bonnie starts something

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it all began one sunday morning after i had got off work, i was working graveyard. was living with my sister tina who had just left her fourth husband. i walked in the house to find that my other sister and a niece were there waiting for me. i was tired and didn’t want trouble but that is what i got. my other sister anna came up to me and said your sisiter bonnie has tried to commit suicide. i just stood there and looked at her and wondered what the fuck this had to do with me. dena my niece said well she didn’t succeed but she left a note blaming you and your mother. she went on and said she claimed you abused her when you were children. i looked at the three women and said well she wasn’t lieing. i looked at them the reason she didn’t succeed is tried not to and to get my attention and try and embarrass me. i said well fuck girl, and ii dont appologize for my language, i have abused everyone of you to one extent or another. if you women are here to get me to appologize to the fucking slut you are shit out of luck, but if you want me to talk to her fine i will. my sister tina who i was living with said she is at home with her daughter and i can call her and see if she will talk to you. i said tina just tell the bitch she will talk to me then put it on the speaker when she answers and i wil handle it from there. she said do you want us to leave. i said fuck no i want you to hear and know what i am doing. so they sat down and tina called bonnie answered and tina said ed will talk to you she said i dont want to talk to him. i broke in and said shut the fuck up bonnie tell these women the truth that the reason you tried suicide was because you want to be my fucking slut slave like you used to be because you loved it. she said i cant. isaid bonnie stop this shit and tell them then get your fucking ass out here and start serving me as you should and want. she hesitated but said yes you are right ed i will be out in a few days. i said you are staying with your daughter she is still single right well shit bonnie bring the cunt with you. she said dont talk that way about steph. i sad fuck you bonnie bring the fucking cunt with you do you understand? she sid yes ed i understand will do as you want. after she hung up i turned to my two sisters and niece and said well now you know i am a fucking pervert and i see that you haven’t left so i have to believe that you three fucking pussies want to be my slaves too. well fuck you all, if you want to serve me you will have to beg and that is just the beginning. my sister anna said i will not beg. i walked over and slapped here face she dropped to her knees and said please ed let me be your slave. i will do everything you tell me. i turned to dena and tina and said well tina said please ed you live in my house isn’t that enough. i said shit no now you will pay for my wants. she said yes ed i will you are my master. i looked at her and said you have already given me one thing. she said what. i turned my head and looked at dena, isn’t it obvious your very own daughter is going to be my fucking slave too. then i looked at dena and said i haven’t heard from you. she walked up to me dropped to her knees kissed my feet then kissed my crotch yes my master i will do your will and i have four daughters to give. i looked at her and said good i like a giving cunt. anna said i dont know how but if my master wants my daughter too then i will get her for him. i turned back to dena now you are going to give me your daughters for play but girls i am bi-sexual yes i like fucking boys too. so dena since you are the only cunt that has had boys guess what that means. i said it means you are going to get to see them as i make them my sweet sissies with dresses and make up and get to watch them suck my dick and see as they enjoy me fucking thier sissy asses. i was just heading for bed and turned around and said well why the fuck do i still see clothes on you girls and who is going to sleep with me now. i looked at tina since this is your house i think i fuck you first. i turned to them and said this i going to be enjoyable but you will find i am a hard master i love to humiliate and torture so be warned. to show you what i mean when bonnie gets here she thinks it will be as before gentle and kinky soft fun but the fucking cunt needs to pay for her stupid action. i will require here to strip before entering the house and she will have to watch as i rape her daughter and she will be commanded to encourage me to rougher treatment. then as a treat she will be given her daughters shit and piss to eat and drink in front of her daughter. i asked if anyone wanted to complain dena said no but add can we watch i said fuck yes. by then they were all naked and tina was helping me out of my clothes. then as tina and i were walking to her bedroom i turned and said dena get annas strapon yes she has one and fuck her mouth, pussy and ass and do it hard iw ant to hear here screams above tinas groans of pleasure. this is just the beginning of my incestual sex slave harem. want more ask, no beg.

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  1. XDress36

    Over people have read this! And they have all been speechless Until now!

    Are you, the author, RETARDED!?!

    Do you even know what a paragraph is? Punctuation more than a foreign language?


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