The Photo, Unfinished

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The Photograph by Sirlixalotapuss

As I finished my Saturday afternoon task of mowing, I mopped the sweat from my

brow, just in time to watch my wife’s car pull to a stop in the drive.

As Ellen, my wife, parked the car in front of the garage, the passenger side

door flew open, and, my youngest daughter, Tessy, began to tell me all about their

day at the mall, and the purchases they had each made.

Mandy, my oldest, calmly emerged from the back seat, gathered her packages, and

headed for the door.

“Ellen”, I called out. “What’s wrong with her?”

“Nothing baby, she just wants to surprise you, with her new outfits.”

Ellen is the most amazing woman I have ever met, at 35 she can still entice even

the most indifferent of men, with her raw sexuality and a body that just begs to be

fucked. At 5’2” with the most well defined legs I have ever seen, and the best

looking pair of tits ( 48dd’s) topped with nipples that will make your mouth water.

All of this, and, a raven haired beauty too!

As Mandy entered the house, I again questioned Ellen, about her apparent sullen


“Well honey, you know that she wants to be a lingerie model, she saw, and bought

a few outfits, so she could try to put together a portfolio. Now she’s mad because

I won’t let her hire a photographer.” My lovely wife told me.

At this revelation, I nodded. I may be a truck driver, but, my passion is, and,

always has been photography. I’m quite good at it too, if I do say so myself.

“I’ll talk to her”. I said

“You may want to talk to both of them at once, she has Tessy convinced that

modeling is the only way to go.” Said Ellen.

That brought me up short! I turned and shot a sideways look at my wife, “What

did you say?”

Mandy, is our oldest, and at 19, she has come to be every bit as stunningly

beautiful as her mom, 5’5″ tall, long shapely legs that seem to go on forever, a

smallish waist, above a perfectly formed ass, and one sweet set of 38d’s, with the

kind of face that looks as if she is undressing you when she looks at you, and a

wonderful head of honey blonde hair, that comes to her shoulders, and, frames her

impish little face in such a way as to suggest that she might be more experienced

than she really is.

Tessy is the 18 year old daughter that every man dreams of, 5’2″ tall, with the

finest set of tatas ever seen on a girl her age. She has an ass that just won’t

quit! Her slightly full figure begs for a gentle touch, a warm caress, and a

passionate kiss. Her light brown eyes seem to smolder with the fires of passion.

Now I was faced with the task of talking to them both, what would come out of my

mouth? Could I trust myself? I knew without a doubt that this could be my “big”

chance, not only to see them both in the nude, but to get my pictures recognized,

and possibly leave the life of trucking behind me. But, could I do this, or would I

fuck it up somehow?

Seeing my look Ellen said, “You heard me right. Baby, this could be your shot

at that dream of yours. But, whatever happens, I’m right here for you.”

I wondered if she knew that there were two dreams at work here.

I entered through the front door, as had the girls, and began to search them

out, going over, in my mind, some of the things I should be saying to them. I found

them in Mandy’s room, changing clothes and babbling on about the prospect of posing

for pictures in the skimpy outfits.

I hadn’t been seen yet, so I stood there watching for a moment or two, long

enough to know in my heart, that there was no WAY, I wasn’t going to let this

happen! As I stood in the doorway, watching them disrobe, and, taking in the sight

of their beautiful, nude bodies, I could feel my palms begin to sweat, my chest

tighten, and my breathing begin to change, I also felt my cock beginning to rise,

damn it, I hadn’t seen either of them nude in a long time, this wasn’t going to be


“Hi girls.” I said after a short wait. “Mom tells me that we might need to talk.”

I added, as I entered the room. I also took notice of the fact that neither of them

made a move to cover their nudity as I entered.

“Daddy.” they chimed in unison. “Mom says we can’t hire a photographer, how are

we ever going to build a portfolio if we don’t?” Asked my auburn haired beauty,


“Well as I understand it she said you can’t ‘hire’ a photographer, not that you

can’t have one.” I told them.

“But daddy, where are we going to find one, if we can’t hire one?” Mandy asked.

“Oh I see, you must have bumped your pretty little head, or have you forgotten

that I also know my way around a camera?” I jibed.

“Daddy, we all know that you’re good with a camera, but all you do is stills, we

need someone who can work with live models.” Mandy stated flatly.

“Honey, I didn’t always do stills, come with me, I want to show you something.”

I said.

“Wait, dad let us throw on something.” Tessy said to me.

“Why, you will be posing nude, or nearly so anyhow, get used to it!” I remarked.

I had them follow me to my bedroom, and sit on my side of the bed while I

rummaged in the back of the closet, finally finding what I was looking for. I had

them take seats at the top end of the bed, my heart was beating away like a

jackhammer as I poured the contents of the box out in the middle, and sat on the

other end. As they sat there nude, looking at pictures I had taken, of their mom,

and a few other young ladies, all in varying states of nudity, they began to

question me about the pictures, and the subjects. I answered as truthfully as I

could, telling them of my love for pictures and how I had spent many hours and much

money taking pictures of nearly any woman who would sit for me, until, I met their

mom. From that moment on, she had been my only model. And now they were the first

to see the pictures that I held dear.

“Daddy you have a gift!” This from Tessy


“Damn! Daddy, you sure put Glamour Shots to shame, but, can you make ‘us’ look

this good?” Asked Mandy.

“Girls, let me put it to you this way, I don’t have to make you look good, you

are just what my camera has begged for all along, you girls are, without doubt, the

most beautiful creatures I have ever seen! It would be my pleasure to photograph

you, both! But I must warn you, we will do it my way, or not at all! Just keep in

mind that no matter what happens, I do dearly love you both!”

“Oh daddy, we love you too!” They chorused. As they rushed to hug me, still

nude, both of them, I was afraid they might feel my rapidly swelling member, as

they clung to me.

“OK, then, tomorrow we get started!” I told the gleefully smiling pair, then

added. “Get dressed for dinner, and come on down stairs, we’ll tell mom over


At dinner they could hardly speak of anything else, I was slammed with

questions. Frankly, I was beginning to get tired of it all. But, inside, I knew

that I would soon be face to face with them in all their glory. My mind wouldn’t

leave it alone, as I fantasized my way through all of the possible scenario’s, I

could feel my cock coming to life. To say I was somewhat distracted would have been

an understatement, so, I nearly missed it when Ellen spoke.

“Honey, where do you plan to shoot these pictures, and will I be there to


Thinking fast I said. “I hadn’t really given it much thought, I guess I kinda

thought we would do it here.” Then I added, “If you have any suggestions, I would

love to hear them.”

Now, she too was getting in on the fun, I could see her mind work, years of

closeness does that to a couple, and I could see too that she had her own fantasies

in mind, though neither of us had spoken a word, we were on the same wave length. I

wondered if she could see it in me too?

As the conversation continued, my, and, I’m sure, my wife’s thought’s raced

ahead to tomorrow’s events. I thought I could detect an air of excitement from the

girls too, or was it something more? Were their thoughts also drawn toward the

sexual side of this adventure?

I suddenly realized that I knew next to nothing about either of them as sexual

beings, what would be running through their minds, would this be as exciting to

them as it had already proven to be to me, or would they balk at the last minute?

Only tomorrow would tell!

Later that night Ellen and I made love for what seemed like hours, each still

caught up in our own small fantasies of the coming day. I brought her to one climax

after another, with what seemed to be the most voracious sexual appetite I had felt

in a long time. Ellen also had other things on her mind, she screamed and thrashed

like a mad woman, causing me to react even more strongly that usual, I shot load

after load of white hot cum, it came in ropes and globs, splattering her face and

tits, and even more in her steaming hot pussy! As we finished making love, we found

that we were suddenly very tired, so we lay together, holding onto each other and

drifted of to sleep.

As I slept I dreamed, dreams of the most base carnal desires I have ever known.

When I awoke, memory of those dreams remained, as clear as if I had truly lived

them, and only moments ago.

Also, conscious thought returned, as it did, I was flabbergasted, no, shocked,

that I could actually even dream, much less think about the very real possibility

of making love to not only one, but both of my gorgeous daughters. And, believe me,

making love is exactly what it would be, so very much like the first time Ellen and

I made love, so wonderful in it’s purity, every gentle touch, each warm caress, a

moment, frozen in time, the intense, almost electrical, tingling of joy, felt at

the hands of another. These were just some of the things I was looking forward to.

As these thoughts and, Oh, so many more raced through my head, it began to dawn

on me that Ellen must have some pretty wild thoughts of her own. I could only begin

to imagine what must have been, for that matter, still be, going through her mind,

but as my still slightly sore cock reminded me, it couldn’t be all bad.

Moments later Tessy landed squarely in the middle of our bed, followed closely

by Mandy, both bright eyed with anticipation, asking how soon we could get


As they questioned us, I cast a glance toward my wife, looking for some kind of

reassurance, not looking forward to making a fool of myself. What I saw when I did

surprised me, not only did I see that all was OK, I could see an underlying sort of

excitement. I wondered, yet again, if these three had cooked this whole thing up

together, and if so, why? Not that it really mattered, I was in for the duration.

“Ok girls, show me what outfits you want to take, and I’ll get my camera and

stuff together, then we’ll go.” I said.

“Chip, you never said, where do you plan to do this?” Ellen asked.

“Well, I kinda thought we would take the boat out to ‘our island’, there are a

lot of beautiful places out there. I hope we can find a place that is good enough

to pose my two baby girls.” I told her.

As the girls showed me the outfits they planned to take, I made a few

suggestions, and we prepared to head out.

Ellen rounded the corner in the hall, and, said to me, “You had better take

very good care of our girls, be careful, and, don’t push! They love you and will do

anything you ask of them, don’t make them regret this!”

“Wait, you’re not coming?” I asked in amazement. “I thought we were in this

together?” I added. Then. “Why aren’t you going to come along?”

“Honey,” She started,”I know they want to have some fun with you, while they go

on about these pictures, I also know that you will do your very best to make the

shots even better than anything you’ve ever clicked a shutter on. I would only be

in the way, but, and get this straight, when you guys get home, I want in on the


“What makes you think there’ll be any ‘action’?” I asked warily.

“Chip, don’t try to play dumb with me, you know as well as I do that they are

trying to seduce you! Almost every young girl wants to sleep with their daddy, not

all try, but, you have a rare chance here, so, if you want to go through with this,

then I strongly suggest, you take it as slow and easy as you did when you and I

first got together!” She added, “Don’t scare them or, hurt them, let them feel the

love I know you have for them, they will cherish it forever.”

“Mandy, Tessy,” I called out. “Come on, lets get this show on the road! We’re

wasting time!”

“Coming daddy.” They chorused. Still full of giggles and whispers, they began to

pile our things in the van, making sure we had everything we would need for the


“Darn, I think you brought everything but the kitchen sink.” I said to them.

After a quick stop at the local photo shop, where I purchased a case of film, we

were off.

When we got to the lake, and, had boarded the boat I had Mandy take

over the controls, so I could change into something a little more suitable for the

upcoming adventure, a pair of baggy swim trunks and a loose T-shirt, I had no doubt

that carrying all of the photo gear would be a task, I wanted to be dressed


As the boat plowed through the calm waters, I took the first step, “Tessy, why

don’t you slip into your suit, and let me get a few shots of you around the boat,

then we’ll do the same for Mandy.”

“Ok daddy.”

Moments later she appeared in the open hatch way, clad in the most revealing two

piece bikini, I had ever laid eyes on.

“Will this do, OK daddy?” She asked.

As I was still trying to get my eyes back in my head!

Her skimpy little bikini left little to the imagination, it did however, seem to

cover all of the most important items, though I did get a quick glimpse of a nipple

as she made her way topside, and I thought to myself, what a lucky man I was. Tessy

had all of the right equipment, and, I couldn’t wait to see it in action!

“Ok baby girl, you just do like I tell you and I’m sure these will be some of

the best pictures ever. Now, just sit on the bow and let me get the shots down, you

just try to look as sexy as you know how! I’ll handle the rest.”

Boy was I wrong! I didn’t think I could handle it, not at all! This girl exuded

sex! As I looked through the view finder, I could feel my sexual senses awaken, I

was getting hot, and I hadn’t even started yet!

One roll of film later I had to

quit! Mandy suggested that they switch, and I agreed, but first I had to go splash

some cold water on my face!

Mandy came up with a suit I never would have let her wear in public, and she

knew it, I could see it in her face! It was a little sheer thing, flesh colored,

and completely see through, at first, I thought she was nude! I could see all she

had to offer, her very erect , very swollen, and, very beautiful, nipples, in the

top piece, and her clean shaven, slightly swollen sex in the bottom, I swallowed

hard, trying not to choke! As she turned around I could see through the bottoms,

and the ass I saw there was a gift from the Gods, smooth and silky, with a nice

deep little furrow, that led to her rosebud, and beyond!

As I stammered instructions to her, she began to toy with me, she was making it

hard to concentrate, and as I took the last two remaining shots, she smiled

knowingly at Tessy, who then cut the engines, and hit the button that drops the

anchor. We were dead in the water, with no other craft anywhere in sight.

Before I could react, Tessy had come from behind, and I felt her small, school

girl fingers untying my trunks, Mandy had moved in from the front, and, was now

rubbing her perfect breasts on my chest, as she began to remove my T-shirt.

Oh My God! This was my wildest dream come true! Could it be real? I knew I had

been planning this, but could it be really happening , here, now?
All I could

think was THANK YOU GOD!

I felt Tessy’s small fingers begin to remove my trunks, as Mandy, began to

kiss and suck on my nipples, rubbing her soft hands up and down my back.

I soon felt Tessy’s delicate touch on my ass, followed by her soft caress

leading to my already stiffening member., and her slow touch along it’s shaft.

As the boat rocked gently in the calm waters, we found ourselves swaying in time

to it’s movements. Doing so caused even more friction between us, and the effect

was tremendous!

As I stood there basking in the warmth of their sexual energy, I nearly failed

to notice that they had both shed their suits, leaving the three of us totally nude

on deck.

“Girls” I said. “Don’t you think we should go on to the island? I mean we still

have a lot of pictures to shoot, and well, it is a little cramped out here.”

Tessy replied. “Daddy, we can go in a bit, but first Mandy, and, I want to give

you something.”

At about the time she finished her statement, I felt rather than saw my oldest,

wrap her lips around my aching dick, just as Tessy sunk to her knees beside her.

Now I have had a lot of blow jobs, but, there is nothing in this world to compare

to a blow job by your own two daughters. Each of them were licking and sucking on

my tool, kissing one another as they went at it.

Hardly able to believe the my eyes, I soon felt myself sinking toward the deck, as

my two beautiful daughters devoured my cock greedily, causing me to mumble

something about being in heaven.

As I felt my balls fill with that sudden heaviness, that signals an approaching

eruption, I heard Mandy tell Tessy that they should stop, or there would be no

pictures taken that day.

I now cried out for them to finish what they had started, “Girls, don’t leave me

hanging like this, Please?”

Laughingly they told me not to worry. “It will be play time later Daddy.” This

from Mandy, and she added, “We really need to get to the island, now, Dad.”

As the girls scampered below, I tried to regain my composure, and, my clothes. I

restarted the boat, hoisted the anchor, and, made for the island, my thoughts now

occupied only by the possibilities of finishing what they thought they had


About ten minutes later Tessy came back top side, handing her cell phone to me,

she said, Mom wants to speak to you.

“Hi honey.” I said.

“Chip, please tell me what is going on out there?” My wifes

voice said in my ear.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Tessy and Mandy just called and told me that you guys were going to spend the

rest of the weekend on the boat, and, I want to know why, what’s wrong?”

“Honey , I’m not sure I have the answer you’re looking for.” I told her.

“But if you’ll hang on a minute, I’ll see if I can get to the bottom of it.” I


Setting the boat on “cruise” I went below.

“All right you two, just what is going on here?” I demanded of the girls.

“Oh Daddy,” They started, almost together.

“We thought that it would be a lot of

fun to spend some time out here, just the three of us together, so we called Mom to

tell her.” Said Mandy.

“Did you stop to think that she might like to come out too? Or that you might

somehow worry her?” I asked of them both.

“No,,,” They both cooed. “Sorry Dad.”

“It’s OK, just try to think things through before you act. You could’ve hurt your

Moms feelings or worse.” I answered.

As I again spoke via phone to Ellen, I assured her that all was well, even though

I had not been let in on the plan ahead of time. Also that if she would like, I

would return to shore to get her, allowing her to join us for the rest of the


“Chip!” She said over my protests. “Don’t be a fool, and don’t spoil the girl’s

fun. You know damn well, that they want, and need this time alone with you! Do not,

spoil it!” Adding. “You can tell me all about it when you come home.”

With that, I knew, I was left on my own, with two of the most beautiful girls on

the face of this planet!

As we tied up on the lee side of the island, Tessy and Mandy began to off load the

items we would need for our photo session. While I, had to try to get myself calmed

down enough to finish what we had started.

Nearly an hour later, with all of our

stuff unloaded, and camp set up, we began to look for a place to begin the photo


Mandy, carrying the tripod and film, was the first to see it. “Daddy, look! She

called out to me. “I think it’s perfect!” She said indicating a small clearing,

pleasantly framed with a small waterfall, and, some rather large rocks.

“OK girls, if this is OK with you, then we’ll start the shoot here.” I said to


We spent the next fifteen minutes getting things set up, lights in place, and so

forth. I took light meter readings, and surveyed for the best angels, at which I

placed the tripods and began the shoot.

“Mandy, lets start with you.” I said. Then added. “Tessy, you get ready, when I

tell you, I want you to crawl into the frame from Mandy’s left.”

“OK, Daddy.” Was her answer.

I had Mandy to sit on one of the large rocks nearest the waterfall, in a very

demure pose, and told her to begin to touch herself, in a way that would suggest

sexual excitement.

As she moved, I snapped one picture after another, softly

telling her what to do and how to look.

After I had her remove her top, I told Tessy to begin to enter the frame, they

then told me to shut up and keep shooting.

Seeing them perform for my lens, I had to agree, now was not the time for my


Swallowing hard, I watched, and shot, as my two beautiful, young daughters,

performed the most erotic, lesbian love, that I had ever in all my life witnessed!

They seemed to take turns with each other, until they found the “69” position, at

which they spent long moments kissing, licking, and, satisfying each others most

delicious parts. They made love in positions that I didn’t know, and, when they

were through, I found out that they had only just begun!

Faces covered in girl cum, they both crawled toward me, smiling, and, licking

their lips, I knew the shoot was over, at least for now!

Tessy was the first to reach me, and she began to lick her way up my leg,

reaching up to grasp the waist of my shorts. Mandy had stood and moved behind me,

she also grabbed my shorts, and together they pulled them from me, pushing me to

the ground as they did. Neither girl made any attempt to touch my throbbing cock,

satisfied, for the moment, to torment me with licks, and small nibbles, they tore

my T-shirt off of me, and bit my nipples, each taking a turn at biting hard, then

they would kiss them, and each other, all the while rubbing their small hands all

over my now, super sensitive body, still avoiding my cock.

Again the aggressor, Tessy was the first to make a move, she spun around, and,

firmly planted her flooding pussy on my face!

I could at last taste the prize!

Tessy’s cum was pouring down my face, and I was trying to swallow as much as I

could, and still eat her delicious twat, when suddenly, I felt Mandy take my cock

nearly to it’s base, in one gulp!

(They had been kissing, till Mandy decided that she wasn’t going to be left

out, and nearly swallowed me whole!)

I couldn’t move for a moment, it was so intense, having both of my daughters,

giving me sexual pleasure, that I wasn’t sure I could hold back, then, Mandy began

to suck in earnest, taking my dick to it’s base every time she went down on me, and

I could feel the cum rising in my balls, but I had a face full of Tessy’s snatch,

so, I couldn’t warn her of the impending blast, suddenly she clamped her small hand

around the base of my cock, and removed her small mouth, telling Tessy.

“Oh baby, you need to get down here and taste this dick, you’ll love it!

Tessy then said to Mandy. “You know I’m still kinda scared, I mean, it is my


“C’mon, it’s dad here, you know he won’t hurt you, besides, I want him to eat me

like he’s doing you, so come on, it’s my turn!” Said my eldest.

“Ok, but, I’m still worried.” She said to her sibling, as she moved her sex

from my face.

“Tessy, you know that I love you don’t you?” She nodded. “Then you should also

know that I’ll be gentle.” I lovingly told her.

“I know dad, it’s just that, well, I haven’t ever had sex with a guy before,

only with Mandy.” She said to me.

Then she added. “But just lie back, and, let me go slow, ’cause this is

something I really want to do for you.”

As I lay back down, Mandy nearly jumped to my face, and squirmed, and slid,

till she wedged my nose and mouth firmly into her sweet little cunt, when I began

to lick and chew on her clit, I felt her tense, so I eased a finger into her, and

heard her say to her sister. “Goddamn!, why didn’t you tell me he could eat pussy

this good, I’m gonna cum, and he just started!”

Tessy just sniggered at that, but I could feel her delicate hands massaging my

shaft, then, I felt her breath on the head, and at long last, her, small, warm,

mouth, took me in, not much at first, but, as she bobbed on my rod, she took more

with every stroke, and, before I knew it, I was again on the verge of a massive

blast of cum, with no way to tell her!

Suddenly she stopped, (I thought my balls would explode) and told her sister.

“Turn around here, and, kiss me.”

Mandy made the required turn, and I saw them embrace, and begin to kiss, as

Mandy lowered her dripping pussy back onto my waiting mouth, I felt Tessy grip my

cock, then felt the head of it brush against her clean shaved, sopping wet hole,

then she steadied it, and, began to lower herself onto it. I suddenly remembered

what I had heard her say about it being her first time, and, shook them both off!

Sitting upright, I said to Tessy. “Honey, we can’t do this, not this way, we

need to be in a different position.”

‘Oh daddy, you’re so funny. I said it was my first time with a guy, I didn’t

say I was a virgin.” Tessy said laughing.

“What do you mean?”

“Dad, we’re girls, we have toys, remember, you bought them?” Said my darling


Feeling relived, if somewhat foolish, I said. “Well then by all means, lets do


She then pushed me onto my back saying. “Mandy, you sit this one out for a few

minutes will you? And, dad, let me do this, OK?”

“OK sweetheart, it’s your show.” I told her.

She straddled me, and began again to lower her sex toward mine, this time I

could see all that was happening, as she took me in her hand ,and started rubbing

the head on her swollen lips, I looked at her face, and saw a look of sheer joy,

just as I looked back, she suddenly impaled herself on my aching dick, and I

uncontrollably arched my back, thrusting up to meet her, then falling back to the

ground, we fell together, as true lovers do, and, slowed to the pace of our beating


We made love, quite unaware of our surroundings, each thrust into her brought

me closer, both to her, and to my own climax. I felt the warmth of her flesh on

mine, the brush of her tits on my chest, and, the tight wetness of her snatch as it

swallowed my pulsing member, her pussy was trying to devour my cock, and it was

doing a hell of a good job of it.

A quick glance to my right, and I saw Mandy, furiously frigging her cunt with

two fingers, it was enough to push me over the edge.

“Tessy, I’m gonna cum, oh God baby, I’m gonna cum!” I said.

“Oh yes, yes, daddy, do it! Do it! Cum in meee!” She screeched, as a massive

orgasm over took her, causing her to shake uncontrollably, then go limp.

“Are you protected?” I asked, barely ably to hold back.

“Yes, daddy, she is, we both are.” Said Mandy, from on my right. Then added.

“Hurry dad, she’s almost out of it!”

Looking again at Tessy I could see that she was nearly out, but still shaking

from one wave of orgasm after another, that did it for me, I thrust savagely into

her quivering cunt one last time, as the cum exploded from my cock, I felt jet

after jet pulse into her, I hadn’t cum so much in years, and when I was spent,

Mandy, let Tessy slump foward onto my heaving chest, she had plainly passed out,

only then did I realize that her sister had been helping to hold her up till we

were through.

After a few minutes, I rolled the sleeping young beauty off to my side, and

began to try to sit up when, Mandy said. “Daddy lie back and rest a bit, I’ll clean

you both up.”

As I tried to do so, I noticed that Mandy was licking my cum from her sister’s

legs and belly, then on toward her slick little pussy, cleaning her with her own


Even as tired as I was, this got my groin stirring, and when Mandy saw it, she

rushed to me, and began the same treatment, on me. She licked my legs, and, belly,

clean, and, then started on my crotch, licking the cum from my cock, and, balls,

even down to my ass, and, when I felt her tongue touch my pucker, my nearly

lifeless cock seemed to spring to life, it was the best rim job I had ever had, (of

course, it could have been because she was my daughter), my balls began to grow

heavy again, I moaned in pleasure, and Mandy turned her body around to plant that

succulent pussy in my face once again.

She sucked my cock ravenously, as I licked her swollen cunt, and, when I pushed

two fingers into her, and began to fuck her with them, her sucking became mixed

with moans, causing intense vibrations to course through my rod.

“Honey, please, I don’t think I can cum again.” I said.

“Oh I think you can. Besides, I want you to do me in my ass.” She informed me.

That piece of information caused my cock to harden like never before, I had

dreamed of fucking her, but never in my wildest dreams did I think she would let me

ream that beautiful ass!

She positioned herself over me and took my aching cock into her steaming pussy,

riding it hard, and, began licking, and, nibbling my ear, then, whispered.

“Daddy, I saw some of the pictures you saved on the computer, the ones with the

dads screwing their daughters in the ass, funny thing, they all looked a lot like

me. So daddy, do you want to fuck your baby girl’s ass? Do you want to feel your

hard cock deep in my ass? Do you want to bury your cum deep up in my ass?” She

asked smiling wickedly.

“Oh goddamn, get on your knees you little tramp, I’m gonna fuck that ass like

you never dreamed, I’m gonna split that ass wide open!” I growled.

As she got on her knees, I leaned in, and, traced her rosebud with my tongue,

leaving large amounts of liquid, then I inserted my thumb, rotating it, and pushing

in and out several times, then, I removed it, and pushed in two fingers, and

furiously fucked her with them, until I felt her loosen.

I spit in her ass, and rubbed the juice from her pussy on it, then I placed my

cock at the opening, when I began to push she turned, smiled that impish smile, and

said. “Oh daddy, I’m your bad girl, fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck me hard!”

With that I pushed my cock to the hilt in one swift shove, she gasped at the

intrusion, but pushed back. I could feel her ass tighten around my tool, I drew

back, and slammed home again.

She whimpered, and said. “Oh yes, oh yes, daddy, that’s it, fuck your baby

girl’s ass, fuck me, fuck me hard!”

Blind with lust, I pounded into her over and over, till I thought I was going

to hurt her, when I slowed she cried. “No, no, don’t stop, I’m close, fuck me

harder, faster, deeper, aaaghhh, fuck me, fuck your baby girl!”

Her words spurred me on, I drove my cock deep into her bowels, like a

jackhammer in soft soil, I pummeled her ass, I was lost, until I felt my balls

begin to rumble, then I knew that I had truly, done exactly what I had set out to


As the cum rushed into her ass, she screamed. “Oh god, oh god, yes, yes, that’s

it daddy, fill my ass up with your cum, oh god!”

She went limp, and my now softening member slipped from her gaping asshole, we

fell forward, and, lay together on the ground, me still on top of her, unwilling to

relinquish my power over her.

“Daddy, do you think I’m pretty?” She asked a moment later.

“Honey, you are beautiful!” I responded.

“Then, why did you fuck Tessy first?” She asked me, as she rolled over onto her


“Honey, it just seemed to work out that way. Why, does it bother you that it

did?” I queried.

“Well, yeah, a little, I mean I thought since I set this whole thing up, you

might want to do me first, just to kinda say ‘thanks’.” She told me.

“Baby girl, I had no idea that this was your doing. To be truthful, I kinda

thought your mom set it up.” I informed her.

“Ok, since we’re being ‘truthful’, mom did have a hand in it. The last time

you were home, she caught me watching you take a shower, and well, I was

masturbating. Anyway, she caught me, and sat me down for a ‘talk’, that’s when I

told her that I couldn’t help it, I had this thing for you, and, that I wouldn’t

rest till I slept with you. After she got over being mad, and, thinking that I was

sick, we cooked up this plan to make it happen, she said that as long as she had to

share you, it might as well be with someone she loved as much as you.” She told me.

Thinking fast, I asked. “But, what about Tessy, how did she figure into your


“Tessy, overheard mom and I talking, then she went to mom and told her that if

she wasn’t in on it, then she would tell you and spoil everything.” Said my

beautiful, cum soaked, daughter.

Beginning to realize the scope of this situation, I asked. “Honey, are you sure

that your mom was in on this? Or are you just trying to put me off guard?”

“Dad, just wake Tessy, ask her, she’ll tell you!”

“Tell him what?” Asked Tessy, as she awoke from her impromptu nap.

“Tessy, tell him, tell him how you blackmailed me and mom to make this weekend

happen!” Said Mandy, in an urgent tone. Then added. “Tell him, you wanted to fuck

him as much as I did, didn’t you?”

Sheepishly, she answered. “Yeah, I do, I mean, I did.” Then blurted. “Mom said

I could! She said that if you could, then I could too!”

Nearly rolling with laughter, I asked. Whose idea was the ‘photo shoot? And,

why did you both think you had to keep it a secret, didn’t you think I could handle

it, or, was it supposed to be the surprise that it turned out to be?”

“Mom’s.” They chourused. Then Tessy added. “She thought you might think we were

crazy, and, say ‘no’ if you knew up front that we wanted to sleep with you.”

“Well, I do think you are both crazy, but then, so am I, about you two, that

is. But, I dont think I would ever have said ‘no’ to this!” I told them.

“Now what do you two say to a bite to eat?” I asked them.

“Cool, are you going to eat us both, or are we supposed to eat you?” Asked Mandy


“Funny girl.” I said, then added. “But if you think I can keep this up all

weekend, then you need to see to it that I get food.”

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