Sleepaway Camp Part 7

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Just as Steven had suggested we stuck together like a team, AND QUIT Camp Spirit Thunder! We told Sergeant Dick there was no way we were going to put up with this debauchery.

“Ya toe youngings can’t quit. I need ya sitty folk. Ya all the brain of this unit. No one else here got’em. Hell I can’t even read. Ya never worked at a summer camp before have ya? Well let me reassure you what goes on here is no different than at any other summer camp. Those teenage hormones just can’t be tamed.

“So I tell ya what, I’m making Chris the new head counselor. Now you can boss that hussy Tiff around. An I’ll double ya pay for the summer for both ah ewes. An I know the utter counselors been picken on ya toe. So I’ll make special arrangements for ya.”

Knowing that we badly needed the money we both agreed to stay. Our new living arrangements we our own private cabin. “I never give private cabins for couples. But seein as how ya toe is brother and sister it’ll be alright.”

The cabin was decent. It did have its own shower. But the room was like an efficiency apartment where the bathroom and bedroom were just the same room without a door. There was just a shower curtain.

The big downside was Sergeant Dick said he could only spare one bed. At least it was large one. I stared nervously at it though.

“Don’t worry sis. This won’t be so bad. I’ll just sleep on the floor is a sleeping bag. It is camp after all.” said my brother chivalrously.

Things got somewhat back to normal. Or at least normal for Camp Spirit Thunder.

Since we were now social lepers my brother and I started spending almost all of our time together. I mainly sat in our room and read romance novels.

I only let the silliness of the one bed problem go on for three nights before I finally insisted, “Come on big brother. It’s OK. The bed is big enough we can both share it. I promise I don’t have koodies.” This was silly. We were grown up now. There was no need to feel embarrassed.

Of course his chivalry required him to resist. “Thanks Chris. I know we used to sleep in the same bed sometimes when we were little but now that we’re grown up it just wouldn’t be right.”

“I know you’re only saying that because you’re such a sweetheart but it’s OK. You don’t have to feel embarrassed about sleeping in same bed with your sister. It’s not like it’s sinful or anything.”

“Well I know but… Maybe no one’s had this special talk with you before Chris but… well… males… as they get older… have certain… male needs. And those needs… can be very powerful.” he stuttered nervously.

I was curious to know more about these “male needs.” Was there some big secret no one had ever let me in on? “Oh well, either we sleep in the same bed or you’re going to have to explain these ‘male needs’ to me.”

His face turned bright read. “It’s OK. Nothing a nice girl like you needs to hear. We can sleep in the same bed if you like.”

And so that’s how it started. My brother and I got used to sleeping in the same bed together. Soon it wasn’t weird at all and we were causal about it. For the first few weeks nothing happened. We just slept in the same bed but on opposite sides.

Steven still kept his sleeping bag on the floor for appearances’ sake. We didn’t want any crude jokes from Sergeant Dick when he came for his morning sock inspection. Of course my brother’s socks were always clean.

Then one very cold night we were both freezing. I usually wore a t shirt and panties to bed and my brother usually just wore boxers, which was more than he wore during the day in his counselor’s uniform. The cabins had no heat so that night we were both freezing!

“Please big brother? Let’s cuddle together for warmth. I know you’re just as cold as I am. You wouldn’t want your little sister to catch a cold?”

With his teeth chattering he said, “I’mmm so cold… I’m… not… even going to… fight you on this… one sis.”

He slid over and we held each other for warmth. It was soon that a strange feeling started to come over me I hadn’t expected. A new kind of joy I’d never known. I liked being held in my big brother’s loving arms. It wasn’t just the warmth. It was emotional. I felt like the safest and happiest girl in the whole world.

I loved the way it felt I didn’t want the sensation to end. I started becoming more and more physically affectionate with my brother. I began kissing him on the lips more, hugging him, and holding hands whenever we were together.

I was confident my big brother felt the same way as well. He started kissing me on the lips as well. And he didn’t object to us sleeping together in each other’s arms either. He felt the same emotions every night when I nuzzled up against his bare chest every night and he’d cuddle me in his welcoming arms.

Steven also started being nicer to me in other ways as well. He was always making special gifts for me in arts and crafts and holding the cabin door open for me at every opportunity. He’d always offer to put on my sun lotion whenever I went swimming and very lovingly massaged my feet every afternoon and evening without me even asking. I tried to think of a way for him to wash my hair. But we didn’t have a bathtub and the shower really had no privacy.

There wasn’t anything dirty or gross about this, I kept telling myself. We weren’t doing anything disgusting. We were just a, “very affectionate” brother and sister.

To be extended:

Waiting’s the hardest part. Part 8 is coming quickly.

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