Jacks summer with Aunt Ginger

Jack had gone to stay with his Aunt Ginger for the summer. Aunt Ginger was an attractive older woman in her late 40’s. she had auburn hair and a pretty middle-aged body. She had been divorced for about 3 years, and owned a lavishly decorated mansion. He wasn’t too thrilled about it, just turning 16, he had gotten into some trouble with his new friends, so his mother thought a change of environment would help. So he was sent to his Aunt’s estate,
to “help with any odd jobs she needed done.”
it was a hot summer afternoon, and of course, nothing to do. Jack hadn’t made any friends there yet, and so basically he was just hanging around the pool.
He was on the lounge chair, and turned down the stereo, he was sure he had heard something. He heard a low pitch moan, then heavy breathing. he stood up, and realized it was coming from his aunt Ginger’s room. Afraid she was hurt, he peered in her window. She was on the bed, legs spread wide, masturbating.
Jack was astounded, and mesmerized at the same time … he watched as she rubbed her clit, faster and faster. He could feel his penis hardening, all the while his mind was racing. this was his AUNT! but he couldn’t help it, he licked his lips, and watched intently, as his aunt’s pussy became soaked, and she writhed wildly in the bed, and then moaned loudly, arching her back in an explosive orgasm.
Jack was stunned, and aroused. His Dick was hard, and his mind was whirling.
The next few days, he could hardly look at her without the picture of her naked cunny flashing to his mind. Her started to watch her masturbate, a couple times a week, and jerked off to the delicious sight of his half naked aunt.
Then he got an idea. He knew she always masturbated on weds afternoon, so he got the idea to hide in her closet. He wanted a first hand view of her beautiful cunt.
he waited in the closet, peering thru the slatted doors, and then when she came out of the shower, he knew it was time. he slightly cracked the door, to get a better view. she laid down on the bed, spread her legs, and started to rub herself. he was thrilled beyond belief with the view he had, and the sound of her ragged breaths drove him to the brink.”ohhhh, Ohhhhh” she moaned, and rubbed her soaked pussy. she fingered herself, and the sloppy sounds of her soaked fingers sliding in and out of her sex made Jack harder than ever. his heart was pounding, his dick hard as a rock. she writhed, finger fucked herself, and squirted out pussy juice, and Jacks prick jerked with excitement. He quietly slid his shorts down, and started to slowly quietly rub his dick, trying to get some relief.
He was squatted in the closet, shorts around his ankles, and rubbing his dick, as he watched his beautiful aunt’s cunt glisten with pussy juices. she panted, and rubbed herself, and
then pulled out a dildo. she immediately put it work, teasing her clitty, and jerking and gasping with each touch. It was truly more than Jack could take. His hand was covered in precum, his dick throbbing. Then it happened. he went to shift his weight, and Boom, out he fell, right thru the closet door and sprawled onto the floor of this aunts room.
She jumped up, and gasped, clamoring to throw a robe around her. Jack was sprawled on the carpet, shorts around his ankles and rock hard dick in his hand. there was no way of lying his way out of this one.
JACK!!” she yelled, “what on earth?!”
“Shame on you! What do you think you were doing in there?!”
I um” he stammered.. “I am sorry Aunt Ginger”
his face was beet red.
” I am going to have to punish you for this Jack” she said angrily.
he reached down to jerk his shorts up, and she said firmly
“Just a minute, young man” … she went over and got one of her ex-husbands belts off of the shelf.
“come here” she demanded.
Jack hobbled across the room, shorts around his knees,
hard Penis bobbing.
“Lay across my lap” she said, and she sat on the bed.
“Are you kidding? ” Jack said with astonishment. ” I am too old to be spanked”…
“OK, fine, then I will call your parents, and tell them what you did… it is your choice,” she said coolly.
Jack flopped across her lap, thoroughly embarrassed to be laying across his aunts lap, half naked. Then he noticed, her robe gaping open as she adjusted her knees. His face was inches from her wet naked pussy. he almost imagined her could smell her cunt. His prick jumped again, and this time it was right between her legs!
She began to spank him, and it was heaven! she was using the belt, then her hand, and he was dripping precum down her leg. he purposely spread his legs, and her hand hit his balls a few times. He wriggled, so she would have to stop, and “readjust him” pulling him up onto her lap, and sliding her robe up further. She was very angrily lecturing him on the evils of impure thoughts and impure acts,(evidently she was unaware he had watched HER masturbating all afternoon) but he didn’t hear a word … he was mesmerized by his prick, laying inches from her naked cunt. He couldn’t take it much longer.
she then finished, and said “now stand up please”.
He did, and his rock hard prick was saluting straight out. She sat on the bed, unknowing her robe gaped open, bare pussy exposed. She went on with her lecture, trying to ignore his prick inches from her face as he stood there.
She then said “well Jack” what do you have to say for yourself?”
He snapped … he shoved her back on the bed, yanked open her robe, exposing her naked body, and began rubbing her cunt, fingering her wildly. She gasped, “Oh my god, oh Jack, no, don’t, oh my, please!!!”
He dove his face between her legs, and sucked her clit, she pushed herself back on the bed, her soaked pussy buried into his face, all the while saying “No, no please don’t do that, please!!!”
Then he then straddled her, and shoved his rock hard dick in her wet pussy. ” OH MYYYYY” she yelled, ” please Jack, please, this is very wrong!! Please don’t, I beg you, take it out, please don’t put your penis in me!!” she said, but her body said something else. She bucked against him, and moaned loudly “Jack, please, please….” then her pleas turned to please of desires “Oh Jack, fuck meeee. Please Jack, fuck me, fuck me so hard!!! Rub my cunt, baby, please, fuck me, fuck your auntie, you naughty,naughty boy!!!”
she was soaked, and he drilled it into her, and finally she came harder than she ever had before..” Ohhhhh Jack, Ohhhhhhh my !! My pussy feels so good, Fuck you Auntie, fuck my pussy,Oh Jack, fuck it, make it cum!!!!!”
Her back arched, she screamed out in wild orgasm, pussy juice streaming down her thighs, and she flopped on the bed. Jack came hard, and grunted, and moaned as her gripped her shoulders against him. Jack was spent, and flopped next to her on the bed.and then he looked at her….
“Well, Aunt Ginger,” he said, still ut of breath,”Do you have any MORE odd jobs you need done?”

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