Lessons From Daddy, Part 1

My daughter Anita and I had been planning this weekend for a while. It was a Friday early evening; we sat opposite each other at the dinner table dressed only in our silky dressing gown and undies. Anita’s was a very sexy see-through lacy thing and matching thong and bra. Mine was a very sexy posing pouch made by our neighbour friend Beth; it was silky material almost the same as Anita’s. I like the feel of the material in women’s panties compared to men’s underwear; Beth had made them special for me.

My wife June, my son Daniel, June’s sister Jane, her husband Steve, their son Tony, and my other daughter Melanie had all gone away for the weekend. We had planned a sexy weekend visit to see Susan and her lover, Diane. We should have been with the rest of the family, but Anita and I had other plans. She had faked feeling unwell and had told everyone she had decided not to go with them. I told the others that I had some things that I needed to do and would also stay home to look after Anita.

Secretly, my daughter and I had hatched a plan. After the big party at which Anita and the other kids had joined our elite swingers group, she told me that she wanted me to teach her all I could about love making; her illness was just a simple ploy to get out of the family trip and accomplish her goal. Daddy and daughter just wanted a bit of special alone time. This weekend I had promised her was to be that special time together.

Over the meal we had chatted, even flirted and played a little footsie under the table, rubbing each others genital area while we talked. We talked about the last time we had been together – the party – how I had taken her cherry and how her mother and I had made love to her and also about her time that same night with her brother and some of the other members of our elite extended family group of swingers.

Anita said, “I can’t wait to get your cock inside my pussy again, daddy. I had so much sex that night at the party that my pussy was sore for 2 days. For the next week I could not get out of my head how my own daddy had taken my cherry and made love to me and my mother and how you showed me how much fun sex could be. Every time I think of that night I get a weird throbbing sort of tingly ache deep down inside my pussy and have to run off somewhere private to masturbate to relieve myself of this weird yet wonderful feeling.”

“Daddy when I meet someone will I know when we are making love or if we’re just having sex?”

“You will definitely be able to tell the difference between making love or just having sex. It’s like being able to tell the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone, and believe me there is a big difference with that also. You may have the feeling of loving a partner but it will be the kind of love you give your pet or your mother, not intimate love but more of a friendship, so the sex is usually less romantic sex; it’s that spur of the moment quickie fuck, fast, hard, and lots of lusting and little or no eye contact.”

I explained that when you’re truly in love with someone, making love is a very powerful thing. It’s slow and has a lot more eye contact. Being able to make love is more intimate, it shows you’re comfortable with your partner and you trust them. There is more foreplay, it’s more adventurous and definitely more intimate. It’s a much more powerful loving sensation and connection between you both.

“Sex is the foreplay for lovemaking. What we are about to do next is sexual foreplay.”

While chatting, I had placed the toes of my foot inside her panties, slowly rubbing her, massaging her outer lips. I started to rub more vigorously, working my big toe inside her lips and foot fucking her, stopping only to rub her clit. I was slowly working her up to a frenzy.

By the look on her face I could see she was finding it hard to concentrate on my words, she was now wriggling on her chair, riding my foot and fucking it like a cock. She started to groan louder and louder until she finally came, moaning, “Yes, yessss, yeeeeeesss!”

I approached Anita from the rear, standing behind her I placed my hands onto her shoulders. She let out a sigh when I began to massage her.

“Ummm that feels so good daddy, don’t stop!”

I traced my hands down the outside of her arms. When I reached her hands I started to massage her fingers very gently. Kissing each finger gently in turn, I then traced back up her arms, pulling my hands across her shoulders then down her back back, putting the lightest pressure on each side of her spine with my thumbs. I continued this until she was totally relaxed.

I told her to stand and lean forward and then rest her hands on the table. Removing the chair, I reached around to her front and untied her dressing gown, placing my hands on her now exposed hips and then making my way around to her bare butt. I took my time, caressing each cheek gently. I then continued down her left leg to her foot. I proceeded to move back up this time with my hands under her gown again to her butt. I again massaged each cheek ever so lightly before moving down the right leg to her foot. This time, with a hand on each leg, I moved my hands all the way back up the sides of her body, releasing her bra and lifting it with her gown to remove them both.

I had Anita turn around so she was now facing me and sit on the edge of her chair. I lightly kissed her on the forehead.

“You are so beautiful baby. You remind me so much of your mother when we first met. I love you both so much. I do so love you, my precious baby girl. You have grown to be such a gorgeous young woman.”

I kissed her passionately on her full lips and then rested her head back on the the top of her chair, which arched her back and made her chest raise upward. With the back of my hands I traced ever so gently down each cheek to her neck, then with feather light touches I traced around each breast and back up between them to her neck. I was careful not to totally touch either breast or nipple. Again, I gently glided my hands down her arms, held her hands and gently massaged them, licking each finger and sucking it in turn.

I then moved my hands around to her back, down her butt and on down her legs. With my thumbs on the inner thigh I traced my way back up her legs. Just before I reached her panties, I pulled my thumbs out and placed my hands on the back of her thighs. I continued up, placing my face ever so close without touching so she could feel my warm breath. As I moved up to her stomach I moved my hands back around to her stomach, lightly touching between each breasts and moving back to her face.

I gently kissed Anita on the mouth while I ever so delicately picked her up and moved over to the large bed. Once on the bed I had her roll onto her stomach. I then sat next to her and spent a long time gently massaging her. I started at the top of her head and continued down her back and arms to her butt, were I kissed each cheek, then continued to massage down to the feet. Once at her feet I repeated the process in reverse and got back to the top of her head. I then rolled her onto her back.

Again I gently started to massage her. Starting with her face and continuing around down past her breasts, making sure I don’t touch a nipple.
I kissed around her breasts, letting her nipples feel my warm breath. I continued kissing all over down to her stomach then to her moist pussy that has soaked her lace panties. When she felt my breath upon her panty covered pussy, I traced with light touches around her mound without touching her obviously swollen clit, then went down each leg until I reached her feet. I then repeated the process in reverse, working back to her face. I was very careful not to touch either nipple or her pussy.

I then kissed her ever so gently on the mouth. Then I moved to her ears and sucked them while she purred softly. I continued to kiss her, using my tongue on her face and neck and continuing down her chest to her nipples. I took each nipple into my mouth gently, sucking and licking, spending ample time on each. I continued down to her stomach to her bellybutton. I briefly licked and bit her bellybutton before continuing to her lace panties. I gently slid them off.

When I reached her feet I took her panties and sniffed the sweet nectar that she had left in them. I then licked each toe. Starting back up I alternated my kissing on each leg. As I got back up she began to spread her legs. I lay between them and ever so gently began to kiss and lick the inner part of her thighs. I could feel the heat on my face that she had started to generate and I continued this tender torture up and around her pussy and then onto each lip.

All the time I had been massaging her body, Anita had been purring sensually.  As she began to feel my warm breath on her pussy lips, she began to moan ever so softly. I continued my slow teasing by licking her pussy from the top all the way to her anus, being careful not to touch her clit.

I pause only to say, “You taste so sweet, just like your mother. I love the taste of your young nectar so much.”

Then when Anita began to moan louder and started to squirm and could not take it any longer, I gently lick her clit. I took her clit into my mouth where I gently sucked it softly and slowly. As she began to rock and moan loudly I began sucking her clit faster and harder. I do not release her clit from my mouth as she had the first of many orgasms to come. Only when she began to relax did I release it.

Then with a gentle tongue I slowly licked her pussy and anus clean of all the sweet nectar that had flooded from her pussy. Slowly tasting all of her sweetness, and not leaving a drop.

When she had totally relaxed I moved up to tell her, “You have such a beautiful body. I love you so much! That was such an effort for me to resist fucking you. That, my darling daughter, was your first lesson. Erotic massage and oral sex are both ways you can enjoy physical intimacy without having penetration. You don’t have to have penetration to enjoy sex or love making.”

“Lesson 2 will be how to please your man. Now off to bed; we have a busy weekend ahead of us. I’m just going to tidy up a little down here before coming up myself.”

I then kissed her good night. On my way to bed I popped up to Anita’s room to see if she was ok and to give her instructions for the following morning. Her bedroom door was slightly open so I peeked inside. She was sitting up in bed, she was naked with her knees raised up close to her chest. She had one hand between her legs and she was slowly fingering her pussy. The other hand was caressing her breasts.

I stood watching as she built up her pace, fingering her pussy with one hand while the other moved down to her clit. She brought herself to climax while I watched. I entered the room while she was licking her love juice from fingers that had just seconds before been up her love tunnel.

“Hi honey, does that taste good?” I said as I smiled at her. “I’m going to bed now.”

I placed 2 fingers into her pussy, pulled them out and licked off the sweet juices.

“Hmm, such sweet nectar just like your mommy’s.  Don’t stay up too late playing because we have a busy couple of lesson filled days ahead of us. Get plenty of sleep; you’ll need it.”

“Oh daddy, you are such a tease. I love you so much. Good night.”

That night we experienced the worst storm we’ve seen in 10 years. Laying in bed alone, I was thinking of Anita and what she told me that evening over supper.  My cock was stiff and I was slowly pumping it.     Oh how by balls ached! I had so much wanted to fuck my daughter earlier! I would have plenty of that sweat young pussy the next couple of days though and I was content with just pleasuring her.

I was just about to come when a loud clap of thunder distracted me. By the time the lightening struck though, I had finished the task in hand and I’d cum, shooting my load all over my chest. I was cleaning myself up when the next rumble of thunder penetrated the silence of the night; I started counting 1-1000 2–1000 3-1000 4-1000 – the lightning flash lights up my room at 4 seconds – so it’s 4 miles away.

A rumble of thunder again breaks the silence of the night, again I start counting 1-1000 2-1000 the light flashed, lighting up the room. I noticed someone stood in the doorway.

The figure approached my bed. Since there were only the 2 of us in the house I know it’s Anita.

“Are you ok, my sweet?”

“Daddy it’s the storm – I’m so frightened!”

“Come here and climb into bed with me. There is nothing to be frightened of; daddy is here!”

I lift one side of my covers and she slid into bed beside me. She was shaking, her whole body quivering as she slid in close to me, still naked from when I’d seen her earlier. Her nakedness started a stirring in my groin. I put an arm under her neck and rested my hand on her breast. My second arm went over her waist and hand rested just over the entrance to her pussy. I pulled her body as close to me as I could.

I kissed her on the back of her neck and whispered in her ear, “You are safe now baby, go to sleep daddy will look after you – go to sleep”. My semi-erect cock gives a slight twitch as if to get its self comfy between her ass cheeks and we both drift of to sleep.

When I finally awoke, I was alone.  On the bedside cabinet my mobile phone bleeps; I have a message from Anita – “Breakfast is ready!” I showered, dried off and wearing only my towel around my waste, I make my way downstairs to the kitchen.

Anita was sitting at the table wearing nothing but one of those silly aprons, the ones with a naked body on it. I laughed at the hairy pussy and its sagging boobs.

“Come eat your breakfast, daddy. You will need all the energy and strength you can get from it for the next lessons”.

“Cheeky girl.” I sat down beside her and we both ate.

My towel was slightly open at the front and my semi hard cock was visible.

My daughter looked over and laughed, “I see teacher is fully awake. I can’t wait for my next lesson!”


(Image Source: Forbidden Fruit Films)

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