The Hole In The Wall part 2

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Our mom & dad had gone out on the weekend and we had to stay home because It was their anniversay and wanted some “Private time”. It was just me and my brother alone in the house. Two days ago Ben had come home angry and punched a hole in the wall.I knew he’d get curious and I had the hots for him so I quickly stripped naked knowing he would watch me finger myself. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking dirty about Ben. I just wanted to play with his cock once. So tonight I thought of giving it a go.

Ben had just come out of the shower and was in his room changing. I went to his door and knocked but opened the door immediately giving him no chance to cover up.
I caught a glimpse of his massive cock hanging partially limp.
“Woah sorry Ben.” I said covering my eyes as a cover up. He noticed me looking at it but didn’t say anything. I started in on my plan. “I just wanted to let you know that I’m going out with some friends. I’m gonna back to my room and change before I head out”
“Ok. Just come home before mom and dad come back.” He said. I shut the door behind me as I left his room. Time for step 2. I went back to my room and made sure to shut the door loudly so he heard me.That means he’d look through the hole. I knew my plan had worked and that he’d be watching so I stripped down to my lace thong and matching bra. I slid my hand down into my panties and pretended to finger myself for a couple of seconds. I let out a few fake moans before removing my hand. I put on a skimpy sundress and grabbed my shoes and keys so it looked like I was actually leaving. I then shut the door behind me and left for my friends house.
On my way out I pressed my ear to his door adnd tried to hear if my plan was working. It actually had! I could hear him softly moaning while he sat jerking his tool on his bed. I quietly dropped my keys and shoes in the hallway. Time for my next part in the plan. I opened his bedroom door.
“BEN! what the hell are you doing!?” I yelled. Ben stood up from his bed with his hand still on his tool. He looked embarrassed.
Shocked, he murmured ‘What are you doing here? you were supposed to be leaving. I answered, “I was just letting you know I was leaving! I walked all the way into the room. ‘You’re such a dirty little perve! You were fantasizing about me while you were jerking off. Weren’t you?!.” I said that because I knew he had been watching me the other day. Ben was now even more shocked. “Nnn.. Nnooo. Jenny I wasn’t fantasizing you.” he said in a shaky voice.

I raised my eyebrows. “I’m going to tell your girlfriend. I can’t imagine that my older brother would jerk off thinking about me. That’s just wrong! ‘.
‘Please please, i didn’t do what you think. Please dont. I wasn’t fantasizing you”‘. I to give him a look that said I don’t believe you. This was it. He finally broke down. He sat down on the edge of his bed with his face in his hands, resting on his legs. I thought he was crying for a second. I had overdone it. I went over to him and sat next too him. I tried to calm him down by telling him I wouldn’t tell his girlfriend. He still had his hands in his face, so I sat there until he said something. All this time he still had his shorts off and his massive dick was still out. I sighed. “Ben, it’s ok. Lets just forget what happened and just be more careful to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
Still no answer. I tried again. “Look, these things happen. It was a accident but try not to think about me next time. Think of your girlfriend, she’s much much prettier than me.”
Finally he removed his hands from his face and then said ‘No, No Jen. You really are very beautiful. Much better than my girlfriend” I laughed and said, ‘Liar!’ His dick was going straight and was gaining erection. I tried to provoke him again. I moved my legs closer so they were touching his. I was almost in his lap. I continued until he finally had full erection. “Your dick is erect and I know you’re thinking about me.’ He said ‘No I was thinking about my girlfriend.” I asked, ‘Hey ben, how many times have you had sex with Sarah?’. Ben turned toward me, showing off his erection. I focused on his face and tried not to look. “Well to be honest, we..we broke up. She cheated on me.” I felt horrible after teasing him about it! I climbed onto his lap and gave hugged him and while we hugged i could feel his dick poke me. I told him about it and he apologized. I reached down and used my hand to caress his dick. He looked at me very stunned by my move.

I exclaimed suddenly, “Oh ben, I’m sorry. I just wanted to do that for awhile.”
He smiled. “I know, when you were fingering yourself the other day you muttered my name.You’re the one who’s be fantasing me!”
I glared at him curiously. “How do you know?! It’s not like you could see me.”
Ben looked away.
“Wait a second! You were watching me through that hole in the wall!! You’ve always wanted me so you made that hole so you could look at me!” I said triumfantly
“no, no, uhh umm thats not true.” ben said, still looking away
“You are such a Liar! I planned this all out. I knew once I walked in on you, you’d watch me changing through the hole and it just so happens I caught you jerking off.” I said
He looked at me but his face told me that he was unsatisfied with that, ‘Jen, i saw you gazing at my dick today when you walked in. I knew you wanted it then and I know you still want it now. ” He had finally caught me “It just so happens we both have been fantasing about each other.” He said and With that I went down on my knees, tookhis dick in my hands, kissed it and then slid it right inside my mouth. I knew he must have felt pleasure because i could hear him murmuring “ohhh yeah. so goood’, He caressed my hair. His dick was so big! I couldn’t fit it all in my mouth. He exclaimed, ‘Jen, I am going to cum.'” I heard him and waited for him to cum. The moment he began to cum, I sucked harder making sure i did not waste a drop. The moment I was done, i looked up to see him grinning. He had cummed so much that it was dripping from my mounth, down my neck and was now flowing into my low-cut dress. He trust me back on the bed, climbed on top of me and started licking the cum from my neck all the way down towards the top of my dress. You could barely see my breasts poking out. I realized that he had unzipped my dress and was in the process of sliding it off. He looked at me with a look of lust and the next second we were kissing passionately. He was holding himself off of me with one hand. The other hand reached underneath me and squeezed my ass. We continued kissing very passionately. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He was still on top of me. Now that my dress was completely off he started to remove my bra. He unclasped the back. Then He squeezed my breasts as hard as he could. I let out a little yelp. His lips tickled my ear as he wispered “Sorry I couldn’t resist myself I wanted your soft and tender breasts.”
I buried my face deeper into his neck. I noticed that his hand was now creeping down towards my panties. He was tugging at the edge. I could feel his breath on my face. “Go ahead.” I whispered. He slipped my underwear off. He reached my vagina. He started fingering me. The pleasure was paralyzing me. He kissed me again. By now, I had forgotten our relationship. Now, he took off his shirt, threw it across the room and there we were together. naked. L aying on his bed. He sucked hard on my tits and nipples. He feasted on my vagina. The smell of precum was driving me insane so i started sucking on it again. Meanwhile he was tonguing me in my vagina. I could not help but moan loudly. In no time, i was wet enough to be penetrated. He kissed me again while he positioned himself. Within moments he was teasing me with his dick. “Benny, Don’t tease me baby.” He didn’t reply. “Ben!! just fuck me already!” He Smiled, and forced his dick deep inside me. “OHH!’ My pussy wasn’t big enough for him. His thrusting became faster, and his penetration was becoming deeper by the second. I was getting used to the pain because he pleasure was taking over. “Fuck me harder Ben, Fuck me good”. He stopped only because he was about to cum. He sat me up on the bed and pushed his dick inside my mouth. I sucked it clean. Both of us were exhausted. He kissed me again. We cuddled together underneath the sheet ‘I love you Jennifer.” he said. “I love you too.” We fell fast asleep into each other’s arms.

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