Bring It On Keely Part 4

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When we arrived at Ms. Daria’s she commented, “Keely, you didn’t tell me Derek had an older brother.”

All three of us laughed. “Believe it or not this is Derek.”

“His name is also Derek? No no. I meant Derek your brother. Where’s he?” she joked.

We eagerly updated Ms. Daria on the week’s cataclysmic events and my brother’s radical metamorphosis. Everything from our trips to the mall to the football goons.

“I’m surprised I didn’t get kicked out of school for what I did to Brett even though he deserved it.” I asked Ms. Daria.

“Good Keely. You are starting to learn that as a pretty teenager you can get away with a lot more. But use your powers carefully. Don’t make powerful enemies like the principle or one of your parents. Some adults will be envious of your beauty and look for anyway to punish you. Don’t become known as a trouble maker. Maintain a impeccable reputation among students and teachers.

“The way you handled a violent man like Brett was absolutely correct. He had to be knocked down by force. You were fully protected. Brett couldn’t very well admit he’d been beaten up by a 4foot 10inch girl.

“On the odd chance that you had been called to the principle’s office, bury your face in your hands and start cry that Brett tried to grope your breasts or put his hand up your skirt. It works every time. People will want to believe you and not a violent young man.”

Wow. Lessons for life. Ms. Daria’s wisdom was infinite.

“I’m truly astounded by the way you and your brother have progressed this past week. You see. I was right. By being a loving sister and tending to your brother’s sexual needs Derek wanted to transform. He wanted to be the protective and nurturing brother he should be.

“Now lesson 2. Oral love. I have many photos and videos on my computer which we will use as visual aids. Just like straight sex, oral love is something which is very misunderstood.

“Many children begin experimenting with oral love at a young age. The young couple is curious about sex but doesn’t want to ‘go all the way.’ They see it as a way of satisfying their curiosity and desires while at the same time avoiding pregnancy and keeping the girls virginity. Why some parents even allow or encourage oral love as an alternative for these silly reasons.

“As a disastrous result girls grow up feeling that oral love is a chore like washing dishes. It’s got to be done so let’s get it over with. Even grown women feel, ‘Well if I don’t give him a blowjob on the first date he won’t ask me out again.’

“Boys grow up also thinking of it as a female chore. ‘Well if she was a good girlfriend she would have blown me by now.’ and ‘She better swallow.’

“Eating is normal and natural but cannibalism is not. You’ll understand better what I’m talking about when we get to the visual aids.

“Oral love should be just like making love. A loving and passionate act both lover fully enjoy and look forward to doing together.

“Now Derek. From your extensive pornography collection you certainly know how many entries your sister has?”

My brother raised his hand and answered. “Keely has three entries. Oral, vaginal, and anal.”

“Correct. Now oral love is when the girl is penetrated in her mouth and sucks the boy’s penis until he ejaculates.

“As we see in these videos oral love or felatio should never be rushed. Notice how in this video the girl lovingly curesses the organ with soft sensual kisses on the head and on the sides before placing it fully in her mouth and sucking.

“Notice how the girl moves her mouth in smooth steady consistant strokes while pressing down firmly with both lips.”

I paid closer attention than I ever had before in my life. Transfixed by the video I couldn’t even blink. Nor could I pry my curious eyes away from the big screen montior to see the expression on my brother’s face. Was he as hypnotized as I? Or was this merely like one of the thousands of videos he’s seen before in his room?

This was way way better than sex ed in junior high or ‘Human Studies’ class as they labeled it in highschool. All they every did was show us how to put balloons on bananas as if it was an Olympic sport.

“Pay careful attention to how the girl is always conscious of her teeth not hitting the man’s penis. This would cause extreme pain.”

I saw my bother shutter and cross his legs.

“What these videos can’t show you is what the girl is doing with her tongue which is very important.” Ms. Daria started a new video that was a Japanese cartoon. “Here in this hentai we see how the girl is very carefully licking the bottom of the penis with her tongue. This is actually the most stimulating and important part of felatio.”

“What’s hentai?” I asked.

“Adult anime.” said my brother.

“Sometimes the boy ejaculates in the girl’s mouth and she swallows his sperm. Other times the boy ‘pulls out’ as it’s called ejaculates on the girl’s face.” She showed us videos of both. “Neither method is right or wrong. It depends on what the couple enjoys. ideally they should discuss this before beginning felatio so the girl is prepared for the boy to pull out.

“The big no no with ejaculating is spitting. When the man ejaculates in her mouth but she doesn’t swallow and spits it out in disgust into a nearby sink. This is either done because the girl is a lesbian and does not like male body or because the girl is doing something mean to her boyfriend by withholding something because she doesn’t want to ‘give it up’ to easily.”

“What’s snowballing.” I asked having heard the phase in a movie. No not ‘Clerks’ I hadn’t seen that movie yet.

“Snowballing is when the girl spits the sperm back into the man’s mouth. This is because the man is gay or bisexual and enjoys the taste of sperm.

“There is also sperm swapping. This is done during a threesome when two women share the sperm of the same man.” Ms. Daria showed us a video of a man having his penis licked by two young blonde girls. When the man ejaculated it was in one of their mouths. The girl held it in her mouth and then kissed the other girl with he mouth open. The second girl opened her mouth wide to the camera to show the sperm was now in her mouth.

“Threesomes are a much much more advanced lesson which you two may not even want to get to. Now we’ll see have not to perform felatio. In this video the man is roughly forcing his penis inside. Not only will this choke the poor girl and she’ll be unable to properly perform but the action will be so fast that the man cannot take in the pleasure.

“Don’t force it in too deep Derek. As your sister practices more and more she’ll be able to comfortably take you deeper and deeper. But remember, this is her first time too and she needs to practice.

“Here’s another video of what not to do. Here the girl is rushing too fast. She’ll tire out too quickly and have to stop for a brake while the poor man’s pleasure is brutally cut short.” Just as Ms. Daria said the girl tired quickly and had to keep removing the penis from her warm mouth. I learned that just like penis massages my movements should be steadily paced.

“Now it’s time for practice. Don’t be afraid Keely. I want you to suck my index finger so I can know the movements of your tongue.” Ms. Daria held out her right index finger. “Don’t be afraid Keely. This isn’t sexual. I just need to know what you’re going to do.”

I sucked on Ms. Daria’s finger following her instructions the best I could.

“Good girl Keely. Your not letting your teeth touch my finger and your sucking is paced. Now, move your tongue up and down the full length of the bottom of my finger. Good. Good. Very good. Now time to practice on a phallus. Choose a phallus about the same size as your brother.”

Since I knew very well from the past week the size of my brother’s penis I chose a flesh colored phallus about six inches long from Ms. Daria’s very diverse selection.

“No way. I’m way bigger than that.” my brother objected embarrassingly.

“Don’t worry Derek. We’ll get to size in another lesson. This is only for practice.” In order to give my brother the confidence he needed Ms. Daria was kind enough to add. “If your sister wanted an eight inch penis in her mouth she’d be working at a ski lodge catering to NBA players. The very fact that she’s here with you means that you’re the size she wants.” Ms. Daria always had a very friendly and gentle way of speaking to people.

“Put the phallus in your mouth Keely and suck on it in a way that’s still comfortable for you.”

As I sucked I stared longingly into my brother’s eyes and he stared transfixed back at me. Oh how I wanted this to be him in my mouth.

My brother was absolutely hypnotized by me on my knees. “Oh Keely I’ve never seen look so beautiful.” I could tell he was getting restless.

“Be patient Derek. As we saw felatio is probably the most misunderstood of all carnal acts. Your sister needs to practice first. Good. Now practice like you did on your brother’s finger.”

My brother held out his finger and I sucked away with steady spaced strokes making sure never to let my teeth touch him.

“Instruct your sister. Tell her what you like now because when you do this for real you won’t be able to talk.”

“Move your tongue up and down the bottom of my finger. Oh yeah that’s it.” commanded my brother.

“How’s your sister’s pace Derek?”

“Perrrrfect.” he answered.

“Excellent. Now for the real thing. No guest room this time. I really do need to supervise and instruct this. We need to find a good position. This couch is all wrong. We need a table chair so Derek can sit up fully.” Ms. Daria picked up a chair from the dining room.

“Derek. Take off your pants and under pants completely and open your legs wide so there’s nothing obstructing your sister.” My brother hesitated. “Don’t be shy Derek. I’ve done this many times myself. I can’t be disgusted by something that’s natural and normal. Keely, this padded cushion is for you to sit on so you’ll be comfortable on the floor.”

My brother did exactly as she instructed. He removed his pants and sat up right in the chair with his legs apart fully erect penis standing free. I got into a comfortable position resting my bottom on by bare feet and moving my head forward to begin with tender kissing on the soft head then along the sides. I stuck my tongue fully out and licked to veined sides. My brother moaned and I could see clear fluid starting to emerge from the tip.

I gently moved my lips around him savoring the salty taste of his very warm flesh. I began my paced sucking motions and moved my tongue gently up and down the long full length of my brother’s penis. My tongue would start with the tip and then work itself slowly all and the way forward and then back to the tip again.

A the while my brother was writhing in pleasure and softly stroking the top of my head. What a sight we must have made for Ms. Daria. Me there on my knee faithfully servicing my brother like an obedient little pet.

Faithful to Ms. Daria’s instructions I never got tired and never choked or had to withdraw. My brother ejaculated in his own time. This time I didn’t see the long continuous bursts. For the first time I felt them inside of me and they drove me insane with happiness as I tasted the eternally coveted male sperm for the first time in my young life.

My brother’s ejaculation had in no way stopped or slowed my passionate mouth and tongue. Instead I faithfully sucked away until Derek began to stand up.

“Oh oh oh. You are amazing.” he complemented. We were both grinning uncontrollably.

Very proud with the results of her detailed instructions Ms. Daria handed me the phallus I had selected to take home and practice on, in addition to my brother of course. “The more you practice Keely, the deeper and deeper you’ll be able to take him into you. It will also help you build up the strength of you mouth muscles.”

Ms. Daria next showed us that she had a very elaborate machine which would guide my progress. It had a fleshly phallus on one end. The suction on the phallus could be measured on the other end by a ping pong like ball which would move up and down a meter. My brother seemed very excited by it. Ms. Daria had been so good to me I would practice long and hard to build up the strength of my mouth muscles.

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