My Daughter Wants to Join the Party

I was sitting in my favourite beanbag lounger, reading an article, “The Healthy Penis,” in a mens’ magazine.

It starts by saying that In today’s world, although a man might worry – He need not be concerned that his testicle size will affect his looks, sexual performance, or fertility.
As long as they’re healthy and functioning as Nature intended, then there’s no cause for alarm.
The article talks about -Low hangers or “bull balls” as they call them saying “Anthropological studies show that the size of a man’s testicles may influence his level of promiscuity. that the bigger a man’s testicles, the more inclined he is to be promiscuous and the greater his need to have sex more often.”

“Umm so that’s why I’m always Horny cos I have a large ball sack” I read on.

I see my daughter Donna approaching as I slide my hand down my boxer shorts to feel my balls – “Daddy what are you doing? Please don’t play with yourself”, she is now standing directly in front of me giggling.

“Actually I’m not playing with myself I’m just checking out My Bulls Balls” I laugh – ” Feeling them and Seeing how low they are hanging!”

“Right out of your shorts” she giggles.

Bending over she plants a big soppy kiss straight on my lips and say “Mums right you are like a big kid look at you you cant even dress yourself properly”, with this she pulls the waist band of my shorts away from my body slips her right hand inside my shorts – cups my balls and lifts them back into my shorts adjusting the leg slightly to help cover them up, I fee my cock as it hardens instantly and see instantly a small amount of pre-come appear at it’s head its tip is just visible from my foreskin.

Feeling my stirring she grins, lifting he gauze so as to look me straight into my eyes she grins saying “Umm someone’s happy to see me” she then says “Daddies got a stiffy” – giggling again and smiling as she rubs her hand past my hard cock shaft, rolls back my foreskin and collects the pre-come on her fingers as she removes her hand from my shorts.

Looking at her hand she lifts it to her mouth, placing her fingers between her lips she sucks them clean “Umm mummy is right you do taste so good!!”.

As she straightens up I get a glimpse down her Short shirt the top is open – she is not wearing a bra her perfectly formed breast hang down swinging slightly, I notice her erect nipples, I start to raise my hand to touch them but then resist the temptation to fondle and kiss them “OMG this is your daughter I think to myself You should not be having thoughts like this.

I watch as She licks each finger in turn again so seductively, their full length slowly rapping her tongue around each tip, “ooh how I wish that was my cock I thought” !!

“Please don’t do that darling! You are making Daddy all stiff, and he’s having bad thought – the kind he should not be having about his daughter.”

“I know you like it – Bad Daddy stop staring at my tits like that… Your making tents in your shorts” she giggle as she notices me staring down her top.

“Yes I do like it you saucy little sod” – “What man wouldn’t ? with some young girls hand down his pants playing with his balls and cock while she thrusts tits as perfectly formed as yours in his face – I’m so horny I could come over those lovey boobs of your right now”.

“Now pack up teasing Daddy or he will take you panties down put you over his knee and spank your bare ass”.

I cant believe I just said that, I’m flirting with my own daughter!

“Ummm I might just like that daddy so stop teasing Me” she turns and starts walking away lifting her shirt slight and wriggling her ass at me saying “What panties? I’m not wearing any!”, giggling again she taunts me.

“Umm don’t tempt me or YOU WILL REGRET IT” I reply.

I stand up walk towards her patting her twice on that lovely ass before she can pull her shirt back down “come on lets go, I have to get ready for the Party and we will both get into trouble if we carry on like this.”

With my hand still on her lovely firm ass, My mind starts to wonder so does my hand, slowly slipping over her perfectly formed ass cheeks it slips between her legs my fingers are rubbing her naked pussy I feel her wetness.

“Omg you dirty old man! – Stop what you are doing” – I though I said this to myself, I must of actually said it out loud because Donna says “NO Daddy don’t stop I love that you are getting me all wet! – Please you’re going to make me come DON’T STOP! She groans”.

Shocked I withdraw my hand quickly – looking first at her then at my hand I see my fingers are wet, I place them to my nose and smelling her woman-hood I then lick them clean Umm! you taste as good as your mother” – “what am I doing THIS IS SO WRONG!”.

“Come with me young Lady we need to speak I need your mother with us also” – we find June in the bedroom, she’s sat naked on her stool at her dressing table doing her hair.

June spots us enter the room in her mirror she swivels around “You found him then ? Oh by the look of your face he said NO!”.

“Said no to what ?” I ask, I take it by you reply she did not ask you ? June enquires ….. “NO” I snap back “Is that a No to She has not asked you ? or No they Cant Join the Party ?”

“What is that you are saying who’s they ?” I’m looking straight at my daughter when I ask.

“Eerrr – Daddy I want to come to the party tonight, Eeer not just me !! — All the kids want to come down from the dormer and joining in on the party tonight – Mummy please help me !” Donna asks pleading with her mother rather nervously.

“Well ….Now don’t get mad !!” June starts “Apparently they have all known what goes off at our parties for years now, they have been checking us out from the stairs, they have all seen what goes off”… Pausing slightly then again starts “Now Please don’t get angry but they apparently been having their own parties upstairs in the dorm-room, playing sex game and making out just like us adults and now they are all of legal age of consent they want to come down join us… The Adults” ?

“Yes I know they have been watching – Steve and I caught a couple of boys masturbating while spying on you and Jane making out with Diane and Susan at the last Party” I laugh .

“Yes I know about what goes on at their parties also!” I admitted – “I caught our son giving his Girl friend oral, Apparently one of our kids had found one of our sex games and taken it up to the dorm”. I grinned “Mark had picked up the “Please you partner with your mouth only card”. I must admit he was doing a good job… she was purring like a wild cat when I left”

“What do you mean when you left” “Well I was not happy at first but when he begged me not to tell and spoil the fun they were having” saying “he’d seen me doing the same to the girls mum – they were only doing what the adults were doing”. “I thought about it for a while – well they are not really kids any more, but young adults and after laying down some ground rules – no unprotected sex being one of them I thought why the hell not they are going to do it sooner or later — I gave him a couple of tips on how to please her and left him to it”.

“WELL WE TALK ABOUT THAT LATER” June say sternly but with a weird smile on her face.

“Well what do you think ? Can the Kids Join The Party ? — Its not like they have not seen anyone at the party Naked before and we have seen all of them naked as they grew up at the Naturist club”.
“They seem to know what’s going on and are actually doing the same thing up in the dorm room and they are all of legal age” ?

I don’t know my love – I don’t really Know – We will have to ask all the other parents what they think” – my mind goes back to earlier while I fingered my own daughter. “I myself am not really sure about this at all” I tell her about my bad thoughts and how tempted I had been having seen her flashing tits and naked ass at me.

“I’m not sure I could control my urges, not only that I don’t know I could perform thinking some kid was watching me shag his or her mother could you fuck me with you daughter watching us”.

June replies “Well I have had sex with you while my sister is present and her husband what would the difference be, I have had sex with others both male and female while you and their partner were present so I’m sure I could cope with my daughter being present”.

“WELL OK!” – I snap “But only If everyone in our group Agrees” “I’m going for a shower”

“Yes in a minute” my daughter replies “I want to thank you Daddy first”

Taking her shirt off she walks over to where I’m standing, she puts both arms around my neck and pulls me down to her level she is 6” shorter than I am, with this she places her lips on mine and give me a great big kiss “Thanks Daddy I Know you will talk everyone around !!”

She kisses me again this time sticking her tongue in my mouth – our tongues intertwine and we swap saliva in this passionate kiss, she lets go of my neck the next thing she has both hands inside of my waist band and is playing with my cock and my balls.

Babe you should not be doing this” I say – she places a finger over my lips and says “Shhhhh Daddy I just want to thank you” then before I could protest further she drops to her knees, pulls down my shorts and starts to suck on my stiff cock.

I know this is wrong but cant stop her, I gently place my hand on her head and slow her bobbing up and down, “Oooh baby this is so bad”, pausing for a moment she looks at me,

We made eye contact again “Sshhhh” she blows me a little kiss then quickly takes my stiff wet member back into her mouth.

After a dozen deep strokes or so, she lifted her mouth from my cock and began to lick and kiss the underside, her left hand stroking my belly. Then she sucked each of my balls lightly and stroked the shaft with her right hand.. She gave the underside of my cock a wet, tongue kiss, and with her eyes half-closed and the sexiest expression ever, it was back to the deep strokes with side to side tongue movement on the underside of my dick.

What a technique, 2 or 3 deep strokes, then she licked and kissed my shaft and my balls, then more strokes, more licks. Each time she went back to my cock she sucked a little stronger taking me deeper and deeper and soon I could feel her saliva dripping from my balls and running down my legs. On the sixth or seventh time she looked up at me from my balls, I noticed her eyes widen in surprise as she felt my cock twitch.

“Oh babe this is so wrong ! BUT Please don’t stop I’m nearly coming” I groan, she suppressed a little laugh as I twitch again.

Lifting her mouth from my cock, she licked her lips very sexily, and said, “Do you want to come in my mouth now?” She smiled when “Uh-huh” was all I could say, “I’ll take that as a YES” She repositioned herself slightly allowing me access to her tits – I could now squeeze and stroke her tits while she sucked me.

“This was serious” I keep thinking “I’m about to cooome in my daughters mooouth”. I could see why she had repositioned now – with this new angle, she was now taking my entire cock, all the way, down into her throat.

I had never been deep-throated before even by her mother. Each stroke began with just her lips on the head, about 1/8th of an inch of my cock in her mouth, then she would plunge down, taking the whole thing into her mouth, over her swirling tongue, into her throat. One of her hands was on front to side of one of my hips, supporting her, the other hand was busy playing with her pussy and clitoris, I stroked and squeezed and palmed her tits while her head bobbed faster and faster on my rock hard ridged cock.

This is not going to last long now, I felt the orgasm begin at the base of my spine, then rapidly build up through my balls and into the shaft, In that moment just before a man comes – when the pressure backs off just for a split second , I said “I’m coming” in a sort of throaty whisper.

Donna at this point took my dick all the way down her throat, and gave the underside a long, hard stroke with her tongue while she sucked. And I came. She began to groan as she brought her self to orgasm, the groan stopped it was cut off by the raging stream of my come flooding her mouth. She swallowed once, twice, then backed off and breathed in around the edged of my cock. It was still pulsing, still sending come into her mouth, and some of it spilled out. In a few moments my cock began to subside, and she let it slide out of her mouth so she could lick up the come that had dripped out and onto my balls. She licked my dick clean.

Weak at the knees from my experience I helped somehow Donna to her feet I pull her in close to me and give her a big kiss sticking my tongue into her mouth we passionately swap some fluids – Umm my come tastes good. Breaking the kiss I spin Donna around place my hand on her sweet firm sexy as and gentle push her towards her Mother.

“Hurry up babe Your mums waiting ” “GO Please your Mummy now and thank her for persuading me – I just hope the other parents say yes I want both you and Mummy tonight !”

The Party

As all party guest arrive I take the older Adults to one side and have a little chat with them, then leave them to decide on the fate of the younger ones are they to join our little group tonight or not.

“OK YOU YOUNG ONES while a decision is made I have a little speech I need to give you.”

“Your parents have bought you all up as naturist whether you carry on being naturist when you leave home is up to You, if not you will I hope still remember the moral this life style will have taught you”.

“Part of being a Naturist is about accepting ourselves for who we are, and about feeling comfortable with our own bodies and those of others. “The human body is a thing of natural beauty and nothing to be ashamed of”.

“Ethnic origin, age, health or disability, body size or shape, skin colour — all are irrelevant when it comes to enjoying the freedom of naturalism (Nakedness), Social class distinctions, often indicated by clothing, disappear in a naturist setting. You’re valued for who you are on the inside, not for physical size or shape, or for how much money you have, or for what job or social status you carry in the clothed world”.

“Some people believe that being Unclothed and with other people socially that any interaction between them must always have sexual undertones , is morally wrong or pornographic”.

“As difficult as it may be for some of you and many people to understand, naturalism is actually a normal very non-sexual activity – When unclothed together carrying out our daily routine and everyday activities –going to the beach with my family, being around others naked families Never stimulated me sexually- lying in the sun naked never gave me a stiffy ever”.

“Remember 1 thing although all the fore-mentioned naturist values apply here tonight ……. What we do here and at any of our parties is not part of our Naturist life and must never be associated with it”.

“Whatever the outcome – All Here Now Remember Tonight Has Nothing to do with us as naturist”.

“We are here as part of another small social network – A group of very good friends sharing one very special activity we have in common and love to share with other -That being SEX”.

“WE ARE a very private group – SWINGERS – What happens at any of little get-together’s stays within the four Walls.

We are all consenting adults here – everyone has fantasies -Shagging your sister, mother, brother, or father, it is morally wrong – if however it happens – it happens ”

“But ! Remember it does has legal implications and this is why NOTHING IS SPOKEN ABOUT out side of these four Walls”.

“Any interaction of our members outside of these walls in the privacy of there own home or wherever it be – is nothing to do with the group unless it threatens other members of our group, its group activities or Privacy”.

June comes over from the older group and whispers in my ears “Yes”.

Keeping the and suspense/tension going as long as I can I Announce “One more thing before I give you the outcome”

“REMEMBER THIS – – -Making Love is what you do with a partner, spouse or loved one …. it usually implies being more intimate with your partner, Sexually, physically emotionally and mentally, creating a bond between that couple that only they will have and understand”.

“Sex on the other hand is a more primeval physical act , any attraction is Usually more chemical / hormonal and usually satisfy one’s sexual urge and is carried out for one reason only PLEASURE”.

NOW Finally whether Making Love or Having Sex Tonight I want you to remember 1 last Thing – drinks are available you are not here to get pissed out of your heads, but to HAVE FUN and as the Older Adults gather around I Shout the result.

“YES ! – Now I need a Drink followed by a good SHAGGING –


standing in front of me naked I see Both my Daughter and my Wife, my Daughter hands me a beer, my wife leans in close and whispers When you have finished that WE are Both Horny and in need of some Love Making tonight”.

Well you will have to wait for the rest to follow soon!!!

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