My Sister Mandy Part 3

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My Sister Mandy Part 3…..
…After a few months, Mandy and I did not talk to each other that much, but that all changed one day.
I was working on the computer and had up on another tab. Mandy sent me a IM and told me she was coming over. I shut down what I was doing. Mandy arrived and asked if she could use the computer. I said “Yes”. After about 15 minutes she said “Come in here. What is this?” She saw my stories I had posted. I had left a tab open. She wanted to know about” My sister Mandy part 1 and 2″. Mandy read them both. “Well that is interesting but true.” I want to post a story and tell my version of these events. “OK” I said.
Hello – this is Mandy now. My brother is sitting here next to me not knowing what to think. Well I have taken of my shoes and I am rubbing his cock with my toes. He is getting really hard. You might be asking “Why do we do this?” It gets me wet for one; always has. My brother does not have a big cock but it works. I am taking off my shirt, bra, and pants now. He is under the desk know sucking my pussy. OH!!!! Feels really good!!!! His tongue is licking my clit very fast. I am taking him to the couch NOW – let you know what happens. Well me and brother kissed awhile then he slowly started kissing my nipples and then between my legs. He then slowly inserted two of his fingers inside me. My pussy was so wet; he took those fingers wet with my juices and rubbed my nipples with them then let me taste myself. We did this a few times maybe more? I then gave him the magic words “Are you ready to fuck your Sister?” “Yes” he said. I pushed him back down on the couch because I wanted on top this time. He fucked me soooooooo goooooddd!!!!! My brother told me he was ready to cum “I already had twice” I went down on him and sucked him right till he came in my mouth. I then went up and kissed him with my mouth full of his cum and gave a big deep kiss letting him taste himself like he did me.
My Sister Mandy Part 4….. Maybe

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