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There was a knock at my door. It was my older brother Jason home from college for Thanksgiving break.

“Sis, I need your help.”

“What’s up?” I asked.

“Well see, I have this big project for photography class. It’s like my final exam and it’s due as soon as I get back to school. My professional model canceled on me and if I don’t get it done I’m going to fail the whole semester.”

“Oh no. That’s horrible. But how can I help?”

“Well could you model for me?”

“Me? But I’m no model?”

“Are you kidding? You’re the prettiest girl in your high school. You’ll be wonderful. It’s easy.”

“Well OK. I don’t want you to fail.”

“Come with me. I’ve got it all set up downstairs in the basement.”

Jason had taken over the entire basement as his bedroom many years ago. No one including my parents ever went down there. I was surprised to see his king sized bed very elaborately decorated with a big pink silk comforter, and pink lace draped all around his four bedposts. I felt certain this was not the way he slept. It was only decorated for the benefit of the photo shoot. Yet all these expensive sheets and comforter must have cost a fortune and he must have spent hours and hours decorating it so elaborately.

I sat down on the big soft bed. “OK, what do you want me to do?”

“Well you see…. It has to be a nude photo shoot.”

“What? You can’t be serious? This has to be a joke?” I got up to leave.

“Wait please. I’ll fail my whole semester. Come on. It’s easy. It’s not like I’m going to ever show mom and dad. They’d kill us both. Pllleeeeaasse. I’ll fail my whole semester.”

I was about to put up another protest but I realized he was right. I loved my brother and I didn’t want him to fail his whole course. I started to unbutton my blouse. Then took off my skirt. No one including my parents had seen me naked or even in my underwear since I was a little girl. Now I was standing there is just my bra and panties.

Sensing my hesitance my brother reassured me, “It’s OK. This is for art. There’s nothing dirty about it.”

I proceeded to slip off my bra and panties and lay down on the bed with only my hands to shield my nakedness. The silk comforter felt wonderful on my naked skin.

“Good. Now lie down on your stomach and rest your chin on your hands.”

I obeyed my brother’s commands and quickly felt my shyness peel away. It felt good to be seen as an object of beauty. To be like one of those pretty Playmates on TV. I began to adore the sound of my brother’s flashing camera and his encouraging commands. “Good good. Now spread your legs wider. Great great.”

At first the poses were very simple but then they became more challenging. My brother wanted me to get on all fours and hold my butt up. He wanted me to lift my legs up as high as I could even behind my ears. He wanted me to straddle the bed post and lick it. It all felt wonderful. I’d never felt so pretty in all my life. It must have gone on for hours and hours. I never wanted it to end.

My brother just snapped away for hours. He had literally thousands of poses for me. Some of which I never imagined I was even capable of.

With each flash of the camera I looked at my brother more and more intently. He had a smile ear to ear just like I did. At first I thought it was just the angle I was looking at him but he had a very large bulge in his pants. VERY large. I giggled devilishly. I was so sexy I’d given my own brother a hard on. Was I really that pretty?

Eventually I could no longer contain my laughter bursting out and doubling me over.

“What’s so funny sis?”

“Look at you! You could put the Washington Monument to shame!”

He looked down amazed himself at the tent he had pitched. “Oh, ummm ummm.” he stuttered nervously trying to come up with an excuse.

“It’s alright. In fact I’m very flattered.” They whole experience of posing nude had really opened me up. I was feeling very adventurous. “Go on. Take it out.”


“I’ve been posing naked for you this whole time. How come you get to have all the fun. I want to see what you look like naked.”



Hesitantly my brother took off all his clothes until he stood there completely naked with his bulging manhood bursting straight out in front of him. I was fascinated by how something so amazing had always existed so close to me.

I couldn’t tare my eyes away from it. Even as my brother lay down on the bed my eyes and head followed it intently. As if stuck in a hypnotic trance.

“You’re so beautiful sis. Growing up I always thought of you as just my kid sister. But these last year’s you’ve blossomed beautifully. I love the way your body has changed. When I came back from college this last time I was astounded at the beautiful young woman you’ve become. You used to be so flat and now whenever you move your breasts giggle and bounce so spectacularly. Every time you toss your long flaxen gold hair around side to side my heart flutters and I get an erection. I love the way you prance around the house in your baby blue cheerleader uniform without any shoes or socks. You’re like a symphony of young flesh.”

I blushed bright red at his flattering comments. The affectionate look in his eyes proved he meant every word.

We kissed gently on the lips. “I’m still a virgin. Please be gentle. Please teach me what to do.” Maybe he sensed by my voice that I was a bit ashamed of being a virgin. And I was. Certainly my brother deserved a girl whom knew how to properly satisfy a man. How could I ever live up to any of his experienced college girlfriends?

“Don’t be scared sis. I’m glad you’re a virgin. This way our love making can be far more intimate. I can teach you everything for the very first time fresh and new.” he said gently.

Still sitting across from each other I put my arms around his neck and we started to kiss more passionately. “Here sis. Wrap your legs around my waist.” I obeyed my brother’s command and opened my legs wide. Still sitting we entwined our legs and arms around each other and he gently maneuvered his manhood inside of me. At first it did hurt a little but we caressed each other tenderly with our hands stroking each other’s faces. We didn’t kiss. We just held each other’s faces so we could drown in our eyes as if we were able to read our thoughts.

Gradually the speed and force of my brother’s thrusts intensified until a powerful heat came over my entire body. I was panting a writhing uncontrollably trying my best to remain conscious. My brother took hold of my face and kissed me tenderly on my cheeks as I moaned in ecstasy.

My brother’s powerful thrusts did not quicken or slow. They remained at a steady and strong pace, as if he knew how to bring me just enough pleasure to keep me climaxing over and over and over again without over tiring himself too much.

I had no sense at all of time or space as I sat there writhing, caressed in my brother’s arms. Eventually he moved back saying, “I’m about to cum. Open your mouth and don’t let your teeth touch it.”

He withdrew and stood upright. His erection directly in front of my face. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do but I wrapped my mouth around him and before I could even begin sucking, his delicious male nectar released in my mouth. He ejaculated for what seemed like 30 seconds, wave after wave flowing into my young virgin mouth. I didn’t want it to ever end. He undulated several times in my mouth to make sure I wouldn’t miss a thing.

After he withdrew I swished the magical cream all around my mouth so I could fully savor the delicious taste before swallowing.
Both spent, we lay down completely exhausted. We cuddled and I nuzzled up to his chest, fascinated by my brother’s heaving breaths eventually slowing to a relaxing pace. We fell asleep in each other’s arms the sorest and happiest brother and sister on earth.

We awoke the next morning with enormous smiles on faces stretching ear to ear. I realized my brother’s dried nectar was still stuck to my lips.

I nuzzled even closer joking, “So, do you think I’ll help you get an A on your final project?”

“I don’t know. I’m not taking any classes in photography.”

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