The Niece Continued

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The Niece – Continued… As I said in my last story, my wifes young niece Alex has been staying with us while she attends the local college. She is a good girl and quite mature for her tender eighteen years. Because of the recent cold spell, she wasn’t able to get back home last weekend, so she stayed with us. During the week, she sleeps downstairs as although we have two bedrooms upstairs, the smaller one has been turned into an office. Our lounge does get quite cold at night so we suggested quite innocently that she could sleep between us (we have a massive super king sized bed) as we have lots of quilts and pillows. She eagerly agreed and about half past ten we all went up. My wife climbed in and within no more than five minutes was gently snoring. I normally sleep naked even in the winter but hunted through my wardrobe and found a black tee shirt and some pyjama bottoms. I went to the bathroom and put them on. By the time I had climbed into my side of the bed, Alex was laying on her side facing me. I kissed her on the head and slowly drifted off to sleep. A while later, something disturbed me and as I rolled onto my stomach I realised my cock was solid and along with my balls, was hanging right out of my pyjamas. I looked at Alex and she was in a deep sleep facing away from me now. I carefully run my hand on her tender young ass and noticed that she was only wearing a tiny g-string. My cock was so hard, it was aching and as I hadn’t emptied my sac for over a week, this seemed to be an opportunity not to miss! Her knees were drawn up towards her heavy chest, so I carefully moved her g-string to one side and touched her young pussy with my finger. Oh it was so warm and smooth and slightly damp to the touch. She moaned very quietly so I eased my middle finger just inside her. She responded by slightly parting her legs. I slowly began to finger fuck her, making sure I touched her swollen little clitty now and again. Her pussy reacted by releasing some warm slippery juice. I had to be very careful because if the wife woke up I would be a dead man! She lay very still but I knew she was having a very erotic dream as I slowly brought her towards orgasm. Just as she was about to cum, I stopped. Gently moving towards her, I knew I had to enter her, so I eased myself towards her and slowly pushed my swollen helmet against her tight pussy hole. She responded and pushed herself back against it, forcing me to push the whole seven inches of thick cock meat very slowly into her tight hole. I kept still for a moment, buried deep in her body but then she slowly rocked back and forth against me, taking the whole shaft in and out of her juicy little cunt. My balls were on fire and the temptation to ram it in and out hard and fast was killing me but I had to restrain myself. She started to moan louder and louder, so I put my hand across her mouth to try and silence her. She must have been more awake now as she understood my meaning. God how she took it so deep for a young one, the feeling was driving me crazy. I didn’t know whether to pump my load into her or not, as the thought of a pregnant niece didn’t bare thinking about! I was so close; I knew I was trickling precum into her. My hand was still across her mouth and I knew she was about to explode. I felt her pussy grip my cock so I slipped a finger into her mouth and she sucked hard as she reached orgasm. She bit my finger and pushed back so deep I thought I’d split her in half. I couldn’t stop now and as she slowed down the fucking, I began to pump my thick salty seed into her young pussy. Holy fuck, it felt good as I emptied a week’s worth of sperm into her little love tube from my swollen sticky penis. She slowly stopped moving and I left it deep inside her, our juices mixed, cuddled her and we both drifted off into a very content deep sleep. By the morning when I woke up, my wife had already left for work. Alex was still fast asleep (college was cancelled due to the weather). My cock was again erect and sticking right out of my pyjamas, this time it was sticky with dried semen and female love juice all over it. I crept out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash it. On my return Alex was awake and noticed the bulge trying to get out of my pyjamas. She beckoned me back to bed, and as I knelt on the bed, she unleashed my slightly sore cock and licked the tip with her pointy tongue. He was still quite sensitive from the earlier fucking and reacted by getting more stiff and pointing straight up at the ceiling. She carefully sucked him all the way in to my balls and began to mouth fuck me. I was going crazy, how does such a young girl know how to deal with a cock in such a mature way? As much as I wanted to squirt in her mouth, I pushed her back on the bed, eased her wet g-string off, pushed her legs back and pushed my erection into her. She was so easy to enter this time. I guess she was still soaking with my sperm and her love juice. I easily rammed it deep into her belly and began the fast hard and deep fuck I craved earlier. She soon cum, this time screaming and moaning. Cum juice was flowing out of her and all over her legs and the bed sheets. Her orgasm lasted such a long time, she was begging me to do her harder. My ass was pounding so hard up and down on her, my cock almost splitting her with each thrust. I had never fucked anyone so deep, I really don’t know how she took it. Just as she was about to cum again, I felt my sperm rising up my shaft and as she started to moan, I pumped a lovely thick jet of sticky semen into her cunt. The end of my cock was so swollen, the foreskin wouldn’t roll back of it any more. I thought I was in heaven it was so sensitive. Her tube was stretched so wide as I emptied copious amounts of spunk onto her cervix. She was physically crying with pleasure and although I was drained (literally!) she begged me to continue gently fucking her. I somehow managed to stay hard and for the first time, after about five minutes felt like cumming again. She was beside herself with pleasure and seemed sex-drunk. She must have sensed that I was about to shoot again, and pushed me off her. She knelt forward and sucked my sticky cock just in time to catch a mouthful of sperm. I have never ejaculated so much in my life as she struggled to swallow it. My cock was so sore now as was her pussy I guess. She licked gently as I finally emptied the last drops onto her tongue. We laid back, kissed and fell into the deepest sleep I can ever remember!

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