Holes In My Wall

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It was our big family reunion that summer and everyone was staying our house. My cousin Elisha, about my same age was staying in my room.

All the cousins took full advantage of the warm weather by spending all day every day in our backyard pool. We’d come inside and shower and change for lunch. Then an hour later we were back in the pool. Then we’d come inside and shower and change for dinner, then an hour later back in the pool until it was time for bed when we’d shower and change again.

My point is that my cousins and I spent a lot of time showering and changing. Fortunately since we were the only two teenage girls we had my bedroom and bathroom all to ourselves. And yes if you do want to know, Elisha and I showered together and washed each other off and shared the same bed at night. To us it wasn’t erotic; it was just what teenage girls naturally did.

On the third night after we turned out the lights we noticed a light coming from my closet. Elisha pushed by my clothes and found two large holes about two inches in diameter which looked into the next room.

Elisha put her eyes to a hole and I saw her jaw drop. “Over here Christina. You have to see this.” she whispered so no one would hear.

I put my eye to the other hole and saw it led to the guest bedroom where our cousin Jeff was staying. He was drying off with a towel after a shower stark naked!

Instinctively I pulled away in shock. But noticed that Elisha was staring through the hole very transfixed and almost drooling. I grabbed her by the shoulders. “What are you doing? It’s not polite to spy on someone, especially while their undressed, and especially if it’s your own cousin.”

“Oh come on Christina. Aren’t you curious? I’ve never seen a naked guy before. Besides he’ll never know. In fact I bet if he did know he’d be flattered that two teenage girls were admiring him naked.” she argued.

“No way.” I said firmly.

Elisha didn’t waste more time trying to persuade me as she was transfixed by the hole in my wall.

I sat there pouting for a few minutes before relenting to my instinctive curiosity and getting down on my knees by the other hole.

I marveled at my cousin Jeff’s finely sculpted body. And although I hadn’t seen a penis before I had an instinctive feeling he was well endowed.

He must have stood there for a good 10 minutes drying off before putting on his pajamas and turning out the lights.

“Damn.” whispered Elisha.

As we giggled and cuddled up in bed together dressed only in our panties and nighties, she spoke exactly what I was thinking. “Our cousin Jeff’s pretty big, right?”

“How should I know?” I answered. “I’m the only virgin left in my class. I’ve never even seen a penis before.”

“Yeah me too. It’s depressing to be the only virgin left in the class. I’ve never even had oral sex before. But my instincts tell me that Jeff has made a lot of girls at his college veerrryyy happppyyy.” she grinned wickedly.

“Yeah. Too bad he’s our cousin.” I said.

“So mean if he wasn’t our cousin you’d…”

We both exploded in laughter.

“Well? He must miss his girlfriends I bet.” I grinned wickedly.

“Yeah. This family reunion must be his first time sleeping alone in a long time. I bet he’s stroking himself to sleep right now. Too bad he turned off the lights.”

“What do you mean, ‘Stroking himself to sleep?'” I asked curiously.

“Well? You know Christina? He’s stroking his organ. You know, playing with himself.”

“What?” I said in disbelief. “That’s gross. Jeff’s too much of a gentleman to do that.”

“Yeah right. All guys do it. It’s natural. I even caught my little brother doing it once.” she said.

“Oh gross.” I giggled in a curious way that meant, ‘Tell me more.’

“The new Victoria’s Secret catalog came in that day. And when I accidentally opened the bathroom door, there was my little brother stroking off to it. He looked embarrassed and I closed the door. He knew I saw him but we’ve never talked about it.”

We both cracked up.

“Say, how long have those two holes been there?” asked Elisha.

“I dunno. I’ve never noticed them before.”

“And wasn’t that odd how our cousin spent a good 10 minutes drying off after his shower? It doesn’t take that long to dry off.” Could she be thinking what I was thinking?

“Do you think Jeff knew we were watching him naked? That he wanted us to? That’s too weird to be true.” Of course secretly I wanted her to confirm it.

“Well think about it. Those holes suddenly appear in your closet wall, he leaves his closet open and stands in full view for us to see him for 10 minutes. See I think he wanted us to see him naked because he was thanking us for what we’ve been showing him.”

“‘What we’ve been showing him?'” I asked.

“Yeah. We’ve been showering and changing like five times a day. He’s been watching us undress through the closet. He drilled a second hole as a way of inviting us to watch him. He’d only need one hole if all he wanted to do was watch us. When we turned out our lights it was a signal to him that it was our turn to watch. It’s just taken us three days to figure it out.” she said.

This was all so exciting. “So that means that first thing tomorrow morning it’s our turn to put on a show for him.”

“That’s right. And I bet if we put on a really great show for him he’ll give us an even better one and so forth.”

We giggled ourselves to sleep with filthy thoughts.

The next morning it was our turn to show off for Jeff. We turned on the shower and opened the closet doors, parting my clothing so our cousin could get a good look. We both undressing in front of the holes very slowly and seductively slipping off our panties and nighties. Then we both admired our naked bodies in my full length mirror for a good 10 minutes before hoping into the shower.

It made me feel so good and self confident to think that a handsome boy was watching me naked. Admiring us just as we had admired him.

While we were in the pool that morning I was wrought with suspense. Jeff was just acting as normal as ever. Was our plan working? Was his plan working? Was there even a plan of communication? Or were those holes just there and we were perverts for peeping on our own cousin while he wasn’t even aware the holes existed?

“Lunch in 30 minutes!” yelled my mother.

Now we’d know for sure if he responded in kind.

Elisha and I giggled with our tongues wagging as we each dropped to our knees by a hole. There was our cousin ready to take a shower. He slipped off his swimming trunks and sat down on his bed facing the closet, never looking directly at us the way an actor never looks at the camera.

Our cousin held up a magazine above his waist with his legs apart. I couldn’t tell what kind of magazine it was until with hushed breaths Elisha and I saw his manhood swell and rise to enormous heights until it was fully erect, pointing straight up and pressed against his belly.

As if things couldn’t get any better he put down the magazine and stood up walking right towards the closet. I felt like I was watching a 3D movie as Jeff’s cock was coming straight at me. He stood in front of the closet needlessly moving clothes back and forth; his huge fully erect organ only inches away from our willing and eager virgin faces.

There was no doubt now! He was watching us and he wanted us to watch him!

Back in the pool Elisha and I were so hot by what we’d seen I felt like we’d make the water boil. Again our cousin Jeff was as calm and relaxed as ever. As if nothing had been going on between the three of us.

The new challenge was how to top that? Elisha and I had showed him the goods this morning. What else did we have to offer him but more of the same? We had to do something new and exciting if we wanted a good show from Jeff.

This time we showered first but before putting our clothes on we kneeled by the closet and tenderly massaged sun lotion into each other’s naked bodies leaving no spot neglected.

We didn’t know if he could hear us talk but we added a script to our show as well.

“Oh Christina, I love your breasts. They’re so big and soft. What bra size are you?” said my cousin massaging lotion into my full bosom.

“Yeah they’re pretty big. 34DDs. But I wish I had a bottom as round and firm as yours. Bend over and let me rub some lotion into it so it doesn’t burn.” I said.

My cousin turned around and bent over as if she was ready to take it doggy style as I molded her hips to the palms of my hands. “Oh Elisha, you’re so soft yet so firm. I can’t believe you’re still a virgin like me. I know all I dream about at night is cock cock cock. Having a big hard cock inside of me for the first time. I wonder who the first one will be.”

“The only reason I’m still a virgin Christina is that I have very very high standards for who I’ll give my virginity to. I needed a man who’s very well endowed and has a big hard cock that never goes soft. So he can put it inside of me wherever he wants any time of day or night. I wonder who the first one will be.”

Our show must have pleased our cousin Jeff because the next time he undressed he spread himself naked on the floor right by the closet so we could see him closer. He spread his legs for us to see his big thick organ reaching for the skies. This time he lubed up his right hand and just as Elisha had predicted he massaged his foreskin at a steady and consistent pace until his chest heaved and his eyes rolled into the back of his head as his tidal wave of white nectar shot up in the air in long spurts.

My heart felt it was about to burst out of my chest at the wonder I had just witnessed. Even after Jeff went into the shower I couldn’t pry my curious eyes away from the hole.

As I heard a girl’s moan get louder and louder I realized it wasn’t just me. I looked over too see Elisha moaning and groaning by her hole with one of her hands inside and up her bathing suit pleasuring herself. Her breaths were heavy and her head contorted as if she could never get her fill.

That night for our final show Elisha suggested we make out with each other.

“But I’m not bi or even curious about girls.” I insisted.

“Neither am I but this really gets guys off. Just look at all those videos on CensorTube. Guys can’t get enough of two teenage girls making out. Just think about the reward Jeff give us for this.” said my cousin.

We sat naked in front the closet and wrapped our mouths around each other letting our tongues massage one another.

Elisha could sense I was still a bit scared that I was French kissing my own naked female cousin and whispered, “Come on, you have to really get into it and pretend you really like it for guys to enjoy watching.” and she grasped me by the cheeks taking my mouth into hers as if we were trying to merge into one. Then she wrapped he naked legs around my waist so our naked bodies were wrapped together. We must have stayed in this tight embrace for 10 minutes before finally coming up for air.

I hoped Jeff appreciated what we were doing for him.

As we came up for air I accidentally glanced at the closet and almost screamed with excitement as I saw not two but only one hole in the wall. The other had been replaced by a big think rock hard cock sprouting into my bedroom.

Our eyes bulged with desire. Elisha’s plan had worked! We’d made our cousin so horny he couldn’t contain it anymore!

We each crawled closer admiring the wall organ like it was the most precious thing on earth. We were so excited we felt that if we touched it somehow we’d break it. But we had to show our cousin we were accepting of his gift to two virgins.

I marveled over the finely veined flanks and soft bald head. We touched and explored but never really massaged. It would be a shame to let something like this go to waste all because we got it too excited.

After touching and exploring with our hands we each stuck out our tongues and licked the tip like a lollypop. I took the right side. Elisha took the left.

We licked together in sinc until Elisha put the whole huge organ inside of her and her mouth muscles instinctively went to work.

I pushed her. “Come on. It’s my turn. It’s my turn. If he cums they’ll be nothing left for me.”

Reluctantly she relented and caught her breath as I eagerly swallowed him whole and my virgin mouth sucked away with all the strength it had.

“OK you’ve had your turn. It’s my turn now. It’s my turn again.” she pushed me.

As my mouth muscles were inexperienced I tired quickly from sucking at such a strong pace and I let my cousin take over again. She went to work full force and soon a rush of white cream exploded in her mouth so quickly that it rushed out the front and ran down the sides of her cheeks.

When she pulled away to swallow I grabbed her by the neck almost choking her. “Don’t swallow! I want some too! I want some too! Cousins share remember?” I pressed my mouth to hers and opened her lips with my tongue desperately trying to drink in a much of the sperm as possible. What I saw as my fair share. Fortunately she didn’t really fight me and let me lick her face and lips of this amazing new taste I was already addicted to.

She fell to the floor exhausted and spent by what she just experienced. Her naked body writhing with pleasure.

I looked back at the closet but the cock was sadly gone forever.

That night we didn’t wear anything to bed as we wrapped our virgin bodies together to feel the warmth and affection of another person.

The next morning as all the families headed off Jeff said goodbye to us as casually as ever as if nothing had ever happened. It would be our secret forever.

After everyone was gone I stared and stared at the empty holes in the wall. But no matter how much I imagined or wished it there was no cock sticking through my closet wall and I didn’t know the next time one would.

I went into guestroom closet and covered the holes with boxes and on my side as well. I didn’t want my parents to find them. I didn’t know when there would be another hard cock sticking through them but by leaving them in place there was at least some hope that one day there would be.

Christina’s adventures with the peep holes are not over. More stories are coming quickly.

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