slowly pushed the head in. She was much tighter than Connie as my sister didn’t have any kids. She looked back at me and said, good god you are much bigger than my husband. I felt a little sorry for her as I inched my brotherly cock into her. Once I was balls deep, I gave her a few moments to adjust to it and then I grabbed her hips and began fucking her.

The noise she was making was almost as if she was crying. I stopped and asked her if she was okay, and she said, don’t stop god damn it, it feels so good, I just wish I could get this all the time. Without further ado, I started ramming her harder and harder. The sound of her moans and the slapping of our skin was the only sound in the house. All of a sudden, she stiffened up and went totally quiet. Her pussy tightened around my cock squeezing it hard, almost vice like. She was making no noise and then all of sudden she went completely limp. My cock popped out of her pussy and she collapsed on the couch. I was afraid I really hurt her, but she was still breathing, just very slowly. Then all of sudden she took a deep breath and almost jumped off the couch. She looked at me wide-eyed and said, you made me pass out from my orgasm. I have never cum like that before.

My cock was still rock hard, and I wanted to make sure she was okay. After a few minutes she sat next to me, and took my cock in her hand and thanked me. She then said her pussy was too raw for me fuck again, but she didn’t want to leave me “hanging” so to speak. She said she wasn’t ready to taste cum, but she was very curious about being fucked in the ass. She said when I was licking her ass, it was one of the dirtiest things anyone had done and it really turn her on. I told her I would love to fuck her ass, but we have to do it right.

We went up stairs and got some Vaseline (it was the only lube they had). I once again licked and rimmed her for quite a while to help her relax. I then lubed up a finger and started to push it in her. She was very resistant at first. I kept telling her she had to relax. Slowly, I was able to push my finger knuckle deep in her ass. I asked if felt okay and she said, it felt like she had to poop. I told her it was going to feel like big poop when I put my cock in there. After a few more minutes I had two fingers working in and out of her ass. I lubed up my cock with my other hand and slowly removed my fingers from her ass. I lined up the head of still hard cock to her tight butthole. The head popped in easily with all the lube and I heard her suck in her breath and say, it hurts. I told her to relax like she did when I had my fingers in there. Very slowly I could feel her rectum muscles relax as I eased my cock almost all the way in. I could tell I wasn’t going to get to go balls deeps, but that was okay. I slowly started to fuck her ass, and I could tell she was starting to enjoy it. It didn’t take too long and she was pushing back against me as I pushed forward. I fucked her ass for a bit, and I felt my cum finally starting to brew in my balls. I hadn’t planned this until right then, but what did I have to lose.

Just before I was ready to come, I pulled my cock from her ass, grabbed my sister and put my cock to her mouth. She fought me and yelled, which was the perfect opportunity for me to stick my cock in her mouth. As soon as the head was in, I started to cum. She gagged, but had to swallow some as she tried to push me away. As she pushed my cock fell from her mouth and cum continued to shoot across her face and neck. She turned her head from side to side, which just made me cover more of her face with cum.

She was a little mad, but I told her that it was part of “fucking”. Plus, you just don’t know how sexy you look right now. I pulled her off the bed and took her to the bathroom and had her look in the mirror. She smiled as she saw her cum covered face. Gee, I’m a slut aren’t I? I kissed her forehead and said, no, just MY slut.

I started a bath for her and told her she needed to soak her ass, and that she would be sore tonight and tomorrow. She smiled and said it was worth it. I headed off to the guest room to sleep from a busy day of fucking.

The next morning at breakfast I noticed my sister was walking a little different. I asked her if she was okay and she said, yes but sore. I asked if she had any regrets, and she shook her head no. She then asked if this was just a one time thing, or could we do it again next time we got together. I told her that it was up to her, and to make sure that neither of us did anything to ruin each other’s marriage.

We have found a chance to fuck each time either one of us visits the other. She now loves to eat my cum, and has become a pro at taking my cock up her ass. The rest of the family has no idea of just how close we have become…all thanks to Gramps.

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