Gloria had been through a lot in her 38 years and had coped with it all. So forget this little embarrassment with her daughter and the girl’s boyfriend that she didn’t really care about (or why had she walked out on him in the middle of the night?) Gloria wasn’t about to let the incident upset her cart.

She reached for her discarded panties, used them to wipe the spilled cum off her tummy, and smiled at her 21-year-old daughter who had just caught her fucking the fellow. “This guy of yours is a stud,” Gloria declared boldly. “I’d say he’s a keeper.”

Her mother’s cavalier attitude threw the slim young blonde for a loop. She just stood there for a moment, her blue eyes wide, then said plaintively, “Motherrr…?”

Tom had tucked himself back in his briefs, and he looked anxiously from mother to daughter. He didn’t know whose side he was on, or even if there were sides because Julie seemed to have caved. Right now, it looked like Mama was in charge.

Nude, Gloria stood up, walked over to Julie, and took the young woman in her arms. “Mother…” Julie said again in a kind of helpless, hopeless way.

“Do you like this dude?” Gloria asked, stepping back and pointing to near-naked Tom.

“No!” Julie said, and her eyes threw blue sparks Tom’s way. But then she immediately softened and said, “Yes. Oh, shit, I don’t know…!” she wailed.

“Well, I like him, so I say let’s make him our mutual pet. Tom, are you up for that?”

The tall, skinny fellow kept ogling Gloria’s naked boobs and was thinking about going another round with her. Never mind Julie. She didn’t know what she wanted. Anyway, the older woman was a better fuck. She could suck cock better, and her pussy was tight as a teenager’s.

“I’m up for anything,” Tom grinned.

“Well then, let’s all go into the bedroom where we can be more comfortable,” Gloria suggested. “The night is still young.” The best way to smooth things over between herself and Julie was to share Tom, she believed, and to do it together. That would be a first for them and would establish a new closeness. And she wouldn’t hog the young stud. In fact, Julie could have the first round.

Tom was willing, but the 21-year-old girl hung back, glancing from her erstwhile boyfriend to the mother that she hadn’t really known, and wondered what the fuck she should do. Considering how her mother had framed the proposition, the only answer WAS to fuck, she finally decided, and so she trooped into the bedroom with the others. But she had misgivings.

“I don’t know about this,” she complained, as she kicked out of her pants, revealing a tiny blue thong. She shed her blouse and kept her bra on. She looked uncertainly from Tom to Gloria. The latter approached her and reached behind to unhook her flimsy harness and take it away. Julie’s tits were small but nicely pointed, the nipples a delicate pink.

“Lie down, baby,” Gloria instructed, feeling totally in control now and loving it. “You too, Tom,” she added. “And for God’s sake, get rid of those funky drawers.”

Tom shed his underpants and stretched out on the bed next to his girlfriend. She was a bit stiff at first because she was still angry with him, but his arms around her helped, and very soon they were sharing a kiss. Gloria bent and slipped her daughter’s panties off.

Julie was shaved. Gloria liked shaved pussy–not for herself, it was too fucking much trouble to maintain, but on another woman it was nice. Yes, she had gone the lez route and had liked it, though that would never take the place of her love for cock.

It was her daughter who now reached for the only cock in the house, and she let Julie do that. Why not encourage her a little and get her into the spirit of this thing, Gloria thought as she settled onto the bed, next to her daughter’s legs. The older woman was very excited. What a trip this was going to be!

Not giving a thought to what her mother was up to, Julie stroked her boyfriend’s dick, restoring it to its full nine inches of woman-pleasing power. Then suddenly she felt Gloria lift one of her legs and place it on her shoulder.

“Mother!” she said again, this time as an exclamation, but it didn’t stop Gloria. It didn’t even slow her down. Julie was agog as she sighted down over her middle to watch her mother’s tousled red head sink between her thighs. She felt her mother’s tongue on her pussy, and she yelped. But oh-my-God, what could she do?

Excited to the max by what was happening between the women, Tom quickly straddled his girlfriend’s tits and lifted her blonde head so that she could have access to his standing penis. “Suck it, baby,” he said simply, and used his free hand to aim it at her lips.

Julie knew his cock had just been in her mother’s vagina, but what could she do? Tom was pushing it into her mouth. She didn’t really want to do anything to stop him. She didn’t even mind the slightly randy taste of his rod. She sucked it and washed it clean with her saliva, swallowing the mix of flavors and finding them not half bad.

She liked it when Tom spread-eagled himself above her, holding on to the head of the bed, and fucked straight downward into her mouth. He had let her head relax on the pillow, and it felt good to just let him do the stroking, pumping his slick, stiff pecker in and out between her sucking lips, gliding it on her tongue and into her throat…as long as he did it gently. She gagged a bit once, and at that point he eased up. But he kept fucking her mouth, his big balls bobbing against her chin.

Gloria was having a wonderful time licking her daughter’s pussy, especially since it didn’t have a hair on or around it. Gloria’s tongue traveled up and down on the girl’s velvety outer lips, then wiggled into the wet interior of her sweet little cunt. She tickled her daughter’s clit with her tongue-tip, then flapped her tongue repeatedly against it, causing Julie to moan against her mouthful of Tom’s cock.

She was going to cum, young Julie realized, and it was her very own mother who was bringing it about. Perhaps this realization actually increased her excitement. At any rate, as Gloria’s wicked tongue flitted and flapped across her tingling clitoris, Julie tensed up, quit actively sucking on Tommy’s cock for a moment, then shuddered in ecstatic release, making a sound that was something like “Ghaaaww…” because Tom’s bulging and throbbing cock-head blocked it. She resumed sucking as her brain swirled and Tommy stroked his spit-slick shaft between her pink, stretched lips.

Gloria decided that her daughter had enjoyed her fair share of the one and only pecker in the room, and it was now Mama’s turn. But Gloria was not about to neglect her daughter, either, so she pushed Tom off Julie, making him stand up next to the bed, while she straddled young Julie’s face, looking south. Julie now had the opportunity to make love to her mother’s well-used snatch.

Eating pussy was not new to the girl, who had earned her stripes while stripping at a local club. It seemed that most of the girls who worked there liked pussy better than cock. But her mother’s pussy? Oh, well… Julie began to lick it.

Gloria, on the other hand, was a cock-loving woman from the word go. And young Tommy’s cock was just how she liked them–long and stiff and already moistened (by her daughter’s mouth) so that her lips could glide freely down and up on the stalk while his knob rode her lapping tongue into her willing throat. That is exactly what happened.

Had there been a voyeur outside the window, peeping in, he would have been treated to a sight that would have had him stroking his dick like mad: Young blonde stretched out on her back, squirming beneath a red-headed woman who was sitting on her face and also squirming, which caused her big tits to quiver while she sucked the projecting penis of a lanky youth who st
ood beside the bed, looking down at both sexy women and said in a husky voice: “Ooh, yeah…SUCK that thing!
Mama, you sure do it goood!”

Gloria was indeed a top-notch cocksucker who enjoyed that particular recreation nearly as much as getting fucked. In fact, it wasn’t at all unusual for her to cum while sucking cock…which she was about to do right now, she felt. She held Tommy’s long, stiff pecker deep in her mouth and throat and swiveled her mouth on it, sucking hard while she played with his balls. Pow! She had it. He moaned pleasurably because he felt the orgasmic wave pass through her. Julie felt it too, and was no doubt partly responsible, because she was eating her mother’s cunt. After sitting down smack on Julie’s face and quivering, Gloria elevated herself slightly and resumed her sucking as Julie continued to lick Mama’s clit and wished that she had someone working on hers.

The young blonde’s wish was soon granted when boyfriend Tommy decided that Gloria’s cocksucking technique had gotten just a bit too intense. He eased her away from him and flopped onto his belly on the bed, letting his stiff dick take a rest while he snuggled into Julie’s crotch. He liked her smooth, bald pussy very much and went to work on it, first licking all over the slick outer lips then wiggling his tongue into her soft wet folds.

Gloria climbed off the girl and decided to make some unorthodox love to Tommy. She just couldn’t get enough of this lanky, long-peckered youth who was young enough to be her son. She knelt astride his lower legs and bent to his ass. At first, Gloria merely licked the young man’s buttocks, but a sudden, mad impulse seized her and she did something she had never done before. Drawing his smooth, hairless butt-cheeks apart, she pressed her face between them and licked him right on the anus. She got such a thrill that she came again, squirming as she rubbed her hot clit against the bed.

It soon became a question as to how both women might enjoy the single cock that was present in their bedroom, and they agreed upon a plan. They would kneel on the bed side by side, each pressing her titties against the mattress and sticking her ass in the air. Tommy would kneel behind them and go from one woman to the other, giving each a series of pokes with his trusty tallywhacker until he got them both off.

First he stroked his cock in and out of Julie’s tight pussy, after which he moved to her mother and fucked Gloria for awhile. Then it was back to Julie…and to Gloria…and to Julie again. Tom was having the time of his life, and his dick was throbbing happily, first in one tight warm quim and then the other. He fucked harder and faster. The women were right with him, wiggling their booties and bumping against his lusty thrusts.

“Oooh, I’m cummming!” Gloria finally exclaimed.

“I’m with you, Mama,” Julie cried.

The females were holding hands as they knelt side by side, receiving Tom’s ardent thrusts, first in Gloria’s cunt and then in Julie’s. Back and forth. To and fro. The women looked at each other and smiled. They felt closer than they ever had. When Tommy began to finish, he pulled his well-lathered penis free and it jerked in mid-air. He grasped it and swung it back and forth, spraying the upturned bottoms of both women as his cock twitched and spurted.

As soon as the girls felt the rain stop falling, they turned around and faced Tommy. More significantly, they faced his hard cock, which was still sticking almost straight up, white cum oozing from its tip. The girls closed in, and there was room on Tommy’s long shaft for two female hands as their fingers wrapped around his stalwart rod. Also, there was room on the head of his dick for two female tongues, licking and slurping up what was left of his passionate product. Tommy put his hands around both of their heads, one blonde and the other red, and held them against his cock which was now sandwiched between their cheeks, finally slumping…

“Thank you, girls,” he said. “We had a good time, huh?” They both nodded, giggling. They looked at each other and kissed.

“There is just one thing that I need to know,” Gloria said, addressing her daughter. “Why in hell did you walk out on Tommy in the middle of the fucking night?”

Julie laughed. “Oh, we had a fight over something that happened at the bar where we were earlier. Tom was ogling an older woman, and I wasn’t about to put up with THAT!”

All three laughed over the obvious irony. “Well, from now on the only older woman I will ever look at is your mom,” Tom assured his girlfriend.

“Why don’t I make that easy,” Gloria spoke up, “by letting you two move in here with me? Look at the house payments you’ll save, and if the apartment manager raises a fuss, I’ll give him a blow job.”

“That oughta shut him up,” Tom declared.

“Me, too,” Gloria said, and added, “He’s got a very big cock.” She knew.

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    dude you did it again, i loved it

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