Husband’s Niece And Nephews

When I turned 18 years old in North Africa, my father’s friend who had become a widower asked my father for my hand in marriage. My mother was told to get me ready for marriage to this man whom she knew would be good for my father’s business as a builder. I told her that I was disappointed that the man was unattractive and so much older than me and so I asked her how I can avoid this fate and she answered that I could disgrace myself and become a whore.

He was 57 and not physically sexy and after two weeks of marriage I wish that I had chosen to be a whore. My first sex was painful but thankfully quick and the performance did not get better and not what I hoped sex would be like from reading the secret magazines that my father had hidden away. My husband rolled on top of me and fumbled with his cock which felt big but I had never seen it, and once inside my young pussy he rocked until he cums inside my cunt, then rolls off and sends me to sleep in my little room.

As a building merchant, he always leaves the town for several days and during those times he sends me to stay at his sister’s house who had a widowed daughter who was a few years older than me. His sister lived in a large gated house on the outskirts of the city and I would share my husband’s niece, Sari’s quarters keeping each other company. Soon Sari and I became very good friends and she asked me during one of my stays if the sex with her uncle was satisfying and I describe that he fumbles his cock inside me and rocks for 10 or 12 times and he rolls off and he does not like me to gyrate my hips as only whores do that to enjoy sex.

I then asked if she was going to be married again soon so that she can get fucked and she laughed and confessed to getting fucked regularly. Then later when we were washed and getting ready for evening meal she grabbed me by the hand and made me lie down on the bed. She felt my breast and before I knew what was happening she began to rub her slender body against mine, kissed and sucked my nipples which felt fantastic and I was grinding her knee which was between my thighs next to my pussy. She kissed and sucked on the other nipple and guided my hands to cup and feel her breasts.

She then said I should do what I feel her doing to me when we form 69. I did not know what she meant so she said it will come naturally. She began to kiss my clit and suck it while she explored my cunt with her two fingers. This drove my senses wild and I realized what a beautiful pussy she had and began to lick it, and before I knew it I had my tongue deep, fucking her and rubbing her pussy. I realized that I was getting so much pleasure and I used my spare hands to cup and feel her breasts which had very hard nipples, so I squeezed the nipples and I asked her to stop so I can enjoy the nipples which where beautifully brownish pink and then she placed my knee next to her cunt and did the same with her knees against my cunt and we rubbed our pussy on these till we were spent.

When we got to dinner, my sister-in–law said nothing about us being late but she did comment later about locking doors for privacy.

It was several weeks later that my husband called to tell his sister that I was coming to stay for four days as he had business in two towns. I was very excited and the morning before my husband went away he groped at me and roll on top of me, fumbled with his big cock and then glided into my cunt so I adjusted myself under him to be comfortable and to my surprise his cock moved deeper in my cunt. He then said I was allowed to move my hips because he liked the way his cock sank further into my cunt. We fucked longer than we had ever fucked in the seven months together and he whispered as he left me at his sister’s that we would fuck like that more when he got back.

My sister-in-law and her husband had some American guests staying with them and Sari and I agreed to have dinner with her two brothers, Tariq and Navid, that evening and leave their parents to entertain their guests.

After dinner Tariq came to stand in front of Sari, and she rubbed her hand over his trousers and you could see that his cock was buldging the trousers and without hesitating she unzipped him and out came a huge cock. She looked at me to see that I was watching and she said now watch us fuck and be amazed. She took that massive cock into her mouth sucking at it pushed it deep down her throat and was choking on it. Meanwhile Navid had taken off her robe and was kissing and sucking on her tits and his fingers were rubbing her pussy and slipping into her cunt. He asked if I wanted to share in her cunt juice so I disrobed and both of our fingers were slipping in and out alternately out of her cunt and I licked at the cunt to enjoy more of the nectar.

Tariq thanked his brother for helping out and nodded him towards me. Sari then said that I could trust the secret with her brothers and that it’s the only way to have discreet sex in our culture and it’s not spoken of and honor is kept. She offered each brother a suck on her tits and allowed Tariq to glide his enormous cock into her pussy and to keep him deep inside her she crossed her legs on the small of his back. This allowed me to see the motion of his cock gliding in and out of her cunt. I was amazed at the rhythm of their body slamming gently but firmly and breast bouncy with every bump. I was so moved by their fuck that being brother and sister had stopped to matter.

It was then that I realized that Navid had exposed my breasts and he started to caress my breast and pulled me over to him I tried to protest at this handling as I am married to their uncle but I wanted his pleasure so I gave in.

He started to kiss me hotly all over my breast, nipples, shoulders, ears working down to my pussy and not long after that I must have fainted in the excitement and came around to the sensation of my cunt being stretched to take his cock. I asked him to stop as my pussy could not take his big cock, but he asked me to relax again and his voice soothed me and his cock glided in but it was massive as it completed gouged my cunt. Each thrust in and pull out was like all my nerves would explode. The fuck was very different to my husband’s fumble it was sensual, wild and I gyrated my hips to his thrust once my cunt was familiar with the size. I had countless orgasms and the fuck session with Navid went on for the four days my husband was away.

Sari later asked me if I wanted to try Tariq and I said Navid had worn my pussy out this time and next time I will consider the offer.

The night my husband returned he asked me to sit on his lap so he can tell me of his trip. While he spoke I thought of my cunt filled with Navid’s seed and knew my husband’s seeds will soon be in there and that excited me which my husband notice and he asked me what was funny. I told him I wanted him to fuck me like he did before he went away. This pleased him and we went into his room and the fuck was better but not like Navid.

My twins were born 9 months later and Navid and I suspect it’s from our fuck sessions which continued for many years and two more children.

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    Sounds like a lot of un, and a lot of fucking.

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