Family Friend Gets My Virginity

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It all started with my mother and stepfather were vacationing to Europe for three whole months. My two little sisters and I were left at home since we still had school. As a teenager I felt I was old enough to take care of the three of us but my parents insisted that a grownup was in our house to watch over us. That’s when Mr. Shaw arrived. I was very young when our father walked out on us. Mr. Shaw was a lifelong family friend of my mother’s about her age. For many years he was our unofficial stepfather. He stayed at the house, cooked meals, did laundry, drove me to soccer practice, helped me with homework, and took us on fantastic Sunday outings to the zoo and county fairs. Six years ago mom got remarried and we gradually saw Mr. Shaw less and less accept at church where he was very well known. This would be his first time staying with us in six years. “Hi kids!” said Mr. Shaw announcing himself. It was great having him back after all these years. He had a whole series of fun activities planned out for us in our parents’ absence. Maybe it had never dawned on me since kids don’t really think about these things, but he was still single after all these years. In fact I never even remember him having a girlfriend, ever. He and mom were close but never romantic. Such a popular and successful man still single at 46. One night there was a terrible storm. It may sound silly at my age but as a teenager I would still sneak into my parents bed at night if there was a storm, or I’d had a nightmare, or seen a scary movie. But tonight there was no one! My younger sisters could sleep through wars and they wouldn’t suffice. I needed someone older I could feel safe with. I tried to fall back asleep tossing and turning but the storm just got worse and worse until I was in tears. How I worked up the courage I’ll never know but somehow I found myself knocking on the door of the guest bedroom. Mr. Shaw was a bit groggy but once he saw I was sobbing he asked comfortingly, “Stephanie? What’s the matter dear?” “It’s the storm. Can I sleep with you? Please?” “Alright. If it will make you feel better.” he answered. “You’re the best Mr. Shaw.” I said hugging him around the neck and giving him a big kiss on the cheek. The guest bed was much larger than mine even with two people in it. He slid to one side as far away from me as possible. I felt like the loneliest person in the world. “Mr. Shaw? Please, I’m still scared. Please, hold me.” He glided he warm body next to mine and wrapping his big manly arms around me. I nuzzled up to his comforting chest. Somehow it was different than sleeping with mom and dad. I’d never felt so wonderful in my whole young life. Being held and being loved. “There there princess. It’s alright. I won’t let anything happen to you.” and he kissed me on my forehead. I fell asleep that night the happiest girl on earth. II It was that happiness that I hung onto all during school the next day, at cheerleading practice, and later that night. I couldn’t escape it. All I thought about was feeling those wonderful new feeling from the night before. No matter how embarrassing it was I needed to feel loved the same way again. “Mr. Shaw? Can I sleep with you again tonight?” “Why? Whatever for?” I could tell by the look on his face he was going to say, “No.” “Well what if there’s another storm?” I and answered jokingly and nervously. “Stephanie you have to understand, you’re an 18 year old girl and I’m a grown man. It’s just not proper.” A tear escaped my left eye and I started sobbing. The tears weren’t fake so he’d take pity on me, they were real. It was like a drug I was addicted to. Truly if he had any kindness in his heart he wouldn’t turn me away. “Please Mr. Shaw? Please?” “Stephanie. The only way is if you promise to never ever tell your parents, sisters, or anyone at school or church. Ever. Can you promise me that?” “Oh I promise! I promise! I’d never get you into trouble!” I was bouncing up and down with excitement and hugged him again kissing right on the lips. And so this is how it started. Every night I slept in Mr. Shaw’s loving arms. Sometimes we even went to bed early and watched TV together before going to sleep. He simply wore his flannel pajamas. At first I just wore my usual T shirt with my long golden hair in a protective wrap. But as time went on I somehow wanted to look prettier and prettier for him each night. It was even more important than looking good for school. I had my hair curled and styled and bought lacy silk nightgowns. The shortest I could find. I even got new underwear. Thong panties and push up bras. Though I certainly didn’t need the push up bras. My body had blossomed so much that often times I would wear sports bras underneath my school uniform just to keep them from bursting out whenever I walked up and down stairs. My new bras I only wore at night. The sales person assured me it would enhance the depth of my cleavage and cause an extra giggle when I moved. I wasn’t sure if it was because I wanted to please Mr. Shaw for all he’d done for me or because secretly I wanted him to notice me. To desire me in a way beyond just father and daughter. We didn’t just watch TV at night. We talked. Talked in ways I’d never talked with parents or even BFFs. He listened to my problems at school, problems with my parents, things I’d never told anyone. I even told him how I’d been to church dances but never really had a boyfriend and was still a virgin. The only girl in my class! “It’s alright Stephanie. I know why such a pretty girl as you hasn’t had a boyfriend and why you’re still a virgin. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You want wait until you find the right person that you’re really in love with. It’s such an intimate act you want to wait for someone you can really trust with your body. “The boys at church aren’t your type. They’re much too immature as all teenage boys are. They see your beauty and just think about one thing, and it’s not love. You’re waiting for a man whom can truly love you in ways no boy can.” “Wow. You’re right.” I answered. “I’d never thought about it like that before. Do you mind if I ask you, why is such a handsome and wonderful man is still single at your age? Tell me the truth; were you ever interested in my mother? You know you could have been my stepfather?” Mr. Shaw turned his eyes down as if he were ashamed of something. But what could someone as wonderful as him possibly have to be ashamed of? I couldn’t imagine. “No, Stephanie. I care about your mother a lot but I’ve never felt for her romantically. The truth is I’m not attracted to women. Any women.” “Oh. You’re gay.” I said understandingly. “It’s OK I understand.” “No I’m not gay. You see I like women but just can’t be attracted to them sexually no matter how hard I try. I’m only attracted to teenage girls. I don’t know why. I never had any childhood trauma or anything like that, it just that for whatever reason I can only be sexually aroused by teenage girls.” He still looked down shamefully as if he’d just come out of the closet for the first time. I didn’t know what to say. I felt like I was being torn apart. Part of me was saddened that poor Mr. Shaw never got married and never had a family of his own because of something that wasn’t his fault at all. But another part of me felt glad. Yes, glad! Because this meant that he could find me attractive. I could give him what no woman could. I didn’t know what to say so I did the only thing I could. I reached over and kissed him holding our lips together for the longest time in a passionate way we’d never kissed before. At first he barely responded only holding the kiss with me. I needed to comfort him and reassure him the way he had with me. I moved closer to him and caressed his cheek. “Please. Love me. The same way I love you.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and opened my mouth as wide as I could sticking my tongue out. Soon I felt his tongue wrapping around mine and we practically choked each other to death with the intensity of our passion. I was so caught up in the kiss that never ended that it took some time for me to fully realize I was being touched a
caressed in places I’d never been touched before. His hands were kneading my breasts back and forth and massaging my tender nipples through my nightgown. I didn’t respond in anyway. I was terrified that if I did the wrong thing he might put an end to his magic hands. Most wondrous of all was how one hand moved up my inner thigh underneath my nightgown discovering the borders of my thong panties. At first he rubbed my innocence from the outside of the fabric which was amazing enough, but when he maneuvered a finger inside of me the rest of my body withdrew from his tender embrace needing to pant uncontrollably gasping for breaths. I felt like I was going to die. “Ah, ah, ah doo, doonn’tt sttoppp, ah ah ah.” I panted. He didn’t stop and he didn’t return to my mouth as he could see I was having trouble staying conscious from the pleasure. But the best was yet to come. He kissed my cheeks tenderly and took control of one of my hands guiding it over to the center of his pajamas. I still had my eyes closed as I writhed my head back and forth but I could feel something very hard was in my hand. VERY hard! Oh this I had to see! I looked at his lap and saw his massive manhood standing fully erect out of his pajamas. I’d only seen a penis on babies in the movies and of course never erect ones. How did men walk around with such massive thing in their pants? Seeing one for the first time was amazing but touching it was even better. The intricately veined muscles, the soft handsome tip, it was exquisite. Mr. Shaw held onto my hand showing me how to properly massage it. “Not so fast Stephanie. Keep a steady pace. There you go. Good girl. Very good.” We returned to tongue wrestling for a few minutes until Mr. Shaw looked down and I looked down with him. Celestial creamy white fluid was spurting forth in long streaming burst. They shot out all over my hand, his pajama, and the bed. I continued to stare mesmerized by the beauty of what had just happened. I must have looked like a curious kitten because Mr. Shaw answered my question as if reading my mind. “It’s OK. You can taste it. Go on.” Very nervously I brought my hand up to my mouth and for the first time in my life indulged in the wonderful nectar of the male sperm. Why hadn’t anyone ever told me this is what sperm tasted like?! No wonder all the girls at school were having oral love so much if the reward was being able to drink this! I’d spend all day sucking on a penis if I could! “Mr. Shaw you’re delicious.” “Thank you. Take off your clothes and lie down on the bed for me.” You got it! I’d do anything for him. I undressed and lay on the bed. Mr. Shaw stood over me pouring lotion into his hands. From toe to scalp he maneuvered his hands over me leaving no spot unexplored. It felt wonderful. “Now Stephanie I can be honest with you and tell you what a gorgeous body you have. You’re lucky, very few slender young girls are as well endowed as you. That’s the wonderful thing about teenage girls. Their bodies have just developed. They’re fresh and new.” “Thank you Mr. Shaw.” Nothing was neglected yet his favorite spots he kept returning to were my breasts, my feet, my butt cheeks, and the space between my legs. He kept turning me over back and forth so he could cover my front and back again and again. That night we slept together is our normal position entwining our bodies around each other. Only this time was extra special as I could feel his comforting heat directly on my naked skin. III The school day and cheerleading practice just refused to end so I could get home and back with the man I loved. The formalities of dinner, prime time TV, and putting my sisters to bed seemed even longer until finally we were alone in the guest room. I slipped out of my cheerleading uniform and lay down and waited eagerly as Mr. Shaw undressed to reveal his spectacular organ in all of its glory. A sudden feeling of dread came over me as I realized Mr. Shaw was now going to somehow fit inside of me. I couldn’t believe this was actually the way people made love. How was he ever going to fit inside of me? Well, I guess none of us would’ve been born if it wasn’t possible. As if sensing my instinctive fear Mr. Shaw kissed me comfortingly. “Don’t be embarrassed about being nervous, all virgins are, even men. It’s OK. I’ve been with virgins before and I know how to be gentle. It only hurts a little bit, but it’s like a good kind of hurt, like riding a roller coaster. Afterwards you’re laughing at how nervous you were.” My legs opened wide and wrapped around Mr. Shaw as he lay on top of me. It did hurt a bit. But it was a good kind of hurt I didn’t want to end. As he undulated back and forth I almost fainted. I moaned and cried out in pleasure gasping for air. Mr. Shaw slid his thumb in my mouth for me to bite on. It seemed strange but it helped to keep me from passing out. I don’t know what possessed me but the words just seemed to pour out of my mouth. Maybe I’d heard them in a movie. Words I didn’t even fully understand. “Ah, ah I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming ah ah ah.” I panted quickly. Just as I thought I would pass out from the overwhelming pleasure Mr. Shaw got up and stood over me releasing his nectar on my face. Like a kitten cleaning itself I wiped the semen up with my hands scooping it into my mouth. I licked my fingers, savoring every last drop. At some point I did finally faint from exhaustion and awoke wrapped in Mr. Shaw’s loving arms. Now both of us were naked. We slept on top the comforter without a sheet so our bodies could fully couple without obstruction with only our heat to warm us. I nuzzled against his chest and felt his fingers comb my hair while we played footsy. We both feel asleep sore and happy. How oh how were we ever going to explain this to my parents when they got back. We would have to because we were truly meant to be together. There was a reason Mr. Shaw felt the way he did about teenage girls. He never knew why but now we both did. It was because we were meant to be together. We always had been. We knew each other in special ways that could never be learned from dating. It was fate that placed Mr. Shaw in our home growing up, so I could see what a wonderful loving man he was. He’d help raise me and form the young woman I’d become.

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    what a beautiful story between two people who have found each other after knowing each other for so long

    after reading your story I have decided to share a relationship of mine from the past

    Thank you

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