Big Woman from the Internet

Big Woman from the Internet
By Rick

I had been going to an internet dating service for men who liked big women . Most of the women lived to far away to actually meet . I did set up a couple of sessions with one or two to do some web cam to web cam cyber sex which can be fun but not the same as the real thing . Jerking off in front of a web cam while a big woman pumps her pussy with a dildo can be very erotic if you haven’t tried it you should . Finally I connected with a nice big woman that lived in Syracuse , N.Y. which is only about 45 minutes from Utica . We did the web cam thing when her husband was on a business trip and my wife was asleep . We liked the way each other looked and agreed to meet the next Wednesday in a porno shop in Syracuse at 10 A.M. We met and went to a coffee shop and had some doughnuts and coffee . We agreed that we would be good together so we went to a motel near the airport . She was about 5’10” and close to 400 pounds mostly in her ass . She had bright red hair and a pussy to match ! I love redheads . I brought along some condoms and lube and she had some dildos and a butt plug . I checked into the motel and when I closed and locked the door to the room she said I’m looking forward to this my husband hasn’t fucked me in months . I had taken a Viagra just before I left the office and another at the coffee shop . I know that I don’t need it , especially with a red head , and your not supposed to take more than one a day but I get a bigger hard on and it lasts longer .
I am 50 + and so is she so we are a perfect match . She undresses and so did I . Wow she said you have a boner already ! It’s you I’m turned on I said . The husband needs me to suck on his cock before it gets hard and then he’s only good for a few strokes and he’s done for the day . I hope he at least eats that beautiful red pussy first I said with a grim . No he says that would make him a cock sucker by proxy . She made a sad face . Don’t worry I said I love to eat pussy red ones are the best . We kissed and made out for a few minutes and I was playing with her massive tits. She was moaning and when I put my finger in her pussy she was already wet . Please put the butt plug in before you do anything else she said . You can’t fuck my ass but I love a finger or a butt plug up there .
I greased up the butt plug and slipped it in . She squirmed and pushed back and then sighed . That feels so good she said. She rolled over on her back and I started to finger her pussy and lick her clit . She is a talker and she said yes that feels so good . Most men don’t do that to a fat woman but I love it ! Well I said I love fat women . I’ve had men tell me that before but they are usually surprised at my size she said and came as I sucked hard on her clit . OH , OH , OH she said as she came . Her rolls of fat shook and she nearly knocked me off the bed . We had the TV on and there was a porno movie on she kept on cumming as I licked and fingered her pussy . We had left the window curtain open enough that if someone wanted to they could watch us . It was her idea she said it turned her on knowing that someone else could see her . I took a quick glance and saw that the lady that had check us in was watching us . The brunette from the check in is watching us I said . Really she said well I hope she enjoys what she sees . Damn I’m hot she said and came again shaking the bed so much that I thought it would break . WOW she said that was great . I put some detain on my cock and a ribbed condom on and lubed it up and tipped her up as far as I could and slipped my cock in her pussy . She screamed with delight as I pumped her pussy . OH fuck me hard she said . I was moving as fast and hard as I could . With all the Viagra and the detain I humped her for a good ten minutes before I came . But my cock stayed hard and I kept on going for another few minutes before I came again and my cock went limp . I pulled it out and took off the condom and went and flushed it down the toilet . The lady is still watching us I said . Lucy looked out the window and smiled and waived her in . I got up and opened the door and to my surprise she came in ! She was chunky but not even close to Lucy’s size . I liked the show she said . My name is Sandy and could I join you ? Sure I said and closed the door . Sandy closed the curtain . I never do this but I’ve been horny lately my husband left me for a younger and thinner woman . She started to strip I watched liking the big tits and fairly small ass . Her belly was good sized I guessed that she weighed 200 pounds or so and was about 5’6″ making me the shortest one in the room by 4″ . I’ve never kissed a woman before but I would like to try she said . Lucy said me either but lets try . I watched them kiss and play with each other for a few minutes and my cock got hard again. Sandy looked at me and said nice ! Your hard again ! I didn’t mention the over dose of Viagra or the fact that my heart was racing . I guess it’s that nice hairy pussy of yours that does it . I got on the bed and started to lick her pussy she loved it . Then she started to lick Lucy’s pussy . That’s not bad she said I like the taste of cunt . I but more detain on my cock and another ribbed condom lubed it up and slipped it into Sandy’s wet cunt . OOOOOHHHH ! She said and came before it was half way in . Fuck my brains out! I will as long as you eat Lucy . I was humping my brains out it took me a long time to cum because it was the second time in an hour and the Viagra was working very , very well. Sandy came often and hard as did Lucy . When I finally pulled my limp cock out I was exhausted . I took a quick shower and got dresses . The girls also showered and dressed . I had to get back to work . I said lets do this again soon . How about next Wednesday Lucy said ? I’ll be here then Sandy said and we can use the king sized bed in the next room . Awesome Lucy and I said and we set the time and left. In the truck on the way back to get Lucy’s car Lucy asked if we could get together Saturday and go to her sisters trailer and fuck . Her sister wasn’t going to be there . I said that I could arrange that as long it was in the afternoon that I would say that I was going hunting . So she gave me directions to her sisters trailer . She had DSL so maybe we can do a show on the net ?
Does she have a cam I asked . Yes and a good one to ! great see you at one Saturday afternoon .
I got to her sisters trailer a few minutes after one . Lucy opened the door naked and let me in . On the couch next to the computer was her bigger sister also naked . Sue had a change of plans and wants to join us . She had a Camcorder attached to her computer . We’ve been putting on a show on the net Sue said . I hope that’s Ok with you ? Awesome I said and stripped . Sue handed the camera to Lucy and started to suck my cock . It was already hard and I loved it . Sue was a bit younger than Lucy and 50 or 60 pounds heavier but also a redhead . I hear a mans voice come out of Sue’s computer . Suck it bitch it said. Wow sound to ! Yes we are on a BBW sight . Great I said and enjoyed the blow job . I told Sue that I was about to cum and she said do it . I came in her mouth sperm dripping down her face and throat . Lucy was getting close ups of the whole thing. The camcorder was almost touching my cock . The Viagra helped me keep a hard on . Now fuck the other one the voice said . Ok I said and put some detain and a condom on and lubed it up . Lucy gave her sister the camera and I put my cock on Lucy’s pussy . I pumped for a few minutes and came but I was so excited and had enough Viagra in my system that I kept my hard on . Now fuck the first on in her ass the voice said . Sue said YES ! YES ! Fuck my ass . So I pulled out of Lucy who took the camera and lubed up Sue’s ass and spread her huge ass cheeks as far as I could and put my cock up her ass . It was looser than Lucy’s pussy ! Lucy had to almost put the camera up her sisters ass to get the shot of my cock moving in and out of Sue’s ass . I came hard and my cock went limp. I pulled out
and laid on the
floor . Now pull the rubber off and lick his cock clean . The voice said and that’s exactly what Sue did . If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to e-mail me or if your a woman PLEASE e-mail me

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