Prom king Queen…Twins.

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I was just waking up from passing out at the prom, i made a promise that i would fuck the prom queen, and sure enough it was my virgin twin sister.

“I’ll meet you at the hotel” I said, trying not to make a scene.

I was at the hotel waiting for her to show up, sure enough she did. She looked different she looked like my long lost lover, not my twin.

We sat down on the bed kissing, and i carefully unzipped the back of her dress, releasing her overwelmingly large natural breast. “I’ve waited for this moment my whole life”, She said gasping for breath, “dont stop here”

She then traveled to her knee where she started to lick the length of my 12 in. penis. “tell me how it is after im done.” she said as i knew this was her first time giving head. “Alright i responded”, she started to pull it into her mouth further and further i could feel every shape and everyting in the back of her throat. it then hit me i was cumming in her mouth and she was the first girl in history to deep throat my huge dick.

I then picked her up and through her on to the bedand i put my two lips on her right nipple, as i cupped her other d-cup boob in my right hand, and pinching that nipple, she was moaning like no other girl ever has to my touch, i sucking and lapping at her right nipple as though she had milk in it.

I thin kissed her belly and pulled on her belly ring with my teeth. and then moved downto her pussy, where i knew there was a cherry, waiting to be popped, i stuck my fingers in her cunt till i felt and popped her cherry and wiped her off with the sheets, then i looked for her clit, to my surprise hers was larger than most girls, i thought to my self “this will beeasier to suck on.” and it was i was waching her as she buck, for every suck and nibble, i then gave her the shocker. (two fingers in the pussy, one in the ass) she came and i tasted, and as she came i felt her aching to scream, and theni stood up, and stuck the head of my cock in her pussy, she begged for the rest of it hard and fast.

she was screaming in amix of pleasure and pain. i showec her no mercy.

The nrxt moring, only a couple of hours later.I waked to find her in the bathroom and i liked what i saw her peeing but i asked her to stand up so she was still peeing, but so i could watch, she was peeinf for a couple of minutesand i walked over and kissed her , she started the shower, i was getting luvky with my twin, excuse me, my lover.

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Prom king Queen...Twins., 1.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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    More of the story please

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