Holes In My Wall Part 5

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My name’s Christina. Ever since the summer I’ve been obsessed with the holes in my closet wall.

My cousin Jeff put them there so he could spy on my cousin Elisha and I changing. But also so that he could return the favor by allowing us to spy on him. Our voyeuristic shows became so intense that my cousin finally stuck his thick rock hard manhood straight through the wall so Elisha and I could suck him off.

It was so erotic and exciting in my dull life that I didn’t want it to end.

My older brother Christopher was coming home for the first weekend of spring break with two of his college friends Frank and Dave.

I hadn’t seen my brother Christopher in over three years as he went to college far away. He and his friends were heading to Florida for spring break but couldn’t catch a direct plane flight that first weekend. My parents and I looked forward to seeing him again even if it was only for 3 days.

My brother lived in his basement apartment where one friend would sleep, presumably in a sleeping bag and another would get our family’s guest bedroom. Frank ended up being to lucky one.

If you’ve been reading my stories thus far (with only one free hand) you know that I’ve pretty much gotten the art of utilizing the peep holes from my bedroom to the guest room down to a science. And a teenage girl seducing a guy in his early 20s would be very easy.

I was determined to ruin Frank’s spring break in Florida by giving him the best weekend of his life.

That night when Frank and I were in our respective rooms, I made sure his closet doors were open and the peep holes uncovered before activating the flashing Christmas light which would attract his attention.

After verifying through the periscope that he was indeed peeping through a hole with hungry eyes, I began my traditional introductory show. I slipped off all my clothes and stood in front of my full length mirror admiring my naked teen body and taking great pleasure in massaging oils and creams into my soft white skin.

When I checked the periscope 10 minutes later Frank was still kneeling by the holes. Now he was naked and stroking himself to climax at the vision of me. I returned to massaging more oils into myself for another 10 minutes to assure Frank enough time to finish pleasuring himself.

The normal routine was for me to view the guest naked the next morning. Sure enough Frank had understood the meaning of the holes and put on a show for me by showing off his morning wood. Instead of releasing his sexual tension he marched around the room naked proudly boasting his firm manhood pressed up straight against his belly. He made it seem as if he were preparing for a shower but didn’t do a very good job as he was persistently glancing at the peepholes, like a bad actor who looks at the camera.

Of course it wasn’t really a show I wanted. What I wanted was for him to stick his big thick organ itself through a hole for my hungry young lips to pleasure. And that is exactly what he did. After staring me straight in the eye to confirm that I was watching and liked what I saw he put himself straight through the other peep hole.

I beamed in excitement. Frank had caught on early and was giving me what I wanted most in my young life. A big thick cock to suck on all day. I would show my deep appreciation by giving him the best suckling of his life.

My warm teenage mouth wrapped around him, taking him in fully, and my experienced and strengthened mouth muscles went to work. I’d been practicing with a phallus every chance I got and had really built up both my speed and stamina. I sucked at a strong but steady pace as never to slow down or in any way break the strong suction my mouth held on him. I was sure to use my tongue and lap to bottom of his penis as this is the most erogenous area.

When Frank released I never broke contact. After swallowing his sperm my mouth still hung onto him, making sure that not even the slightest drop remained and he was truly sucked dry.

I wiped my lips with a finger but found no excess semen. I’d done an excellent job in never letting go and making sure not single drop escaped my tongue’s taste buds.

That night I checked the periscope to ensure that Frank was watching, but saw it blocked. Something wasn’t allowing me to see what was happening in the closet next door. Oh well, I disrobed and began my routine when Frank’s bulging organ came bursting through my wall. He wasn’t wasting any time. I ran to it quickly and fell on my knees in adoration only to be surprised by a second organ sticking through the other hole!

Frank was obviously a very nice guy to share the holes with his friend Dave where he could get a free blowjob.

Golly day! Two hardened cocks sticking through my wall! Where does a girl begin? Since the holes were too far apart for me to fit both cocks in my mouth at once I considered working both of them with my hands in synchronization to see if I could get them to climax at exactly the same moment. But I rejected this thought realizing that while no male would turn down a handjob, since it was something they could do themselves, to expect a blowjob and only receive a handjob was a big disappointment for any male.

I’d have to take them one at a time. As I suckled Frank again I massaged Dave’s manhood in a gentle way that would not overly excite him to climax but would let him know that his turn would come quickly.

The most effective way to touch Dave was to not work his foreskin back and forth as Dave himself would usually do, but to massage his bald head romantically. Dave’s was the most handsome penis I’d ever seen. It wasn’t super huge. It just had that handsome beautiful look and feel to it that made me want him inside of me.

After Frank released his seed in my hungry mouth it was Dave’s turn. I was careful to conserve enough strength as to give both boys an equally fantastic sucking. It would be wrong of me to play favorites.

In addition to his magnificent shape, Dave’s sperm was also much whiter, thicker, and more plentiful than Frank’s. It made me think that Dave had abstained from private release in anticipation of tonight.

The two very grateful organs disappeared back through the wall. I checked the periscope to see what was happening on the other side but it was still blocked by something unknown. No matter. I was confident both boys slept very soundly that night.

On the third and final night of their stay I was invited to the guestroom by Frank and Dave. There was no need for anyone to say anything. I just slipped off my nightie and panties and let them meld my young body into any position they desired.

They began by placing me on my knees and both entering my mouth together. They didn’t thrust their organs and it was impossible for my tongue to reach both of them not matter how much I tried. I don’t think they wanted to cum in my mouth, they just wanted to enjoy the warmth of my mouth and experience the sensation of seeing a teenage girl with two cocks in her mouth.

Next they put me on my hands and knees on the bed while Frank entered my mouth and Dave pumped me doggy style. They rocked my limber body back and forth taking me from both sides.

Every few minutes they’d trade positions and leave my poor hungry entries unfilled for seconds which seemed like hours. They’d start up again full force, never once leaving me empty until it was time to trade again. I suspect they didn’t just want to experience both of my entries, they also were excited by the knowledge that an organ which had just been in my vagina was now in my mouth and I was tasting my own sex juices not just theirs.

We stayed locked in the finger cuffing position for over an hour. When my limbs became tired the two boys generously held me up. The one in the rear would hold tightly to my hands and pull my arms back. While the one in my mouth would hold me by my shoulders.

Neither one would pump me too hard as if they were trying to climax. Instead they wanted to savor the experience of living out their boyhood fantasy seen so many times in so many online movies. It must have been akin to a having a real life light saber duel with Basil Rathbone.

As much as the three of us wanted this experience to last forever, they were only human and eventually let me fall spent on the bed and released their seed on my face and breasts, leaving me undulating in pleasure in a bath of more semen than any one man could deliver.

My orgasms had been so intense I blacked out for some time. My mouth and sex had never felt so sore at the same time before.

That night we experimented with sleeping arrangements. It was more challenging than with Trish and Dan. While most like to cuddle after climax, two guys don’t want to sleep together naked. We eventually found a way for me to sleep upside down in between them. This way they could each cuddle and kiss my firm legs and feet, one for each. And my head would separate their cocks from touching. I got to have a hard wet one pressed firmly against each of my cheeks. It was the perfect sleeping position. They should really make a custom pillow like this. What girl wouldn’t pay to sleep with her face between two cocks?

When I awoke in the morning the sunlight was on us. I examine my two bedmates and found them sleeping very very contently with the stiff bulging organs protruding upwards. As I prepared to give them both the perfect morning wakeup call I stared at them more closely.

Neither penis belonged to that man that second night to come through my wall! Was this just my imagination? As I examined their organs more closely I was more convinced of it. Who was the mysterious handsome penis I adored so much from the second night?

I concluded it must could only have been a hallucination brought on by being cum drunk. The handsome one must have existed only in my dreams.

Christina’s adventures with the holes are not over. More stories are coming quickly.

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    wow !! this is true !! i had a hole between my bedroom & the bathroom growing up. i used to watch my step mom mary lou undress all the time while i would wear her silky panties & cum in them but i only got to see her tits & ass…..never did i get to see her pussy lips & i wanted to soo bad !!! once when we were alone for the weekend, mary lou came down stairs wearing just a robe & said “ronnie, since we’re alone for the night, im gonna soak in the tub for awhile, do you need in there before i get in, cuz im gonna be in there for awhile ronnie ” i said no & went upstairs to the hole !!! she went into the bathroom & moved the mirror so i could see right at the tub through the hole & undressed, got into the tub with a vibrator & fucked the shit outta it, showing me everything & looking right at me when she came & shouted ” oh oh oh fuck ronnie, cum with me….stroke your cock & cum with me im cuming ronnie oh ohh im cuming ” & as she did i stroked my cock soo fucking fast & came with her !!!

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