daddy’s pleasure- emma’s first task

She walks down the darken halls of the bookstore arcade. Random men line the halls, Emma sees hands rustling in pockets. She feels their eyes on her body, tearing through the jean shorts and t-shirt. Pulling the high tube socks and hightop sneakers off of her.
She watches random men in corners.. as one leans against the wall another kneels sucking him off.
She passes opened doorway where half naked men fuck each other in the ass, moaning along with the porn on the televisions.
Men reach our as she walks by, feeling her tits through her shirt.
Reaching for her ass, she sees men stroking cocks of various sizes
Some huge and some just a few inches.. hairy and shaved.

One overweight black man reaches between her thighs and strokes her puffy mound.
Seemingly disappointed that she doesn’t have a cock.
That’s when she sees her father standing at the end of the hallway. His dick out, he strokes.. nodding his head in acknowledgement.
Emma goes over to her father, getting groped all the way down the hall.
When she reaches her father he whispers to her, “turn around. Pull down your shorts and bend over.”
Emma exposes her round ass to her father as the men watch. She jumps as he enters her, grabbing her hair.. pulling her head upward.
“Watch them as they watch me fuck you.”
Her father’s words humiliate her though she’s afraid to look away. His fat cock pounds up her slit, sloshing as she whimpers.. afraid to moan too loud.
One of the men walk over, pulling up her shirt to place his mouth on her right breast.
Flicking her nipple as he squeezes.
“Jerk him off, slut”
Daddy’s balls slap her clit as he pulls her backward onto his dick. Hard enough that her tits swing, it’s a struggle to maintain her grasp of the cock in her hand.
“Tell me to make you cum.”
He instructs his daughter as the man sucking her tits squirts his load upward.. some landing on the floor and some finding it’s way to Emma’s chin.
“Daddy, please fuck me harder. Make me cum on your huge dick. I want them to see me cum on your meat daddy.”
She pants faster, moaning.
“Ohhhhh ohhhhhh fuck!”
She feels the discharge between her thighs, gushing onto her daddy’s throbbing member.
The pounding gets faster until he pulls out, forcing her onto her knees only to shoot his seed onto her face.
Thick creamy strands coat her pretty face.
He makes her suck the tip of his cock clean before putting it away and leading her out to the car.
“Don’t clean your face off. The next bookstore is around the corner. Show everyone how you like to please your daddy, like a good little girl.”

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  1. Pandemic

    please do more emma stories. i love them

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