Lessons From Daddy Part 3

Lessons from Daddy Part 3

sorry this has been so long coming I have been ill

I turn to my daughter and say, “Ok sweetie before Lesson 3 lets recap on what you have hopefully learnt so far.”

Lesson 1 in Lovemaking –The Pleasure of Foreplay”

Lesson 2 – Let’s call this Sexual Foreplay”

I Taught How – a good lover can give YOU an orgasm without penetration, this was achieved by sensual massage, orally by mouth or tongue and fingers stimulation only”. “An Intimate sensual arousal leading to a multi orgasmic experience, which can be achieved just the same by 2 Female Lovers as with a Female and Male Lover”.

Lovemaking isn’t just about the sex……. it’s still Sex – It’s more than Sex, it’s sex with Different Feelings, Errr It’s driven more by Passion and not so much Lust and more gentle”. “Lovemaking is usually carried out by a couple, where sex can be with multiple partners” .

Lesson 2 actually turned to lesson 3

Lesson 3 – the Sex or Fucking – as this was driven by Lust for sex”

I messed up a little I broke the rule No penetrative sex, so we have already completed this .So we are actually going to do Lesson 4“

I wanted to show you the difference between lovers having sex and making love.”

The foreplay of sex is different its rougher – It’s …… less intimate, less Passionate, still as pleasurable but driven more by Lust than Passion.”

Lesson 4 – Lovemaking

Anita reached down and lightly grazed my dick with her nails.

My dick jumped, He was soon hard and it seemed like he was pulsing as it sprang to attention almost immediately, leaking pre-cum as he did lubricating himself ready for action. My dick jumped, He was soon hard and it seemed like he was pulsing as it sprang to attention almost immediately, leaking pre-cum as he did lubricating himself ready for action.

Leaning over with a wild look in her eyes Anita whispers “I want to do some revision first – Can we Please ?” to which I replied “No plenty of that after”, looking at her with a Grin and I say “OK Lets get Started”

I Felt her stroking my Rock hard Rod more boldly, she lets out a little growl

Grrrrr the thought of it entering my tight pussy, squeezing him as he moves within me, and him gushing cum inside me filling me to overflowing “ without thinking one more word came out of her mouth she said “YES !!”.

Seeing liquid already coming out of it as she dropped to her knees, she grinned, I try imagining how I would taste while she swallowed my cum as it slides down her throat.

She dipped her head and took my cock all in her mouth and down her throat, sighing at the salty sweet taste. Its not like she’d Never done this before; But it still was hard to believe this act alone could turn her on even more than the last time; She smiled feeling her heart soar and she leaned back so she could see my face as he sprung free when she took it out.

She slid her hand up my thigh and placed it around my cock feeling his warmth her hand felt as soft as velvet to the touch. 

Closing my eyes I felt her lick the top of its head before taking me all the way in again.

I placed my hands on her head as it bopped up and down while she sucked me, making her hair fall on my legs, It felt like silk as he I brushed it aside so I could watch her full lips wrap around my dick as she sucked and licked it.

Thrusting my hips with the rhythm of her movement, I felt every seductive flicker along my staff,  up and down the sides and when she cupped my heavy sacks and started stroking it, she made me groan “Oooarrrgh”. Lightly, she scraped her teeth along the length of him as she swirled her tongue around his head as she came up again. Pulling her up, she smiled at me, taking her hand and squeezing my dick as she stroked it while still raking her long nails around my balls. She spat on my prick making it wetter, moving her hand up and down on me making sure she rubbed the tip as well.

Lifting up my testicles with her other hand, she started licking around each balls, going under and around driving me wild.  As she picked up her speed on my dick, she left my balls, sucked on my cock in tune with her hand and raked her nails on my testicles.

Watching her the sensation of her nails, hand and mouth going at once, I felt myself losing control and when she moaned causing vibration on my dick, I was so close to coming in her mouth.

Not wanting to blow my load yet as I still have her tight wet cunt to sample, I said in a raspy voice “Enough” pulling her head up with my hands.

Before she could speak, I had pulled her up from the floor, lay her down on the couch and started kissing her, long and passionately. Her body ached as I ravish her mouth and our tongues played with each other. She felt the heat of our passion spread over her body causing her clit to throb as my tongue play inside her mouth, over her teeth and slowly sucked hers.

Loving the feel of her full soft lips against mine, I moaned as she pulled me closer rubbing her hard pebble nipples against my chest. Wanting to taste her tits, I started stroking her face with my hand, working my way down her neck, I felt her shiver as I stroked her gorgeous mounds which were straining to have my hands on them. Even though I loves big busty women, her tits where small but ample and perky and when I cupped them, they fitted in my hands nicely.

I placed both hands on her breasts, caressing them, massaging her tits then taking one nipple at a time pulling and rolling them between my fingers. This made her tingle at the heat of my touch making her leak her juices and soak the inside of her upper thighs as more and more leak out.

I could see I was driving her crazy that she wanted to push me down, straddle my cock and ride me wildly  And when I took her nipples and sucked them making her tits most sensitive, she wanted my big cock inside her. She broke our kiss and said “Please fuck me, Pleeasse Noooow!!” she whined. 

I looked down in anticipation,  Wanting to desperately shove my dick in her waiting cunt and fucking her hard, I knew I had to control myself and prepare her first. In a raw voice I said “Not yet. I want to savour you slowly”.

I got onto my knees, I ran my hands up from her ankles, up her wet inner legs opening her legs with my hands and plunged my finger into her moist pussy. “Your already dripping for me.” I said as my finger went in and out over and over again slowly.

She laid her head back on the couch, rubbing and pulling her nipples. When she felt the tension building, she held my hand still and said “I am ready now.” I laughed at her eagerness as I try to contain myself my finger still inside her. “Not yet My Sweet” I replied, “You’re not ready yet”. Trying to push away the feeling of her tight wet cunt around his finger and wanting to replace with it dick instead,  I opened her pussy lips and covered her swollen nub with his mouth.

She almost yelled at the sensation of my mouth, sucking her pussy and my tongue licking her clit. Feeling his my stubbled chin scraped against her inner thigh and prickling her swollen lips, she trembled .Feeling his my stubbled chin scraped against her inner thigh and prickling her swollen lips, she trembled. When I start moving more fingers around deep inside, almost fisting her – she did yell. Loud and clear.

Wonder what else she would do if I went deeper, I pushed a little harder my hand almost disappearing inside her.


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