Samantha Parker's Story

Chapter Twenty Five

Dave Weston’s nephew, Ted, was sitting in his van in the parking lot behind the Atlas Cinema. His hands were shaking so bad, he was having a hard time lighting a cigarette. He finally got it lit and took a long drag. Then he started to cough. He flipped the cigarette out the window and said aloud, “God damn fucking son of a bitch!” Ted was still a little out of breath from running down the alley behind the houses on Third Street. Thinking about what had just gone down; got Ted so mad he started yelling, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” as he pounded his fist into the van’s dash.

When he finally got control of himself, Ted thought. Where in the fuck did that cop come from? There was something suspicious about that guy. Ted wondered if he was 100% on the level. He felt just a little guilty about leaving Sandy alone with that guy. But he figured she’d just have to take care of herself. Then Ted began to wonder, did the cops have Samantha’s house staked out? What the fuck for? That cop mentioned something about a crime scene. Shit, the papers said Samantha’s mom croaked herself. Was that just some bullshit the cops put out? Did they think Samantha croaked her mom? Fuck! That had to be it! So that’s why Samantha took off! Doctor Ted knew she had some psychological problems. Guess that enema didn’t do her any good. But wait, maybe it did! Maybe cleaning out her lower tract helped Samantha release her frustrations. Maybe she’d been pissed at her mom for a long time. Samantha probably blamed her mom for her dad running off with Karen Ewell. She figured her mom wasn’t giving him good enough pussy or blow jobs to keep him satisfied. That could be why Samantha was fucking around with her dad. She was just trying to keep him happy. Damn what a screwed up family! I’m glad my family’s normal. No wonder Tracy wanted to get Uncle Dave away from the Parkers.

Now Ted’s thoughts took a completely different turn. This wasn’t unusual for him. If he thought about one thing for very long, he got a headache. Fuck the Parkers! What if that little bitch Sandy tells that cop who I am? Fuck! I might still be in big trouble! That little Sandy was kind of young, but Jesus Christ was she ever a hot little number! She was probably so pissed, she might tell that cop everything. Ted figured after the trouble he got her into tonight, she wouldn’t want anything to do with him. Damn the luck! I just popped her cherry. Her pussy wasn’t even broke in yet! It was still really tight and that little kid gave one hell of a blowjob too. Now Ted felt his cock getting hard, as he thought about Sandy. Thinking about losing her, made Ted’s temper flare up again. He started screaming, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” and began pounding on the van’s dash again. This time, he managed to cut the shit out of his hand and blood started flying around. He jumped out of the van and started kicking in the driver’s side door still screaming, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” An old couple walked out into the parking lot and stopped to stare at Ted. When Ted saw them, he stopped kicking the van’s door and said, “Good evening folks. Nice evening isn’t it? Did you enjoy the movie?” The couple didn’t answer. They walked away, shaking their heads. Ted got back into the van and drove away.

As Ted pulled out onto Madison Avenue, he noticed the blood streaming down the side of his hand. He fumbled around under the seat and came up with a filthy rag. He thought what in the fuck did I use this thing for? Looks like there’s some dried up shit on it. Ted held the rag up to his nose and sniffed. Hmmm, can’t tell. Now Ted’s “Doctor Ted” persona came to the fore. You really shouldn’t use that rag to wrap up your hand. It’s loaded with germs. Ted thought fuck the germs! Real men don’t worry about germs.

Ted’s cell phone began to ring. He picked it up from the console. In a few moments, he said, “Hi Aunt Sue. What’s up?”

Sue replied, “Oh not a lot. I guess your Uncle Dave’s out hitting the bars; probably trying to drown his sorrow.”

“Is Tracy working tonight?”

“Yeah Ted. She’ll be over at McDonalds till after midnight. What are you doing?”

“I’ve been studying Gray’s Anatomy all evening Aunt Sue. You can’t get to be a doctor without doing a lot of studying.”

“Ted, you’re a wonder. At least I know someone in this family who’s going to make something of himself, but how about taking a break. You don’t want to overdo it. You can’t get to be a doctor in one evening. How about coming over and keeping me company for a while?”

“Sounds like a good idea. In fact, it works out perfectly. I was studying the female anatomy. I might get some hands on experience at your house.”

“Well, if you’re a good boy, you just might. See you soon.”

Ted thought aunt Sue didn’t get him as hot as that little Sandy, but she was better than nothing. Yes, she was a lot better than nothing. She still had a nice shape for an older broad. She was just a little on the chubby side, but definitely not too bad and she gave a good blowjob. Ted especially liked Aunt Sue’s big round butt and her tits were nice too. She had big dark nipples. Ted loved sucking on those nipples. Ted started thinking about Aunt Sue’s ass again. He really liked fucking her in the ass. It was so hot and tight. Watching his cock slide in and out between her big round buns got him turned on to the max. It sure had taken him a long time to get her to let him do it. He’d almost broken up with her over that. He remembered saying, “Look Aunt Sue, what’s the good of you having that nice big ass, if you won’t let me fuck you there? Your pussy’s nice, but it’s almost worn out. I need something tighter to get me off. Psychologically, I’m getting frustrated in this relationship and it’s interfering with my studying. Being a Doctor is too important to me. I can’t continue going on this way. Hell, Tracy lets me fuck her in the ass and she has a tight pussy too.” Well, that was all it took. Aunt Sue gave in and after a while, she loved it.

When Ted got to his Aunt Sue’s and they went into the family room, she noticed his hand. She said, “Ted what happened to you poor hand?”

“When I was on my way over here, I noticed this old couple in the parking lot at the Atlas Cinema. They were just standing by their car. I thought there might be some kind of trouble, so I drove over. They had a flat tire and the poor old geezer was too feeble to change it. When I was changing the tire for them, the jack handle slipped and cut my hand. They wanted to pay me, but I wouldn’t take any money. I felt so good about helping them; a cut hand was worth it.”

“Ted dear, you’re too kind and thoughtful for your own good.”

“Aw it was nothing Aunt Sue. I do stuff like that all the time. I like helping people. I guess that’s why I want to be a doctor.”

You have to be careful of your hands, if you’re going to be a doctor. I’ll just go get something to put on this.”

As his Aunt Sue left the room, Ted noticed her big plump ass was looking very hot in the black stretch pants she was wearing tonight. Watching those big buns of hers bouncing up and down in the seat of those pants was making his cock get hard. That low cut silk blouse she had on was hot looking too. It showed off her tits real nice. Aunt Sue wasn’t wearing a bra and her big nipples were poking out through the material like two big pencil erasers. Ted was thinking, Aunt Sue must be hot for it tonight. Well I won’t disappoint her. I’m going to eat her nice juicy pussy and then give her ass a good fucking.

When Sue came back into the room with some ointment and bandages, Ted was standing by the couch. He’d stripped and his cock was standing straight out at attention. Sue put the first aide supplies down on the table and said, “Looks like there’s something else in need of immediate attention.”

Sue went over to Ted. He undid a couple of buttons on her blouse and scooped her tits out. He started nibbling and suckin
g on their nipples. Sue’s pussy was already wet and she felt a nice tingling starting
down there now. She loved it when Ted sucked her nipples. She pushed her crotch up against Ted’s hard cock and began rubbing it against him there. In a while, Ted said, “Suck my cock.”

Sue knelt down, ran her tongue over the head of Ted’s cock and let it slip into her mouth. She grasped the shaft, started going down on it and sucking. Instantly Ted began thrusting his lower body forward, trying to ram that thing down her throat. Sue wasn’t crazy about this, but Ted always did it and she’d gotten used to it. Ted panted, “Yeah, suck it good. I need it.”

After she sucked Ted’s cock for a while, Sue pulled away and said, “My turn now. Let’s go into the bed room.”

When they got into the bedroom, Sue finished unbuttoning her blouse and tossed it onto the floor. She worked the stretch pants down over her big butt and stepped out of them. When she had her panties pulled down over her nice big ass, Ted reached around behind her and gave her butt a couple of hard spanks. Damn her big ass cheeks wiggled like Jell-O when he did that.

Sue chuckled saying, “Ow Ted! That hurt!”

Sue lay back across the bed and pulled her plump legs up to her chest. She spread her big thighs, making her dark bush very accessible. Ted needed no further invitation; he knelt by the edge of the bed, moving his tongue into Sue’s hungry pussy. Soon he was sucking her clit and pushing a couple of fingers up into her hot dripping love tunnel. When his fingers were covered in pussy juice, Ted slipped them out and moved down to prod Sue’s asshole. As he continued to work over her clit, Ted started shoving his fingers up his Aunt Sue’s tight ass. Soon, she began to moan and rotate her ass on Ted’s fingers. It didn’t take Ted very long to get them shoved in all the way and now he really went to work. In a while, he was ramming his fingers in and out of Sue’s ass and his tongue was working overtime on her clit. Sue began to thrash around, gyrating her body wildly and then she let out a very long loud moan and came. Ted concluded that he’d done his work well. Now he deserved a reward. Within a few minutes, he had his Aunt Sue bent over a couple of pillows in the center of the bed and he was guiding his engorged cock into her ass.

As Dave Weston approached his house, he saw Ted’s beat-up white van blocking the drive. Dave thought what the fuck is that asshole doing here? Tracy should still be at work. If that little son of a bitch is waiting for her to get home, I’ll send his skinny ass right back home where he belongs! Dave parked his car across the street and walked over to his house. As he passed the van, he noticed the door. Damn looks like someone took a sledgehammer to it. I’ll bet that shit pissed someone off. Hell, he pisses me off without even trying.

When Dave got inside, he instantly heard Sue screaming like a scalded cat and the sound was coming from their bedroom. Dave ran through the family room and into the master bedroom. Holy fuck, that God damned piss ant nephew of his was fucking Sue in the ass. Jesus H. Fucking Christ, he was drilling like a roughneck on an offshore oil platform. That skinny-assed bastard has one hell of a dong on him. I wouldn’t have believed it. No wonder Tracy hangs around with him all the time. I wondered what the attraction was. Suddenly Dave thought, what the fuck and he yelled at the top of his lungs, “God damn you Ted I’m going to kill you! I’m going to cut your pecker off! Ted whirled around, yanking his cock out of Sue’s ass. He lunched himself off the bed like an Atlas rocket. He knocked Dave down, as he flew out the door. Almost before Dave could get back up, he heard Ted’s van peeling rubber down the street.

Things had happened so fast, Sue still hadn’t fully grasped what was going on. She looked back over her shoulder and saw Dave standing by the bed. He was pulling his belt off. She said, “Oh God no!” and started to get up. Dave pushed her down and said, “Stay right there God damn it! I’m going to beat that big ass of yours and then I’m going to finish what Ted started! Sue buried her face in the pillows and she heard the swish of Dave’s belt on its way down to connect with her ass cheeks.

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