Sleepaway Camp

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What’s worse than summer camp? It’s like saving up all year for a new car and then just letting it rust at the bottom of a lake. It wasn’t fun when I was a little girl and it wasn’t going to be fun the summer before my senior year either. Or so I thought.

My parents were off to Europe and didn’t want me getting in the way. Thanks a heap mom and dad! While all my friends got to party all night and sleep in all day I was stuck waking up to a bugle horn every morning at 6:00am for the hell of camp food, kayaking, hiking, and even arts and crafts!

My whole summer was ruined. What was worse was being a teenager and having every horny virgin and dirty old camp counselor drool all over me. “Nice rack Gemma.” they’d say right to my face. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t even put on a bathing suit and go swimming.

The other girls my age weren’t much help. They’d tease me and my best friends Hayden and Lucy for being virgins. It was so embarrassing. Even the fat girls were giving it away.

It wasn’t that the three of us weren’t pretty or well endowed but there just weren’t any good guys at school. Now imagine the social rejects that attend summer camp. If I heard one more word about how Captain Picard was better than Captain Kirk I was going to castrate all of them.

There was one hunk. A college age camp counselor Colin. But he was already claimed by our witchy counselor Tiffany. She was 19 and had the looks to claim him all for herself. She was always bragging to us about how her rich stepfather got her breast implants as a high school graduation gift. On the condition that she sleep with him afterwards.

Colin couldn’t count above zero but all the girls oohhhed and aahhhed over him every time he took his shirt off.

The only other guy worth mentioning was Willard. He was part of the Star Trek crowd and a bit chubby. His old fashioned glasses only sealed his nerdiness.

One day when I was hiking alone a group of horny boys surrounded me and started groping my breasts. The camp manager just stood there smoking a tar cigarette and laughing.

“Hey guys. They say Tits here is still a virgin. She must be a dyke. Think we can get her to crave cock?” said Kevin the leader of the bullies.

They all cheered.

“Yeah. I even brought my cell phone video camera. We can put it all over the internet.” said another.

My knees shook with nervousness at what was about to happen. Thanks a heap mom and dad!

“Leave her alone.” said a high pitched voice. It was Willard.

“Hey, the faggot here’s come to Tit’s rescue. We would’ve let you had a turn too but we forgot, you’re gay.” said the Kevin.

They all laughed and took turns kicking poor Willard between his legs. By the time there were finished I was long gone. Willard wasn’t a hero but he had saved me.

Somehow despite all the leaky cabin roofs, spiders in my hair, and mosquito bites, my friends Hayden, Lucy, and I survived the summer. It was the final weekend at camp. Then back to school on Monday. Oh joy.

That night as we counted the seconds of our remaining imprisonment Tiffany took the three of us to an empty cabin with several mattresses on the floors.

“OK girls. I know you three think I’m a total bitch but even I wouldn’t be as cruel as to let you go home virgins.” said Tiffany with her hands on her hips as always in a tight tube top and ridiculously short jersey shorts.

The three of us stood there mute with fear. What was going to happen? At a minimum this was going to be another cruel prank to get our hopes up.

“You girls are hot! If you got it, flaunt it! The reason you’re still virgins is that your standards are way too high. You’re saving it for prince charming on a white horse. Well he’s not coming! And you won’t be coming with him! You’ve got to find a guy. Any guy. They don’t have to have charm, a brain, a body, or even money. They just have to have a dick. And there are plenty of dicks here at Camp Spirit Thunder.”

“That’s easy for you to say! You’ve got hunky Colin!” I shot back.

“Colin thought John Lennon was buried in Lenin’s Tomb. He’s just a piece of meat. But if that’s what it takes. If I bring Colin in here will the three of you promise to do him?”

Neither of us answered since we all knew the answer was no. We didn’t want to sleep with any guy. Besides, Lord knows what diseases Tiffany had given Colin.

“Well.” said Tiffany. “Like I said, no one’s leaving here a virgin tonight. That goes for the boys as well. The virgins are on their way over here with stiffies right now.”

“That’s ridiculous!” said Hayden. “How do you know what guys are virgins. They all lie and say they’ve been around the block and back. And any of them would turn around and claim to be a virgin to be here tonight, even Colin.”

Tiffany already had an answer. “It was a challenge. But I found a way. I snuck every guy into the woods and offered myself to them. Once they were convinced they were in like Flynn I asked if this was their first time. Those that confessed will be the ones here tonight! They were a bit upset I led them on, that is until I told them about the three D cup virgins waiting for them here. Sure they’re all sci-fi nerds but they’ve got dicks and years of built up sexual frustration to pleasure you with.”

“No way!” I said. “I’ve leaving.”

“Well Gemma… I mean… maybe it would be fun. We won’t know until we try.” said Lucy nervously. I couldn’t believe a girl a shy as Lucy would say that.

“You’re nuts. Hayden and I are leaving.” I insisted.

“Well… maybe Tiffany’s right… I am curious.” said Hayden with a wicked grin.

“That’s the spirit girls.” Tiffany encouraged.

Hayden looked at me pleadingly. “Come one Gemma. We’re BFFs. We should share the experience of our first time together.”

Before I could respond there was a knock at the door. I was expecting that Tiffany had recruited three virgin boys for our partners. ELEVEN boys stepped in. Their expressions were as odd as ours. A unique mix of excitement and fear.

“But there’s eleven of them and only three of us.” I protested.

“The more the merrier. Like said, no one’s going home a virgin.” said Tiffany.

The cabin door closed on a big muscular arm we recognized as Colin’s. “Hey everybody. Wait for me. I’m a virgin too.” he joked.

“Not a chance Mr. Big. This night is for the virgins. Now get back to boys’ cabin before your hand gets lonely.” ordered Tiffany.

Wild horses weren’t going to drag Colin’s horny cock out of that cabin. “Babe? Come on? I’ve got to get in on this. Please? I’ll give you my entire summer’s pay.”

“Alright. You can watch and help me instruct. But you can’t join in. These virgin girls belong to these lucky boys.”

“Far out man!” jumped Colin.

“Now girls. Pick your partner for who gets the first turn.” she instructed.

The three of us nervously looked down at our feet as we tried to find the least nerdiest guy, still afraid to look any of them in the face.

I spotted Willard with his knees knocking and his classes covered in sweat and led him by the hand to one of the mattresses. The poor guy looked like he was about to have a heart attack. I saw that Lucy and Hayden had also chosen their lucky guys.

“Alright girls. Down on your knees.” instructed Tiffany.

All of us were still wearing our camp uniforms of white shirts and blue shorts. I dropped to my knees and faced Willard right in the crotch. His eager manhood was already trying to break free of his shorts and stuck out so far I had to giggle.

In a drill sergeant voice Tiffany ordered, “Remove stiffies! Begin sucking!”

I pulled down Willard’s shorts and Spider-Man underwear to the floor. His bareback organ pointed straight for the heavens. It must have been very painful for him to where underwear.

I marveled at the beautiful phallus before me. It was my first time seeing one in real life and I cradled it in my curious fingers. The massaged it, taking in its burning heat. My virgin tongue licked his finely veined flanks and soft head and then my mouth wrapped around it and my mouth muscles went to work. I sucked at a steady and consistent pace. I’d heard in the locker room that some guys take a while to climax and I was worried of getting tired. Fortunately I’d also heard in the locker room that there was no such thing as a bad BJ.

“Good work girls. Don’t suckle too fast and don’t let your teeth touch him.”

“Umm… Tiffany? I… have a confession.” stuttered Lucy. “Ummm this isn’t technically my first time.”

I was curious to hear but kept sucking away. Lucy wasn’t really a virgin?

“Why didn’t you tell us Lucy?” asked Tiffany.

“Ummm… because it was with my brother. Umm we had to share a sleeping bag at a family reunion. He got a stiffy and started kissing me. It felt so good I didn’t want him to stop.” she confessed.

“Lucy’s not a virgin. Should she have to leave?” asked Tiffany in her authoritarian voice.

“NO!!!” shouted all the guys.

“She did it with her brother? That’s so hot.” whispered someone.

Willard began to breath heavily like he was gasping for air. And without warning he released. His warm creamy sperm spread through my mouth sweeter than anything in my life. Instinctively I swallowed.

“That’s right girls make sure to swallow. Spitting’s a dirty habit. It tastes good. If you don’t like the taste you might as well go lez because you’re going to be drinking sperm for the rest of your lives.” said Tiffany.

“I’m… I’m cumming.” someone moaned.

Willard’s climax had been so massive it poured out of my mouth and dripped down my cheeks getting into my long golden hair.

As my mouth released its vice on the still very long and strong organ I tried to save the rest of the delicious sperm with my fingers to lick them. But before I could pairs of eager hands were pulling my blouse over my head. Another pair from behind slipped off my shorts and panties.

I found myself on all fours sucking away at a new organ. I felt curious fingers opening my virgin lips and spreading my legs before someone’s swollen manhood entered me.

Soon everyone in the room was moaning with pleasure as I imagined that Hayden and Lucy were being finger cuffed just like me.

I tried to concentrate on pleasuring the virgin penis in my mouth. But I couldn’t ignore that my virginity was also being taken at the same time. The vaginal thrusts gave me both pain and pleasure.

A few minutes later without warning, both boys withdrew and stood over me simultaneously shooting their semen onto my eager face. I held my mouth open and my tongue out hoping to capture as much of it as possible.

“Wow. Everyone’s shooting really big loads tonight. Look how thick and white it is.” commented Tiffany.

“It’s having to bunk with other guys. They can’t milk themselves on a regular basis like the usually do. It’s really built up over the summer.” answered Colin.

Next two big and hard organs were in my mouth. Too much meat for me to suck but the two of them worked my young mouth with their own eager thrusts. But no one was behind me! Why wasn’t someone pleasuring me from behind? Soon someone was. He held my hips and thrust away into my welcoming body.

When the three boys withdrew they held my mouth open. I presumed this was because they were about to ejaculate into it. Instead I saw Hayden’s pretty cum soaked face appear over mine and she opened her mouth letting a wave of semen drip down my throat.

Then a new uncircumcised organ was thrust in my mouth which quickly released. Hayden’s open mouth was pressed against mine as our sperm soaked mouths kissed. Our tongues wrapped around each other as we lapped to taste as much of the thick white nectar as possible.

Still on my knees being ridden doggy style someone released on my back.

My limbs were exhausted and I fell back onto the mattress which was already drenched with semen. Someone opened my welcoming legs and started thrusting away. At the same time hungry mouths nibbled away at my toes.

Willard and three other boys stood over me stroking their stiffies and releasing even more of their sweet semen onto my face and body. I realized many of the boys were so excited they were ejaculating more than once.

As someone was still thrusting away between my legs someone else straddled my body and pressed my DD breasts together around his penis and started thrusting away. Before I could look at what he was doing, another organ entered my mouth. I recognized the feel of his shape from before. When he released it was quickly replaced by another and then another.

I felt the boy between my legs pull out just in time and another boy quickly filled my empty hole.

After the boy on my chest shot his sperm between my breasts and onto my face he got up and Lucy and Hayden’s cum drenched bodies were pressed against mine and their sticky lips sucked on my nipples.

They looked just like me. Covered in cum. We were all trying to drink as much as possible but there was so so much that it was spilling everywhere.

In a final climax the three of us lay on our backs and wrapped our naked sperm soaked bodies around each other writhing in ecstasy as the eleven former virgins stood around us in a circle and shot their warm semen over our three bodies again and again as we hurriedly licked it off each other’s naked bodies.

Completely spent the three of us collapsed into slumber still wrapped in each other’s naked bodies. Fresh sperm drying on every inch of our bodies. The mattress that held us was an over filled sponge of white nectar.

I looked up to see Tiffany get off her knees in front of Colin. He was happy.

The boys all left cheering and slapping sticky high fives.

“Alright! I can’t believe I came five times in one night!”

“Yeah! No one will ever make fun of us again! We’re going back to school on Monday men!”

Hayden, Lucy and I were left lying their drunk with pleasure wrapped in each other’s arms.

I never saw Willard again after that weekend. But I still remember him all these years later.

Thanks a heap mom and dad!

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