Trip With Mom To Visit Colleges!

After I graduated from high school, mom agreed to drive down to Florida to look at some of the colleges.  It wasn’t until late July after my 18th birthday, before we could leave Intercourse PA.  Yes, that really is a town and no it isn’t a fucking place to live, actually it is really a nice place that you always want to cum back to.   We ended up stopping at South of the Border, in South Carolina for the night.  This was like a little resort area that had a little of everything.  After mom was able to get a room for the night, we walked to the one of the restaurants.  Mom is a petite woman with a well formed figure and likes the attention she gets dressing provocatively.  This day in hot July she wore cutoff tight jeans, buttoned blouse tails tied in the front and unbuttoned just enough to show the cleavage from her 36C breasts.

After dinner we went back to the motel and it was a small room with a single queen size bed. Mom said, “It was the only room left, so we’ll have to make do,” as she looked over at me.

I put the overnight bag on the dresser.  Mom took a shower and came out with a towel wrapped around, I couldn’t help to eye her up and down as she was saying, “You should take a quick shower Henry.”

As I stood under the shower lathering up, I closed my eyes reflecting on her with the towel wrapped around just barely covering her pussy and nipples.  It wasn’t long before I could feel the growth raising against my soapy lathered palm.  As my fingers wrapped around my now swollen shaft, I slowly started stroking my soap lathered cock feeling as if it was inside a loving juicy pussy.   I could feel the sensation throughout my body as my lathered palm slid up the shaft against the head as I cupped it in my palm rubbing with my palm moaning “‘ohhhh” as I could feel myself at the edge.

“Henry, are you okay?”  came ringing out as my eyes open to see the door starting to open.

I quickly turn to the side pulling my hand off. Looking back toward the door saying, “I’m fine, almost done.”

Leaving the door ajar she replied, “Okay, I thought maybe you got hurt.”  Looking down the water had rinsed off the soap and I was not semi-hard, so I just finished rinsing off and dried off and put on my pajama bottoms.

As I came out mom said, “We should get to sleep so we can get an early start in the morning.”  As I pulled the covers she turned to the side and I could she was wearing a T-shirt nightie.  I got in and turned laid the other way and covered up saying “good night” as I turned off the light.  I could feel my shaft grow as I laid in bed next to mom with next to nothing on. I didn’t dare play with it and eventually went to sleep.

This must be a dream!

I dreamed I woke up with the covers down and with the outside light I could see she was laying on her back and that her nightie had rode up to her waist exposing she wasn’t wearing any panties.  I laid their looking down at her naked pelvic area wanting to reach over and feel her as I felt my erection pop through my fly.  Of course I leaned up and looked at her pussy as I slowly stroked my wonderful hard-on.  It was so exciting laying their stroking my cock next to mom as I look at her pussy.  I’ve always wanted to run my fingers in her pussy.  All of a sudden she turned on her side facing me and her arm laid across my belly.  At first I thought she was awake but she was still sleeping.  Now I couldn’t see her pussy or even really enjoy my cock.

After a few minutes I took her hand and moved it back a little, being careful not to wake her.  I then went back to slowing stroking myself for a little while before I got this wonderful thought.  I slowly took her hand and placed it on the other side of my cock.  Waited a minute or so then moved her fingers around my shaft and started slowly moving her hand up and down my shaft.  Omg, feeling her flesh against my swollen cock quickly got me to the edge where I could feel my clear pre-cum oozing out.  Then all of sudden she slid her hand up almost causing me to explode as she turned over.  I could feel I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer.  I quickly turned to my side and position the sheet around my cock as I remembered how great it felt with her fingers against my cock as I filled the sheet with my hot cum.  I didn’t think I would be able to stop cuming it felt so good.

Day 2 has a surprising turn of events!

I woke to mom saying, “Henry, time to get up, we need to get going.”

I looked up and she was already dressed in a pink thigh length skirt with a lacy white sleeveless button up blouse.  I then felt the crusty sheet and realized that it wasn’t a dream.   I got up and put my jeans on with a white t-shirt.  We got back in to the car stopping to get a breakfast to go then back on the highway.

After a while she placed her hand on my knee and without looking at me said, “Did you sleep okay?”

Pausing before I answered, “Yes, it was good.  Did you?”

I felt her hand slightly slide up my leg.  “For the most part, I must have been overly tired from driving yesterday that made me a little restless.”

Feeling her hand on my thigh and after last night, I could feel myself starting to get hard.  I really wanted to change the subject, “So mom, how long do you think it’ll take us to get there?”

I felt her fingers slightly press against my thigh as she responded, “Later tonight,” without pausing. “I was so tired I must of feel asleep without putting panties on and woke up all uncovered.” She paused a minute then as she continued her hand slid up where her fingers were inches from my enlarging shaft.  “When I looked over at you sleeping your dick was sticking out nice and hard,” she continued. “I thought maybe you were masturbating next to me.”  Before I could say anything she breathed in heavily and said, “I got so wet, I starting fingering myself looking at your hard cock.”

I felt my cock pressing at my jeans as mom pulled down the zipper letting it pop out.  She quickly looked over and back to the road, saying, “Oh yes, show mommy how hard your cock is for her.”

Without thinking I wrapped my hand around my shaft and started stroking it.  She raised her skirt and starting rubbing her fingers in her pussy as she said, “That’s it, jerk it for me, and watch me play with my cunt for you.”

She continued to massage her clit and slip a couple fingers into her cunt as I undo the fly and pull my jean down below my knees.  As I went back to rubbing my balls and stroking my cock I moaned, “Feels so good masturbating with you, I want to feel you stroking my cock!”

She said, “Don’t cum yet, wait and as soon as I can stop, I’ll take care you.”

She continued to finger her beautiful pussy as I just fondled myself and watched her.  She finally pulled into a rest area and as she parked she said, “Pull up your jeans, we’ll go to the wooded area.”

We quickly went and found a secluded area where she quickly pulled down my pants and took my cock and as she placed it to her lips I moaned, “Oh, fuck yes!”

That was first time I felt anything so good.  She took a couple deep throat sucks then slid my cock out of her mouth saying, “Lay on your back.”

She stepped over me and as she positions her pussy over my face, the aroma of her hot wet pussy is amazing. I just reach up and pulled her into my face and started licking all of her juices I could.  When my tongue got to her clit she moaned, “That’s it, honey.”

Then I felt my cock slip past her soft lips and over her tongue as she devours my cock.  As I enjoyed the taste of her gorgeous pussy, I slipped a couple fingers into her cunt, I never felt anything so wonderful as this before.  All of a sudden the moment got up to me and I moan into her pussy, “Fuck, I’m going to cum!”

Just as I started to cum I reached up and pulled her pussy tight against my face moaning, “Oh, fuck yes!” muffled by her pussy.

She sucked me dry then sat up over me and started wildly fingering her clit.  Then she moaned, “OH FUCK ME, OH YES!”  As I finished lapping up all of her cum she just smiled as she straightened her blouse and skirt. I pulled up my pants and dusted myself off as we walked back to the car.

Once we got back on the highway she placed her hand on my leg and while rubbing my thigh she said, “Let’s keep this stuff between us.  If you’re good, I’ll teach you how to really eat a pussy.”

I placed my hand on hers saying, “Of course, mom.”

Mom quickly replied, “Not even Tammy, no matter what she may say.”

I sat there thinking, “What would she say? Does that mean… omg, she did this with Tammy!”  I sat back having all these visions running through my mind, then I thought she went on a road trip with her a couple years ago when she graduated.
I bet she did, wow.  I could feel my cock starting to get aroused again thinking of those two satisfying each other.  Tammy is taller and closer to a junior and her breasts are just a little bigger, 38 C maybe.

I should say that she is actually my step-mom but she been my mom since forever.

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