Sleepaway Camp Part 3

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[In compliance with this website the author affirmatively states that all characters depicted in this story are at least 18 years of age.]

The next morning after a very invigorating shower with my fellow camp counselors Tiffany and Elisha, we set out to train some of the older girls to be stationed at the glory holes. With so many horny teenagers it was important to keep them running 24 7. The three of us had the camp to run.

That day I chose to wear the navy blue cheerleader uniform with required mini skirt and white cotton panties. I felt a lot more confident about my body and felt good about lifting my legs high and showing off the goods.

Back in our cabin I met our first two very eager volunteers Sarah and Jessica. They said they were both “technical virgins” like me and knew the pleasures of felatio and were thirsty for thick white sperm.

Sarah had several boyfriends over the years so she was very experienced orally. Jessica admitted her only times had been with teachers when she was in danger of failing a class.

Tiffany wasn’t the only instructor. Colin helped as well.

“My boyfriend Colin here is going to help.” said Tiffany. “He’s had lots and lots of BJs from dozens of girls and can fairly judge your oral performance. No other guy here at camp is qualified to provide an objective opinion.

Colin sat on a cot as Sarah rested her knees on pillow and suckled him. Tiffany gave to same instructions to Sarah as she had last night at the glory holes. Sarah worked her teenage mouth muscles diligently, eager for a good review.

I looked and listened attentively hoping to learn as much as possible so I could get and keep a good boyfriend or husband.

The only difference in Tiffany’s instructions was that after Colin’s eyes had rolled back into his head Tiffany commanded Sarah to continue to suck at the same consistent pace she had before he came.

“The BJ is never over just because the guy ejaculates. You’re to keep sucking until he commands you to stop. Of course we’re teaching you girls the lifelong skills required to get and keep a good boyfriend and husband. In the glory holes it’s simply important to keep the line moving. It’s not necessary to impress them, just satisfy them.”

After Colin order Sarah to stop he rated her a B. “You’ve given Sarah some good skills but her suction power isn’t as strong as yours Tiff. She needs to strengthen her mouth muscles.” he said in his fake California stoner voice.

“The glory holes will be a good way for them to practice.” said Tiffany. “But there are specially designed phalluses which can help to train and strengthen your mouth muscles. Now go back to the girls cabin to recruit other glory hole attendants and teach them the same things. If anyone needs further instructions Colin’s big dick is always available to them.”

The glory holes became a permanent fixture at Camp Spirit Thunder. It still operated like a normal camp with fun sports and arts and crafts. Whenever it was time for a guy to be sucked he casual headed for the glory hole cabin as casually as someone would go to the outhouse. Everyone was very casual and understanding of this.

There was no shortage of volunteers for the glory holes. Everyone took turns. I took my turn from time to time as well whenever I was thirsty for sperm. Maybe we should have started bottling the stuff. Someone could turn a good profit. I wonder if that’s how sperm banks really stay in business?

Brittney’s summer at Camp Spirit Thunder isn’t over. Part 4 is coming quickly.

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    I wished that I’d been sent to summer camp!

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