Nothing planned Pt one

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I shut the water off and wrapped the towel around my wet body. My perfect 36 C breasts felt snug in the light blue towel. My wet slightly curly brown hair lay across my shoulders. When it’s dry it goes to about my mid back. I opened my bathroom door that lead into my bedroom. The silence was relaxing and confirmed I was still alone. My family had gone to my brother’s high school football game. I had decided to stay home and take advantage of the alone time. I sat at the foot of my bed and slowly released the towel, allowing my breasts to be free. The coldness of the room immediately made my nipples hard and sent chills down my spine. I bit my lip and let out a soft moan. I leaned slightly back on the bed and arched my back a little. I propped myself up on my left elbow and spread my legs allowing, my now wet, throbbing, pussy to feel the air from the fan. I bit my lip and ran my right hand to my right breast and pinched my nipple. “nmmm” I moaned while pinching harder. I continued you to move my hand down my stomach and to the top of my pussy. I spread my legs a little more and moved my hand to the opening of my vagina. Stuck one finger in and removed it feeling the juices. Leaned my head back as I got two of my fingers wet from my own pussy juice and began to slowly massage my clit. I rubbed my clit faster, moaning silently. I paused so I could move myself into the middle of the bed, used two pillows to prop my head and my torso up, brought my knees up. Leaving my pussy exposed to the empty room, the wind from the fan seemed to turn my on more than it ever has before. I licked the two fingers that had been pleasuring me only moments before. I tasted myself, and I wanted more. I craved the taste of pussy. I wanted to flick a clit with my tongue. As my mind raced back to memories of my secret girlfriend in the city, no one here knew I was lesbian. I spit onto my fingers and went back to rubbing my clit. I did it nice and slowly for about a minute. Then I couldn’t take it, I had to go faster. “oh yes! Fuck! Mmmm yes! Yes! Yes!” I let the moans escape. I arched my back and grabbed my pillow. “ohh fuck! Oh god yes!” I bit my lip “mmm” I was so horny, this was the best feeling I’ve ever had. It was never this good before. It was so good I didn’t pay attention to the car door. Or the foot steps coming up the stairs. I just moaned more, loudly. I stopped to rest, to tease myself I didnt want the feeling to end. I wanted to go as long as I could. I was squeezing my boob with my free hand. I began inserting my index finger into my vagina, I moaned softly. I didn’t see him standing there. If I did I would’ve seen the smirk on his face. The desire in his eyes. His hand reaching towards his pants. But I was too consumed in my orgasm, my pleasure. He was fully erected when I went back to working my clit. This time I wasn’t teasing myself. I couldn’t handle it anymore, I needed to cum. I began moving my hips with each movement of my hands, each flick of my finger. I was breathing heavily now and moaning. “oh yes! oh yes! oh yes!”. For a split second my eyes were open and I saw him standing there, I now craved him. I now wanted him. “mmm” I moaned. I licked my lips and his name escaped “Gage!” I noticed he was shocked by this, he stopped rubbing his cock. I didn’t stop fingering my clit I went faster moaning his name “Gage! I want you so fucking much! Mm fuck me! Now!” he pushed the door open a little. He was timid not sure what to do. I was moving my hips around fiercely. I kept leaning my head back and grabbing my tits hard pulling at them. “Gage” I looked at my 6’0″ blonde haired brown eyed little brother, he was a year younger than me. He was standing there still in his football jersey and his pants undone with his penis hard and perfect. It was eight inches of heaven I wanted all over me. “fuck me” I said but didn’t stop to help him undress. He looked confused for a second then quickly took his clothes off, he kissed my thighs and began licking my pussy for me. I grabbed the head board with both hands and moaned “oh fuck yes!” he was better than me. I rocked my hips back and forth while he finished me off. I felt myself getting closer and I wanted to scream and collapse onto the bed. But, before I had time he slammed his penis into me. Hard and deep. I clinched my eyes closed at the pain. He went slow for the first few pumps until I was used to the size of his penis. It was the biggest I’ve ever had. We go into synch, I met his thrusts and moaned for him. He grabbed my knees and pushed them closer to my chest than the were before and he pumped faster. He was so good I couldnt help but moan. “oh baby yes!” I made the mistake of yelling “harder baby harder” he smirked and slammed his dick more into my pussy forcing it deeper. When it got to the deepest point in my pussy he started pushing hard. I bit my lip at the pain. He went harder than before, it felt like he was tearing me apart, but it felt so good. The pain was bad but I didnt want it to stop. “more!” I yelled “more! Baby! Yes!” I dug my fingers into his back as he pounded me. He pounded me so hard I hit my head on the wall a couple of times. “ahhh” he yelped in pain from me scratching him. “bad girl” he said and went harder. My pussy was aching and I had experienced 2 orgasms. I was done, exhausted. But he wasn’t he wanted more. So, he flipped me around with my ass in the air and handcuffed me to the bed post. I bit my lip, and looked back at him and watched as he spit on my asshole getting it wet and ready. I felt the tip of his dick on it, I shook my head ‘no’ and he slapped my ass. “slaves don’t get choices” he said and rammed his dick in my ass, I screamed from the pain and he spanked me again “shut up slut!” he said as he placed his hands on my hips and moved in and out, grunting. I was crying from the pain but he didn’t care he just went harder and deeper. Getting more pleasure out of it. I heard the door and my fathers voice say “what are you two doing?” I was saved from this painful anal. Or was I?

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    Isn’t it amazing that every man in these stories as an inch or larger cock? All of the women have big breasts?

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