Three Is A Crowd, NOT

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Three’s A Crowd – NOT !

Joyce and I had been married nearly 20 years when one afternoon Jennifer, our 18 year old “band geek” daughter came home from high school quite perplexed, asking my wife a ton of questions about the male anatomy.

From what I could overhear from the bedroom, it seemed that Jennifer had just begun a new biology class in school and on that day the teacher was explaining the male anatomy, specifically a man’s scrotum sac, the testicles, and their roles in the reproductive system.

Jennifer, remarkably still a virgin had never even seen a male’s private parts. So Joyce began explaining to Jennifer all about the scrotum sac and how the two testicles are contained within it and how the prostate gland makes the semen and the testicles make the sperm and so on…

But it eventually became clear that Jennifer was just not getting any of it. She simply couldn’t seem to create a mental picture of all the parts and how they work… And that’s when the unthinkable happened…

My wife called out to me, “Honey, can you come out here for a moment please?”

And so I did, working hard to keep a straight face.

My wife said to me, “Honey, can you do me a favor and just drop your pants for a minute so Jennifer can see what your sac looks like?”

I was shocked and exclaimed, “NO WAY!!! I’m not dropping my pants in front of my daughter!”

But Joyce persisted and then added, “Isn’t it better that she learn these things from us rather than out on the street?”

I said, “Well yea, I suppose… but this is really kind of uncomfortable for me.”

My wife said, “Oh stop it, this is your daughter. There’s no reason to be ashamed. Just pull down your underwear for a minute and let Jennifer see what these parts look like and then it will all be over. She needs to learn this stuff for biology class.”

So I very reluctantly dropped my trousers and then lowered my underwear. My daughter’s eyes were bulging from their sockets and she could not seem to take her eyes off my penis! She appeared mesmerized by the sight of it. Oh my, now this was getting somewhat uncomfortable and honestly I was beginning to fear that I might get an erection and how embarrassing that would be for me.

Just as I thought this awkward presentation was coming to a close, Joyce tells me to grab my penis and lift it up and away from my sac so Jennifer could see what the sac actually looks like. So I grabbed my penis and held it in an upward position so my sac was completely exposed.

Then my wife asked Jennifer, “Okay, so can you see how the two testicles kind of hang inside the sac?”

My daughter replied, “Well, not really… I mean, I see something hanging there but I really can’t tell what it is.”

Now really pushing the limit, my wife said to my daughter, “Jennifer, take you hand and very gently squeeze the sac and you will be able to feel the two testicles inside rolling around in between your fingers.”


Joyce looked at me and said, “Hush honey, it will be fine.”

Well, lo and behold, no sooner did that tender touch of my daughter’s hand gently massage my scrotum sac, my penis went right into erection mode.

Now frantically looking for some acceptable excuse as to why my 18 year old daughter just caused me to get this throbbing hard on, my wife chimed in with, “And that is what happens when a man becomes aroused. The chambers inside his penis fill with blood and it becomes very hard so that he and his mate can have sexual intercourse.”

Okay, so she got me off the hook and obviously was downplaying my boner. This was a good thing and I assumed that this demonstration was finally over. But noooo…

Now listen… I really thought I knew my wife very well. I mean, we were sexually active at a young age and through the years I really believed that I got to know her every side. So you can imagine my total surprise at what happened next.

Joyce asked our daughter, “Jennifer, would you like to feel your father’s erect penis?

Well, with that I jumped right in once again with, “Alright Joyce, you are really crossing the line here!”

Joyce snapped back with, “Oh honey, just relax and enjoy the ride!”

Now I began to notice a slight quiver in Joyce’s voice, something that I’d known only to happen when she’s sexually aroused.

Now my mind began to wander a bit… I knew that if I could just go with this, allowing Joyce to take the lead in her sexually heightened state, there’s no telling what kind of mind blowing sexual encounter we might have. And so that’s exactly what I did.

Jennifer had a tight grip on my rock hard penis, although she had no idea what to do with it. But of course Joyce jumped right in there and began to explain to Jennifer about masturbation and then placed her hand on top of Jennifer’s hand and they both began jerking me off together!

By this time Jennifer had a whole new round of questions. She had heard talk at school about how guys ‘shoot their wads.’ Joyce told Jennifer, “After a few minutes of doing this to your father he will shoot his wad and then you will be able to see what that’s all about too.”

With Joyce’s voice continuing to crack and quiver, it was obvious that she was extremely hot with this entire scenario and I was actually becoming eager with what she might suggest next.

And not to be disappointed, Joyce then asked our daughter, “Jennifer, would you like to see what happens when two people have sexual intercourse?”

Jennifer relied, “What mom, do you have a movie or something for me to watch?”

Joyce answered, “No, your dad and I will make love in our bed right now and you can watch how it is done so when you are married you’ll have a better idea on how to satisfy your husband.”

Jennifer responded, “Oh, that would be so neat to watch!”

So off to the bedroom the three of us go. Jennifer is sitting on the edge of the bed, Joyce removes her clothes and lays flat on her back, and she instructs me to get on top. She then tells Jennifer to get into a position closer so that she can see what it looks like when the penis goes into the vagina. And as for me, I was so aroused at this point that I didn’t know how long I’d be able to do this before blowing my load!

Joyce instructed me to slide a few fingers into her vagina and open it up so Jennifer could see how moist she already was inside. So I did and Jennifer appeared even more fascinated with that and then impatiently asked, “So how long do we have to wait before you put your penis inside mom? I really want to see you shoot your wad!”

At this point Joyce and I were both literally shaking with delight. There we were, in the bed naked with our 18 year old daughter, demonstrating sexual intercourse, aroused far beyond any sense of reason or sanity, exploring new sexual heights that had never been reached before.

Our sex education class soon ended with a mutual orgasm that far surpassed that of any either of us had ever achieved before that day. And for the next year Joyce and I always included Jennifer with our love making and it was the most gratifying sexual relationship that any of us could have ever hoped for.

Today Jennifer is happily married with a child of her own and is of all things, a successful high school biology teacher!

– The End –

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