Julie Marie Wilson – Ch 10 Sarah & Son Carl

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Chapter Ten – Sarah and Son Carl

As Sarah’s son Carl left to fix something to eat, Sarah climbed naked out of bed hoping he had seen her naked body. Looking in the full-length mirror she contemplated the difference between her full figured self versus the slender body in the Polaroid her husband took so many years ago. Vernon, her late husband, had always appreciated the roundness she obtained with a little more weight, especially her fuller boobs. However, the girls in the magazines her son had with the Polaroid were all skinny. Sarah wanted to be sexy for Carl tonight. Rubbing the patch of hair on her crotch she remember Julie’s shaved privates. She had never done that before and there wasn’t time now. As if it had a mind of its own, her finger slipped up in between her pussy lips and up her cunt. She flushed wishing Carl was watching now.

Earlier that evening she made up her mind to present Carl an opportunity. If her brother in law, Walt, could fuck his daughter, why couldn’t she do the same with her son. After all, at 18 he was old enough to be considered a consenting adult. She needed a subtle plan. Opening her lingerie drawer in anticipation she considered her options. She had pure white lacy French cut panties that matched a lacy camisole she could wear with no bra. The pure white color gave her a virginal feeling since it would be her first time with Carl. She laughed to herself realizing how absurd to think “virgin” of herself, whore was more like it. Looking in the mirror a few moments later she was pleased by what she saw. Her nipples were erect and the camisole hid her tummy without covering the sexy lace edges of her panties. Sarah wanted to go downstairs like this but couldn’t bring herself to do it.

She grabbed her plain cotton robe, wrapping it around her. It was short enough to generate interest and could be left open at the top to reveal the lace at her cleavage. Her nipples poked through the robe as Sarah ran her hand down over her body wishing that her pussy wasn’t so wet already. She took a deep breath, turned and headed downstairs.

As she entered the kitchen, Carl was pouring water in glasses for dinner. “It is almost ready,” he said as he looked up, watching his mother enter the room. Sarah’s heart was racing and wasn’t sure if Carl stared at her or not. “What are we having,” she asked? “Just French fries and chicken pieces from the freezer,” he said putting the glasses on the table. “I’ll get the ketchup,” said Sarah as she went to the refrigerator. Although the ketchup was in the door, she leaned over looking deep in the fridge. Carl watched bug eyed as the robe slid up a little in the back. He wanted to she her panties and turned his head slightly to no avail. As Sarah straightened up Carl imagined what his mother was wearing beneath her robe.

It took about 5 minutes to eat the simple meal. As Sarah stood up to clear the table her robe fell open. She made no attempt to close it making Carl wonder if she didn’t notice or what. The lacy panties flashed from under the robe as she took each step. Carl’s blood pressure was rising and he had to adjust his pants. He sat silently at the table as he watched his mother’s breasts bounce, walking back to the table and then focused on her ass as she took the dishes to the sink. He knew he was flushed but his biggest problem was remembering to breath. More than breathing was hard at this moment.

Sarah turned at the sink, looked Carl in the eye, boldly pulling open her robe and said, “Is something wrong?” Carl shook his head slowly and stammered, “no.” “Oh,” said Sarah in mock surprise as she removed the robe completely. Carl’s mouth fell open but he did not look away. Sarah wasn’t sure what to do or say, her planning only got her this far but she wasn’t going to back away. She stood looking at Carl for a long time as Carl stared back at her.

Carl had imagined this situation many times but was this real or a dream. He stood up slowly and said just above a whisper, “you look really nice Mom. You’re so sexy and all.” She moved a little closer to Carl, put her finger to her mouth in as seductive a pose as she could saying, “how sexy do you think I am?” Carl moved to embrace her saying, “unbelievable.” For a few moments their mouths locked in a passionate kiss filled with tongues and pressure as their hands groped around each other. Sarah couldn’t breath as Carl squeezed her breast and Carl nearly fainted when Sarah reached in his shorts and grabbed his engorged cock.

“Let’s go upstairs,” they said in unison. As they ran into Sarah’s room she said, “let me get some candles.” To her surprise, her son was taking charge and declared, “I want the lights on full if you don’t mind.” In a flash he had pulled off his T-shirt and shorts and flopped onto the bed. “Wait,” he almost shouted as Sarah started to undress. “Please do it slowly so I can enjoy it,” he said with a wicked laugh. Sarah stopped and turned to face the bed. Her eyes were drawn to her son’s cock that seemed so large and ready to burst. She noticed there was no pubic hair.

Sarah was thrilled that he was mature enough to slow down and ask for a striptease. However, she was challenged by only having two articles of clothing. She put her right foot on the bed to expose her crotch and said, “Okay handsome, I’ll do my best.”

She turned around so he saw her from behind and bent over to look at him between her legs. Her inclination was to talk dirty but wasn’t sure if it would be safe this first time. Reaching up between her legs she slowly ran her hand over her panties. She slipped her middle finger beneath the satin material in the crotch and moved it playfully. Carl moaned in appreciation. Standing up she turned to face him as both hands massaged her panties from the front. She wanted to she his reaction as she started to slide her panties down. Carl saw her pubic hair and then she stopped. “Are you sure you’re going to be able to do this,” she asked in an innocent voice, “have sex with your Mom?” “No problem,” was the reply and so Sarah continued.

As Sarah pulled her last leg from the panties she flung them playfully toward the bed. Carl picked them up and sniffed them smiling. Sarah stroked her nipples through the camisole and then began pulling it up slowly. She put her left arm across her breasts as her right removed the camisole. She was filled with glee as she dropped her left arm, exposing her naked self to her son. It was so much better than she hoped.

Carl moved over on the bed as Sarah came to his side. As Carl rolled over on Sarah he asked, “Do I need to get a condom?” It wasn’t what Sarah expected to hear but she replied, “I can’t get pregnant.” Carl’s cock was shoved to the balls into his mother’s ripe pussy in an instant. Sarah’s juices had been flowing or she would have been ripped open. Carl felt an insatiable need to get after it and Sarah was so eager she delighted at this treatment. Sarah didn’t catch her breath before she climaxed and Carl continued his pounding. Sarah was moaning uncontrollably as Carl pulled from her, moved up on her and shot cum all over her chest groaning. The hot cum was everywhere. Sarah was amazed at the load as she squeezed the last bit of it from Carl’s still rock hard cock. With her other hand Sarah smeared the hot cum around her nipples as she felt her heart pounding in her chest.

“Can you suck it,” Carl asked in a pleading tone. “You want a blow job,” asked Sarah not sure what her son expected or how far he would want to go. “Oh yes.” As Sarah rolled Carl to his back she began sucking his cock without mercy. She was thrilled by the size and power she felt. Making this cock happy was her only thought. Her tongue lapped at the head of his cock while her hands skillfully stoked his balls. She could feel the cum building in him as he asked, “Can I cum in your mouth?” Sarah nodded her approval as she gave a final suck.
She opened her mouth wide as she looked her son in t
he eye stroking him to orgasm. His load shot down her tongue to her throat and splashed over her face. As he stared satisfied at Sarah she opened her mouth to show him the cum in her mouth and then swallowed. Walt didn’t like this type of show so it had been awhile since Sarah had done such a thing. Grabbing a tissue from the nightstand she wiped her face and chest off.

As she lay down on the bed next to Carl he immediately began to fondle her breasts. They weren’t talking and Sarah was getting turned on. She really wanted Carl to return the favor and go down on her but unlike Carl, she couldn’t say it. Carl broke the silence with, “Wow Mom, you were great. How long has it been for you?” Sarah was taken back by the way this was said. In a mocking tone she shot back, “Why do you ask? How long has it been for you, my dear boy?”

Even after she said it, Sarah knew it was defensive and couldn’t understand what made her use this tone. Carl hands stopped, resting where they were. In a puzzled voice Carl said, “I was just thinking about it. I mean, Dad’s been gone a long time. I know you have a couple of vibrators but you don’t date much. As far as me, I had a couple of girls over here last night when you were at Aunt Wanda’s and Uncle Walt’s house.” “Two girls, at the same time,” muttered Sarah is shock. “Yea, well they like each other but occasionally they like a cock so I help them out if you know what I mean.”

Sarah didn’t know what he meant at first but over the next half hour of discussion she figured it out. Her son was a local stud, a lover sought out by horny girls. He enjoyed the attention. He spent years getting the knowledge and experience until he felt he earned his reputation. However, even with all the young love possible, he still had incestuous thoughts about Sarah as long as he could remember. They were going to be lovers and both were excited by the prospect.

While Carl had been completely honest with her, Sarah did not reveal anything about her sex life except she did have vibrators for the obvious reason and she had always enjoyed sex. It was after mid-night when the discussion ended. However, the love making ended with Carl going down on his mother sending her off to incredible ecstasy.

Sarah was exhausted beyond belief but offered herself to Carl again. He was tired as well and said he would take a rain check. After kissing his mom good night, he slapped her on the ass and said, “Next time we’ll need to do it doggy style.” As he left the room Sarah marveled that an 18 year old could be so experienced and they were going to be lovers.

Chapter Eleven – Sarah and Wanda watch Walt and Julie

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