Sleepaway Camp Part 2

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My name’s Britney. Of all the summer jobs a college girl can get, being a counselor at Camp Spirit Thunder seemed like the most fun. Of course I had NO idea just how much fun it would be.

My boss Tiffany was the kind of girl who wasn’t exactly a witch, just overly aggressive. It was best to just stay out of her way and not be one of her victims. She had light brown hair and very large breasts which she later confirmed were implants.

As counselors our uniforms consisted of ridiculously short and cut yellow jersey shorts. And tight form fitting blouses with no sleeves that unzipped in the middle. Since it was summer they were always unzipped leaving our massive cleavages hanging out. Somehow is suspected Tiffany had chosen the uniforms for just such a reason.

The other uniform option was a navy blue cheerleader uniform since we also offered cheerleading. The skirts were oddly very very short. And for some reason we weren’t allowed to wear shorts underneath them like back at school. Any girl wearing a cheerleading uniform had the wear white cotton panties. Odd.

Camp Spirit Thunder was managed by a fat redneck in his 50s. Sargent Dick. Dick had never really been a sargent in any army or law enforcement agency. He was just a loud mouth.

The actual owner of Camp Spirit Thunder was rumored to be a very wealthy businessman from Chicago. It was also rumored that he owned the camp at a loss but still kept it open out of the goodness of his heart. Tiffany warned me that his visit to the camp would be a big event and it was up to us to make sure he knew his money was being put to good use.

There was also Colin. Also a college student he was a real hunk. His uniform was a micro bathing suit. He never wore a shirt or anything else. His large package must have resulted in a small brain because he always talked like a California stoner even though he was from New York.

Elisha was another counselor. A pretty brunette and a lot nicer than Tiffany. I made friends with her quickly.

Aside from our cosplay like uniforms the other odd thing was when Colin came into our girls counselor cabin and without a word Tiffany dropped to her knees and gave him a BJ right there in front of everyone!

“OMG.” I whispered and looked away. Have they no shame? Odd thing number 2.

The next odd thing was the excessive amount of large batteries Tiffany and Elisha had packed in their luggage. What did they know that I didn’t?

My question was answered when Elisha casually plopped a pink vibrator on top of her nightstand. When she saw my perplexed face she casually answered, “Well there’s nowhere around here to buy batteries. Don’t worry. If you run out I can share some of mine.”

“I… I don’t… use I vibrator.” I stuttered nervously.

“Oh. You’re a hands on girl.” she giggled.

Odd thing number 4 was the next morning when I spotted a video camera in our cabin’s shower. There weren’t individual stalls, just a big common area. “What’s that?” I asked Tiffany.

“Oh. That’s just a security camera.” she answered calmly.

“In the girls’ shower?”

“Dahhhh. Of course. It’s the place we’re most vulnerable. It’s to protect us from any perverts.” she sniped.

Odd thing number 4 was immediately accompanied by odd thing number 5. Tiffany calmly groping my breasts.

“Wow. These are great. You must be a DD for sure. Who’s your doctor?” complemented Tiffany.

“Hey! Cut it out!” I protested. “They’re mine and they’re real!”

“No way.” said Elisha also massaging my breasts. “They’re far too prefect to be real.”

“Hey guys stop it!” I squirmed.

Tiffany and Elisha let go and then started calmly lathering each other and washing each other’s bodies and hair. That counted as odd thing number 6.

Odd thing number 7 was in the cafeteria at lunch. No it wasn’t the food. Camp food always stinks. It was when Sargent Dick caught a guy gratifying himself in the bathroom.

“What is your may-juror malfunction recruit? There will be no jerk offs in my unit!” he yelled.

Everyone in the cafeteria was laughing at him. The poor guy was really embarrassed and was sobbing on the floor. “But Sergeant Dick… It’s been so long… I really really need to.” he pleaded.

This caused a rise of laughter throughout the cafeteria including me. What a pervert. It served his right for doing something so disgusting.

I haven’t even gotten to odd thing number 7 yet. It was what happened next. Tiffany got up in front of everyone and started arguing with Sargent Dick.

“What the hell kind of camp is this? If these boys don’t get to milk themselves on a regular basis they’re gonna start freaking out with each other! It’s really unhealthy! They’re teenagers for land’s sake!”

“There will be no jerk offs in my unit missy and that’s final! Anyone caught jerking off has to clean the outhouse! All socks will be checked thoroughly every morning at O 600! You get me?” he shot back.

“Sir we get you sir!” answered all the guys.

The only thing that ended their debate was Colin arriving with an enormous erection which was very obvious under his barely there swimsuit! I gasped putting my hand over my mouth.

“Hey Tiff? It’s time.” he said.

Tiffany calmly took him by the hand and led him away. I couldn’t guess where but I could guess what for.

What kind of summer camp was this? My question was answered that night with odd thing number—I’ve lost count.

Tiffany told us that night, “That redneck Sargent Dick is brewing a storm by not letting the guys jerk off. It’s gonna start getting ugly in the boys’ cabin. They’re gonna start freaking out with each other if we don’t do something fast.”

“What do you mean, ‘freaking out with each other?'” I asked innocently.

“Daaahhh. Like you know. Like what happens to males when they’re only around other males. Like in prison. No boy will be safe in the showers tomorrow if we don’t do something tonight.” said Tiffany.

I was still naive and confused. “But why?”

“Come on Brittney. You know. Haven’t you ever seen your brother stroke off?” said Elisha.

“I don’t have a brother.” I answered.

“Well I do and believe me, guys need to milk themselves on a regular basis. It’s very unhealthy for them not to. It causes them to lose their minds.” Elisha responded.

“Oh. I didn’t realize that. But how can we help them? Distract Sargent Dick so they have some privacy?” I asked.

“Dahhh.” snapped Tiffany again. “What’s the fun in that? I’ve set up glory holes for us in one of the empty cabins.”

“Glory holes? What fun!” beamed Elisha.

“What are ‘glory holes?'” I whispered to Elisha.

“They’re so much fun. I set some up at a family reunion one time.” she giggled.

We were instructed to get a pillow “for our knees” and went to an empty cabin. There in the center was what looked like a large shower stall. A quickly made four walled room. We closed ourselves inside and sat on our pillows. Elisha was still beaming excitedly. I noticed there was a large hole by each of our heads. The holes had numbers spray painted outside of them, “1, 2, and 3.”

“Why’re there only three holes?” asked Elisha. “There are a lot of guys at this camp and some are sure to come back for seconds.”

“We only have three mouths. Don’t use your hands and try to work more than one cock at once. They have hands of their own. These boys are coming here for a BJ and that’s exactly what they’re going to get.” answered Tiffany.

It finally dawned on me what this was all about. “You mean you expect us to suck off every guy here at camp?”

“Yeah. Won’t it be fun?” said Elisha.

My face turned white.

“What’s the matter Brittney? Do you really mean a golden haired girl with your endowments has never performed felatio?”

When I didn’t answer she comfortingly offered instructions. “Don’t be afraid Brittney. It’s a lot of fun. If it wasn’t so much fun everyone wouldn’t be doing it. It’s like the high dive. You worry over nothing. Then after you take that first dive you’re right back up there realizing how much fun it is and giggling about how you were frightened over nothing. It’s really easy. Just don’t let your teeth touch them and don’t wear yourself out. Conserve your energy. Most of them will ejaculate pretty quickly. These guys aren’t your college professors. They don’t have to be world class BJs. Remember, there’s no such thing as a bad BJ. If you do get tired you can use your hands in addition to your mouth. Just massage the foreskin back and forth and they’ll climax in no time. And don’t forget the golden rule of felatio. Always swallow. Spitting a dirty habit and trust me it taste great.”

Elisha’s encouragement gave me some comfort. Maybe she was right. Maybe it was just as much fun as everyone said. Maybe it did taste good. Since I would have a boyfriend and husband someday maybe it was healthy for me to get in some practice.

Without any warning the swollen cocks appeared in each of our holes. Since I wanted to keep the line moving there was no time to marvel at my first sight of a real erect penis. I took Elisha’s advice and just dove right in sucking.

I tried to take him in fully but ended up gaging. Instead I concentrated only on the head. He came quickly and my first taste of sperm washed through my mouth sweeter than anything I’d ever experienced.

As I was unprepared for the amount of built up semen it overwhelmed my mouth and exploded all over my warm lips and ran down my cheeks and into my hair. By the end of the night my long golden hair would be drenched.

I continued to affectingly massage the organ with my mouth but he withdrew suddenly leaving my gaping mouth empty and begging for more. As fast as switch blade another excited organ shot through the hole which I began working immediately.

Elisha’s predictions were all correct. Sargent Dick’s strict rules had made these guys hornier than ever. They all came quickly and shot massive loads of thick white nectar of built up sexual frustration.

The swollen organs continued to cum and go rapidly. How many I sucked that night I’ll never know. I tried to lap up as much of the delicious semen as I could but this was impossible. In no time my face, clothes, and hair were soaked in warm sperm.

At some point I thought I felt a familiar shape in my mouth. Some of the boys were coming back for seconds. But most weren’t returning to the same hole. They were trying out each one of us. I could tell since many of the organs were already dripping with sperm and saliva.

By the time we were done every guy at camp went to sleep that night sore and happy.

Exhausted the three of us looked at each other and giggled. What as sight we were, our faces and hair dripping with semen.

As we left the glory hole room I was surprised to see Sargent Dick was the last one zipping up his shorts on his way out of the cabin. He was still smoking a tar cigarette and grinning from ear to ear.

When he saw my puzzled face he answered, “Like I towed ya goldie locks. There will be no jerk offs in my unit. These guys spend eye months jerking off in school. They came to camp ta have some fun.”

Now I understood. The no masturbation rule was so they’d have all the more fun with the glory holes. His fight with Tiffany in the cafeteria was just for show. He was right. It would have been a shame to let all that delicious semen just go to waste in their socks.

When we showered afterwards I was far less inhibited. I too was eager to lather and wash Tiffany and Elisha’s naked teenage bodies affectionately.

I curiously massaged Tiffany’s implants and found them much more firm than my own natural endowments. They didn’t drop but stayed firmly in place like she was wearing an invisible bra. Mine didn’t sag either at my age but I knew that wouldn’t always be the case. I’d require some type of breast augmentation when I got older.

Exhausted as I was I fell asleep quickly that night to the sounds of buzzing coming from underneath Tiffany and Elisha’s blankets.

Brittney’s summer at Camp Spirit Thunder isn’t over. Part 3 is coming quickly.

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