Sleepaway Camp Part 4

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[In compliance with this website the author affirmatively states that all characters depicted in this story are at least 18 years of age.]

It’s an all new summer at Camp Spirit Thunder which has been transformed into a brothel.

One day Colin announced that he was given the rare privilege of heading into town and offered to stop by an adult store for supplies.

Tiffany and Elisha had a long list of supplies they wanted. It took some courage but I finally spoke up. “Ummm Colin… ummm I need a vibrator.”

“Welcome to the club Brittney.” beamed Elisha.

“I don’t really know anything… about such things… so I don’t know what kind to get.” I stuttered nervously.

“Don’t worry Brittney. We’ll get a variety.” said Tiffany.

Later Elisha volunteered to show me how to use them. The first thing we did was sneak into the camp kitchen and steal a big tub of ice cream.

“What do we need all this ice cream for?” I asked.

“Yoouullll seeee.” Elisha answered wickedly.

Back in the cabin Elisha removed her clothes and laid down on her bed. The vibrator I’d always seen her use was long and pink. It wasn’t shaped like a real penis but like a cone. It even had its own internal heating device and she told me she saved up $500 of her allowance for this top of the line model. She showed me its power control. By turning it up she could increase the speed.

“Most girls like to start out slowly and then turn it up as the go.”

The vibrator also had a place to insert liquid inside of it. She filled it with lubricant and pushed a button that sent lube shooting straight across the room more powerful than any water gun I’d ever seen.

“It simulates real ejaculation. Sometimes I like to feel it inside of me and sometimes I like to release it in my mouth or on my face like when you really make love.”

At first I was turned off by the idea of something that had just been in her vagina being put into her mouth. Then I realized it would be like really making love. My hypothetical boyfriend and husband would be doing the same thing with his real penis.

She covered the phallus in a clear lubricant and inserted it. She worked it in and out of herself with her left hand and slowly adjusted the speed control upwards.

Soon her body tightened. She started breathing heavily and his eye lids fluttered rapidly. With her right hand she massaged her own breasts and body passionately.

After about ten minutes Elisha’s moaning and squealing became louder and her toes curled. She withdrew the phallus and pointed straight at her face she shot its warm sticky lubricant all over her stomach, breasts, and face as if she were really making love and her lover had just pulled out to release his seed.

Elisha lay there moaning and writhing in the afterglow of her climax for a few minutes before jumping up and still naked rapidly shoveling ice cream into her mouth.

“Why do you eat so much ice cream afterwards?” I asked curiously.

“Most girls all have a craving for ice cream after using a vibrator. They say it’s something to do with the chemicals in ice cream and chocolate that simulate the same emotions as passion and romance.”

“How often do you do it?”

“Just whenever I need to. About every few days. For guys it’s different. They have to self gratify every few hours.” she said.

I was bit envious of Elisha’s Rolls Royce vibrator but we found a style I liked even better. Its controller and vibrator were separate and connected only by a thin power cord. The motor was like a tampon I could insert and the controller was like a Nintendo Wii joystick. It could easily clip onto whatever clothing I was wearing and just like Elisha’s it had a speed adjustment dial.

The purpose was obvious. Any girl could safely conceal the motor inside of herself and her panties and wear the controller under a sweater or jacket. Throughout the day whenever she needed to relax she could turn it on. This would allow her the freedom to relax at any time in school or at work without drawing attention.

At first I used it to pleasure myself full power at night to help me sleep calmly just like Tiffany and Elisha. I too shared the irresistible craving for ice cream after I climaxed.

I soon began to wear my vibrator throughout the day. The controller fit nicely onto my cheerleading uniform and no one at Camp Spirit Thunder thought anything of it. Now and then I’d turn it to a low speed throughout the day.

Brittney’s summer at Camp Spirit Thunder isn’t over. Part 5 is coming quickly.

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