Julie Marie Wilson – Ch 9 Sarah

Chapter Nine – Sarah

As Sarah drove home that night her ass tingled from the spanking she had received from her niece Julie. Sarah thought that Julie had a lot to learn and she yearned to be able to teach her. However, the over riding thoughts that Sarah had were about Julie doing it with her Dad. She and her sister Wanda had an incestuous relationship for years but she never considered it incest. As she pulled up the driveway she saw the light was on in her son’s room.

For the eight years since her husband Vernon died, at was just Sarah and Carl living in this house. Sarah was a good mother to Carl. He was a good student. In the last few years as he took care of the house and yard, he was the man of the house. At 18 he was tall and muscular. He always had a good disposition and was well liked by most people.

Sarah was quiet entering the house. She walked silently down the hall by Carl’s closed door where she listened. It was just past midnight and she heard rustling in the room. She went on to her own room thinking about Carl and what he might be doing in his room alone. She expected that her 18 year old son jerked off but she had never imagined it happening before now. She was tired from the night’s activities and she went to sleep thinking about Julie and Walt or was it something else, closer to home that she thought about?

When Sarah got home from work the next day there was a message that Carl was staying late at school for play practice. She had a wicked desire to go into Carl’s room to look around. Immediately she saw a magazine under the bed. Mentally noting the exact position of the magazine, she picked it up and looked through it. She recognized it as one of Vernon’s old girlie magazines. It was one of about a dozen he used to keep in his dresser. Sarah didn’t remember what she had done with them but here was this one under Carl’s bed. She knelt down looking under the bed and saw two pictures. Picking them up and seeing them she flushed a bright red. One was a faded color photograph of her in a swimming suit on the beach but the other was a black and white Polaroid of her naked. She remembered the time that Vernon had borrowed a camera and she had agreed to only one photo that he insisted he had to have. She had never seen it since the day Vernon took it. She sat down on the bed to think this through. Carefully she put the pictures and then the magazine back, just as they were, and went to her room to change out of her work clothes.

Standing there in her bra and panties she looked in the mirror. Thinking of the nude photograph she removed her bra. Yes age had changed things a little. Her experience with Julie and Wanda last night reminded her that she could be sexually desired. She smiled wide as she delighted in her sexuality. Sarah rarely masturbated but her thoughts were turning her on to the point that something had to be done.

She put on yellow panties this morning to remind her of Julie’s. See watched them in the mirror as her hand slid under the waistband to her spot. As she slowly stroked she thought about how Wanda knew her spot, and Walt knew her spot, and Julie found her spot. Her eyes were closed and she started to fall back. Pulling her panties off she pulled back the covers and crawled into bed. One leg slid under the covers as her hand returned to her spot. She thought about Vernon and how he had explored every inch of her body. How wonderful it had been having this man find all the ways to satisfy her. What about his son, her son?

She thought about Carl and how he would be looking at her naked picture doing something similar. She was close to climax and all she thought about was her son’s throbbing cock, ready to explode, looking at her naked. The orgasm came and came again in waves.

Sarah pulled up the covers rolling over to sleep. Was thinking about her son’s cock an evil thought? She would like to see Julie and Walt make love. She drifted off to sleep.

When she awoke she heard Carl’s voice at the doorway. “Mom?” It was a little warm and she was laying face down on top of the covers. As she turned over to face the doorway she pulled the covers up over her. She had not closed the door and Carl was standing in the doorway. “You want me to fix some dinner,” he said as he backed away into the hallway? “That would be great,” replied Sarah, still a little sleepy but aware of what Carl must have seen.

Chapter Ten – Sarah and Son Carl

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