Bring It On Keely Part 2

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The next morning on the school bus my brother refused to even look at me. When I approached him in the cafeteria he fled into the boys’ room so I couldn’t follow him. I had to hunt him down in the halls between classes to tell him Ms. Daria was picking us up after school.

“Don’t take the bus. My friend is picking us both up in her car in front! Be there!”

“Ummm O-O-OK.”

If he chickened out I was going to drag him off the bus even if it was moving. But he showed up for Ms. Daria. During the short drive he still wouldn’t talk to me or look at me.

When we got to her house she sat us down in the living room. “Keely. You didn’t mention that your brother was so handsome.”

Derek blushed and looked away.

I had to break the ice. “Derek. What happened last night was Ms. Daria’s idea. She says you have all the classic symptoms of sexual frustration and thinks I can help. The reason you’ve been doing so badly in school socially and academically, even the reason you stutter is due to sexual frustration. That’s why you masturbate so much.”

Now he wasn’t just red, he was actually starting to cry. “No no. I do-don’t ma-masturbate. Th-th-that’s disgusting. You’re ju-just making fun of m-me like all th-the o-ther kids at sc-school cause you th-think I am dumb.” A teardrop escaped and slid down his left cheek. Maybe he was crying because he was scared we knew what he thought was his big secret. Tears started to form in my eye lids too at seeing my brother so upset and so troubled.

Ms. Daria took him gently by the wrist. “You masturbate Derek. You’re a teenager. It’s natural and normal. If you think you’re the only teenage boy who masturbates. You might as well think you’re the only teenage boy who breaths.

“You’re scared that we’ve discovered your big secret, but we haven’t. It’s not a secret and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Listen carefully Derek. It’s OK and you don’t have to stop.”

Well that brightened his eyes.

“But masturbation is not enough to relive your sexual frustration. It’s causing you to act out. Why I’m sure you didn’t mean to call your sister an ‘ugly bitch’ did you Derek?” She let go of his wrist as he was starting to relax more.

“We-well go-gosh no. Keely’s the pre-prettiest girl in school.” he said blushing.

Gosh. Now I was blushing too.

“See Derek. Last night is already starting to help relive your frustration. A big brother should love and protect his sister. Not call her names.” said Ms. Daria. “You think about sex all the time. Everyday, every hour, every waking moment, and in every dream even if you don’t remember them all.

“You said Keely was the prettiest girl in school. Do you really think that or were you just saying that to be nice and brotherly?”

“Ye-yeah. Sh-she’s definitely the prettiest girl b-by far.”

“And Keely, do you think your brother is handsome? Be honest.”

It was hard for me to form the words. Derek was so nice and I wanted to help him. But Ms. Daria did say, “Be honest.”

“We-well I think my brother could be handsome if he showered every day, and wore deodorant and dressed better and had his hair cut.”

“Don’t be shy Keely. Thank you for being honest. See Derek, you can get the prettiest girl in school to like you if you just do those few simple things.”

“I-I will.” he stuttered.

“And Keely. You’ll help your brother won’t you by supporting him and helping relieve his frustrations won’t you?”

“Of course.” I said.

“Derek, tell Keely why you think she’s the prettiest girl in school. Don’t be shy.”

“We-well. She has long golden hair. And sh-she always waves it around her head in such a sexy way. But without even trying to be sexy. By just being herself. And her sk-skin is so smooth and soft looking. And her body. He-her school uniform… she looks so sexy in it. The way the plaid skirt just da-dances around her pretty legs. And the way her thin white blouse clings to her flat stomach and her pretty young breasts.

“When we’re at home she often has her shoes and socks off and I think she looks so so hot barefoot. She puts her pretty bare feet up on the co-coffee table when she watches TV. That’s why I fight with her for the re-remote so I can be close to her and she’ll chase after me wanting my attention.” I barely noticed his stuttering had improved.

“Wow. Why didn’t you tell me you felt this way about me? Why were you so mean to me?”

“Y-you would have just te-teased me a-and gotten me into tro-trouble.” answered my brother.

“No I wouldn’t have. Honest.” I countered.

“It was his sexual frustration Keely. I just ate away at his soul. It was impossible for him to be the loving brother he wanted to be.

“So here’s what you’re going to do. Derek when it’s time for you to masturbate ask your sister to come to you and relieve your fustration. But don’t take advantage of her. You’ll have to earn your sister’s affections. Tell your sister how pretty she is and make the personal improvements she asked for.”

“Yes Ms. Daria.” my brother answered eagerly.

“You’ll help him do those things like a supportive sister should? Right Keely?”

“Yes Ms. Daria.”

“Derek can drive you over here Saturday morning so we can begin Lesson 2. Until then I want you two to stick only to penis massages and of course kissing. As difficult as it may be to control yourselves, don’t progress to anything else until Saturday. If you rush to the next step without proper knowledge you could ruin it for both of you. No sex, oral love, or penetration of any kind, or showing yourselves naked. Understand? Agreed?”

“Yes Ms. Daria.” we both answered obediently. I was excited but frightened. Would our passion become so intense that we would break Ms. Daria’s lesson plan?

“I know Derek is ready for another massage. If you two are shy about doing it in front of me you can use the guest room.” said Ms. Daria.

I looked at my brother. “Guest room.” we both answered.

The guest room was decorated bright blue and yellow with a high bed. The only other furniture was a six drawer cadenza with a big mirror on top. Before Ms. Daria left she handed us a box of tissues. “You can clean up with this. Keely knows not to taste it just yet.”

My brother and I nodded and proceeded to the bed. Without a word we shoved our tongues into each others throats uncontrollably somehow managing to moan. We experimented with kissing in passionate way that I’d never kissed any boy before. After several minutes of making out, my brother unzipped his pants.

We fumbled trying to find the most comfortable position. We figured out the best way was for my brother to either take his pants and underpants completely off or at least to pull them both down.

As I had the night before I softly massaged the foreskin back and forth over the soft head at a steady even pace. Now I was able to take the time to enjoy and admire every throbbing vain the organ had to offer.

Staring into my brother’s eyes with curiosity and amazement he stared intently back in the most loving way. A kind of passionate enchantment I’d never seen before or even knew existed. He was fully awake this time. Not shaking and nervous, but still breathing heavily and moaning softly.

There was no clock in the room for time should not have imprisoned us. He ejaculated with a relaxing release in many bursts as he had the night before. Then we kissed again and it seemed that our tongues did not part until Ms. Daria dropped us off at home.

Later that night he called me to his room. Afterwards he whispered, “Set your alarm early for six so I can see you again before school.”

I couldn’t sleep for the second night in a row. I thought to myself. Should I really be doing this? Should I really be in charge of satisfying my own brother’s sexually? Shouldn’t I be helping him find a girlfriend to be with? To fulfill his needs and desires?

The more I thought about it the more I realized I was glad my brother didn’t have a girlfriend. I was glad it was me and not some stranger. Some loose tramp who might discard him and leave him more depressed and frustrated than ever. I would never do that. I was his sister. I would always be there for him.

Stay tuned for part 3.

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