Caught in the act BY Anne

Caught in the Act !
By Anne

I was working in the mall at the kiosk selling candles . Bob stopped by and since I had no customers I didn’t mind chatting with him . He wasn’t the best looking guy around he was a bit over weight but then I’m over 200 pounds . Bob asked me if I wanted to go to the movies at the cinema in the mall . I said that would be nice . He said he would be back at 6 when I got off and we would have some pizza and then go to the movie . I said that would be fine . I was horny and since it was Christmas vacation and I was home from college and had the next day off maybe I could get fucked tonight and I wanted cock really badly . I had never fucked Bob before but what the hell. He had said that his parents were away visiting their friends in Florida and that his twin sister was going to a party and would be out all night with what he called one of her lessie friends . Things were slow so it seemed forever before Bob came back . My replacement was a few minutes late so we decided which movie we were going to see. It was a comedy .We had Pizza and then went to the movie . We sat in the back I had some popcorn and a drink as did Bob . The movie was funny and when I finished my popcorn and soda I slipped my hand on Bobs lap and rubbed his cock . It was hard very quickly . I wasn’t going to take a chance in his thinking that all I wanted was a movie that night . I unzipped his fly and stroked his hard cock slowly . It was not a very big cock but it was nice and hard . I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to fuck me tonight and asked if he had any condoms . He said no . I said don’t worry we can buy some on the way to your parents house . Cool he said . I jerked him off . He came all over my hand . I licked my hand clean and his eyes were as big as dinner plates . I put his cock back in his pants and watched the rest of the movie as he felt my big tits. We went to the CVS and bought some condoms and lube . Bob was embarrassed but he was also excited . Since he was only 18 and I was twenty I knew that he would do anything I wanted . Bob had taken a bus to the mall and so I drove my old piece of shit car to his parents house . My parents were also away but my younger brother was home so we couldn’t go there. I asked Bob if he had eaten pussy before . He blushed and said that he had seen it done on porno movies but had never done it . I laughed and said don’t worry I’ll teach you ! Cool he said . I pulled into his parents driveway and was impressed with the size of the house . We went in and he said lets go to my room I’ll put a porno on and we can have fun. Nice I said . His room was good sized and he had a king sized bed ! He put a porno on the TV and I undressed him and then stripped myself . Wow he said nice big tits ! Well suck on them I said . He started to lick my nipples and I was stroking his cock .Now suck on the nipples don’t just lick them . I was wet and hot . He sucked hard and I came . Damn I needed that I said . Now it’s your turn I said . I knelt down and sucked on his cock . He held the back of my head and said Yes ! I licked the shaft of his cock and he started to move his hips back and forth . I sucked on his balls and he moaned like a kid . I sucked on the head of his cock and he came in my mouth . I swallowed every drop . He said Shit that was great ! Now you suck on my cunt I said . I laid on the edge of the bed and he licked my pussy . Tongue fuck it I said and he stuck his tongue in and out of my cunt . Now suck carefully on my clit I said . What is that he asked . I spread my pussy open and showed him my clit . Cool he said and licked it and then sucked on it . I bucked and moaned and came . He kept on sucking and I came again. Stop ! I said . Did I hurt you he asked ? No I said I have to catch my breath . Oh he said did you like that ? Oh yes I said you can suck on my pussy whenever you want to ! Cool he said . He was hard again . You have me all excited he said showing me his hard on . I said put a rubber on and fuck me then . He put one an and slowly put his cock in my cunt. Oh shit I said that feels awesome. Stroke slowly I said . He did as he was told . We hadn’t even paid any attention to the porno on his TV . Since I had gotten him off twice already he was able to last quite a while and I had bought condoms with a delaying cream on them so he wouldn’t cum as soon as he put his cock in . I was cumming every few seconds. I came hard enough that when I pushed with my hips I almost knocked him over! That was when I head someone else say My own brother fucking like a pro ! Then there was yet another woman’s voice that said disgusting ! We both stopped and looked in shock . It was his sister and one of her friends. Bob pulled his cock out and they both laughed . At least he is using a condom Janet his sister said . I knew her and her girl friend Barb . Well then join us if you want to I said or close the damn door . Oh Shit Barb said it’s Anne ! Barb was an old friend from high school . She was the first girl I ever had sex with . Janet said well I guess we could have some fun together . Why don’t you two continue and Barb and I will get more comfortable . Bob had turned as white as a ghost . Just put that cock back in my cunt I said . He was confused and nervous . Janet said don’t pretend that you haven spied on me in the shower Bob I know you jerk off thinking of me . His face turned bright red . But don’t worry she said I’ve watched you jerk off when you didn’t know it . He just stared as his sister and Barb stripped . His sister had small tits and a big ass . Barb had almost no tits and a huge ass. They started to make out on the bed next to us . Bob was stroking hard and fast . I don’t think he even remembered what he was doing. I came hard several times before he came. He pulled his cock out and took off the condom. His cock was limp and his face was red. He was watching his sister and Barb . I said Barb let me show Bob how to properly eat cunt . Sure she said he can watch me do Janet ! I said and me do you ! Cool Barb said . She was already sucking on Janet’s cunt . I moved up and said Bob watch carefully and learn and every woman will love you . I showed him how to eat pussy and tease and lick and suck on a clit. Barb came a few times her big ass wiggling and moving around quite a bit before I turned her over to Bob. He was a quick learner . Barb said now all he needs is to get his sister off . Janet said cool my own live in cunt lapper ! I don’t know Bob said that is a bit kinky . Just shut up and get your sister off ! Barb said and she started to stroke Bob’s cock . It was getting hard again . Bob sucked on his sisters cock and then she said hey lets 69 ! She got on top of Bob and sucked his cock while he sucked on her pussy . I got on top of Bard and sucked on her cunt while she sucked on mine . We all came at about the same time . This is cool Bob said . It sure is I said much better than selling candles!

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