Grow ups chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Jeff and I are about to cook for mom and dad. I couldn’t cook that well so thank god I have a brother that is training to be a chef. I was putting the salad together, yes it would be mostly spinach but he knew that but he would not let me dress it. Mom and dad got home maybe ten minutes before finished. We had salad, steak and roasted vegetables. With a nice lemon lime flavored ice tea. It was so delicious. He made the dressing him self and I loved it. Daddy and he were about to set down and go to the new to see the sports highlights. I already knew, but I was so horny and wanted them both. Sucking cock gets me so hot and he didn’t fuck me so it was now time. But my brothers when they all got together would only tease me until I begged then they would fuck me in every hole. It was great, but I be so hot that cum is running down my legs and I can feel it rub between my cunts lips. After the highlight went off before daddy could get up I was unzipping his pants on my knees in front of him he was soft but soon he’ll be hard. He asked my brother did he tease me today and he told him what happened so daddy told him to fuck me good because mom was waiting for him, but she’ll be glad I got him all lubed and wet for her. Jeff then had my skirt down pushing it in my pussy. I was still very tight even though all of them had been fucking me for a few year, and I am a very verbal lover. So daddy put his cock back into my mouth. Jeff was stretching me, damn. But it felt so good. Daddy them slide from my mouth and gave me a kiss and went to mom. “Oh fuck Jeff fuck me please,” he slide into me more stretching my pussy wide. He half way in fucking me fast and hard, I loved every minute of the pain. “Damn Gena that pussy so tight,” he slowed down some I pushed back hard, “Gena slow down member what happen last time you did that with Michael,” he pulled out a little and waited for my body to let him go farther, ” Damn sis you got the tightest pussy ever.” I pushed back on his dick again and began to let my body take him. He was bumping my cervix and I loved it. Loving when I could feel a dick hitting my cervix that sent me into over drive. I was Cumming but it would be a minute for him. I was ready for the ride. My pussy was taking him like a pro. It was so good. So very good and I was Cumming all over his cock. I was gripping the couch by time he finished. He helped me get up pulled my skirt the rest of the way off. I spread my legs to see how much cum was there. I had a nice looking cream pie. I lay on the couch with my legs spread eagle. Grandma and grandpa came through the door. Grandpa look and saw my cum filled pussy. Grandma told me Jeff did a good job and that I should let pepa get in so he can enter her smoothly. Grandpa was on me before I could say okay. His dick was hard already. Grandpa wasn’t as big as daddy. He was only six inches but he was four inches thick and could still fill me up and tap my cervix. He had pushed his thick mushroom head into my pussy and started me into another organism. Grandma an Jeff started sucking both of my nipple as I moaned and begged grandpa to fuck me. They knew having my tits sucked made me cum harder. They were trying to put me sleep. Grandpa fucked me slow and study as I came over and over again. I looked over at my beautiful grandma who was only 73 year old and grandpa 78 and hoped I had a husband as good as my grandpa who was now filling me with his thick cum. I looked at how young they both looked. Grandma and grandpa still looked to be in their late fifty’s. Grandpa green eyes and black hair with grey in the center. Grandma with her brown eyes and long black hair who still had not grayed. She had small tit that were nice. Grandpa gave me a few more pumps then went into the guest room with grandma and we heard them. It was great to be that age and be able to show you love someone. Jeff and I laid on the couch and watched late night TV, we went to sleep in each others arms. I didn’t bath because I knew mom would be coming to suck me out later on tonight. We were all one happy family.

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