Twin Lesbian Lovers

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Monica and Molly were twin sisters separated at birth by their parent’s divorce. They were each sent to live alone and a lie of not knowing they were twins. Then just after their 20th birthday, Molly who had been sent to live with her dad lost him to cancer. Nelly their mother heard only a month after he passed away and began to feel sorry she waited so long to reach out to them and Molly.
So she called her ex-husbands sister who was watching over Molly while she was in college and talked to her about a meeting. It took many persuasive calls and pleas and a long hard promise to get agreement on it. Then Nelly and Hannah agreed to meet with the girls at a country bed and breakfast. They had lived only a hundred miles apart all their lives but did not know it. So when they fished up a story to get the meeting set up it came as shook to both young girls. Molly was a high school cheerleader and now a college majorette. Her long black hair was in ponytails and she was a sissy big time. She was also quite the lesbian. She never liked men and had two women as her lovers both well over forty.
While Monica was a tomboy, a bit Butch. Her hair was shaved off and flat topped with none above her ears to the crown of her head. She had worn nothing but dark black clothes and jeans since she was 14. She wasn’t so much a lesbian as you might think; she had been with several men including a man who was almost sixty.
They knew at first glance by looking into each other’s eyes they were twins. The two of them resented what had happened and rebelled at first. Angry hateful words were thrown around like water in a rainstorm until they cooled off the next day. Then they both began to talk with Nelly about why it happened. After they got an answer, which neither liked, they accepted it and began to form a very close bond.
Monica was quick to accept an offer to move in with Molly in school. Which the apartment she rented was not for non-students. To hide the fact from her landlord she had to let her have her way with both of them. That’s how it all started.
Molly came in excited and bubbly as Monica sat in the big recliner-watching racing. She told her sister, “I got it sort of fixed with Miss Brown. But it will take some effort on your part sissy.”
“What do I have to do eat the old bat?” she retorted.
“Well yes,” Molly said in a confession of her dilemma.
Monica looked at her and smiled and said, “No way. She is almost sixty-five. Her pussy must be a wrinkled mess by now.”
“I told you when we moved in that this could happen, she is a lesbian yes, but she won’t let you stay unless you do something for her,” Molly said and then added, “She isn’t that bad, I already let her do me.”
“You slut. Shut up. You didn’t did you?” Monica said as he raised herself from the chair.
“I had to let her do what she wanted in order to keep you here with me, Monica.” Molly said as she sadly faced that her plan might not work.
With a little more persuasion, she relented and agreed to do it. Then Molly marched her to Miss Brown but only after helping her fix her face with a little more color and a fresh coat of lipstick.
Monica was reluctant at first but as she walked in with me, and was greeted with a naked body she relaxed. Miss Brown was old but not as bad looking as you would think. Her slim 5’5″ frame had two saggy 36D breast with large round hard nipples on the ends. Her semi shaven snatch was tight and smooth and looked as good as our own. When she lifted her legs wide and said, “Come on over and see me ladies.”
Her cunt was almost fresh looking, not worn and torn. Marching slowly up to her Monica stood inches from her legs as Molly slid a hand to her waist and unbuckled her pants. Monica looked over at her sister as Molly then yanked them down along with her full cotton underwear. Miss Brown rose up and ripped open her black cotton blouse and shoved the remnants to the floor as she took her locking clasp of the bra and snapped it open. Monica sighed as the older woman devoured her right nipple. Molly quickly lost her shorts and tank top and began to fondle Monica. Her hand slipped gently over her ass and Miss Brown at the same time. Both girls were a bit chubby 36-28-38, but had fine defined breast and asses. Both were bald in the crotch and form in the thigh and each one had a birthmark on the butt cheek like a rose. Miss Brown moved her free hand down to fondle Monica and tease her clit as Molly slid a finger in her sisters asshole and then one up Miss Brown as well. Monica turned to Molly and gasped as the old woman worked on her. Molly then surprised the both by kissing Monica deeply. As the two of them broke their kiss Molly went to devour Monica’s free breast and nipple. Then things heated way up quickly. Monica was pulled to the floor by the two of them and as Miss Brown rose to seat her cunt at her face, Molly slid down to her sisters wet snatch and began to paw and tease it with her mouth. Her thumb slid up Monica’s ass and then her tongue entered her, just as Monica had the older pussy thrust to her lips. She quickly lapped on it and sucked it like she was being done by her sister. With a big shuttering quiver Monica began to cum and with it Molly was treated to a shower of juices like none other had done to her. She had the same way herself and expected it and enjoyed it all as it squirted madly over her face. When Miss Brown had latched onto Monica’s face fully, she began to grind her pussy into the girl’s mouth. That sent a wave of juices from her with her first climax and as she kept going, more followed. When Molly had sucked her sister into a second frenzy she made her way up to the old woman and began to kiss her while she rode Monica. Then she slid her mouth to a nipple and fed through Miss Brown’s third, fourth, fifth and sixth wet orgasm.
Then it was Molly’s turn for a change. Miss Brown pulled her to be next to Monica as she changed faces. Monica then returned the favor Molly gave her with a lavish licking of her sisters now soaked pussy. Molly was lapping madly on the old woman as Monica took a taste her of twins soft inner folds. After several tastes, she just sank her mouth to it and sucked it like she had done others before. Her cunt juices built until a flood covered Monica and the floor. When Monica had brought Molly to a second pleasurable climax she moved to attack and nibble on the breasts of their older partner. It took the women another hour before they had all been pleased and the girls were allowed to live free of charge, well free if they continued to visit weekly.
Miss Brown then pulled them to the sofa and holding one in each arm, she began to speak, “Now you two are out of this world. I loved that pussy licking both of you did on me. I think if you work at it, you may find a way to enjoy yourselves a lot more.”
With those words she pulled us to kiss and then as we did she fondled our breast and teased our nipples. They went back to their room carrying their clothes. Several others saw them and smiled and one even tasted Molly before she broke free of her and headed into the apartment.
Monica collapsed on the bed and spread herself fully as she smiled up at Molly and said, “Come here doll.”
Molly pounced on her sister and began to kiss her while she fingered her pussy. Molly was sucking wildly on her tongue as Monica slipped a thumb up her asshole and three fingers in her twat. Molly cooed loudly and with her hands took Monica’s breast and began to tweak, twist and twirl her nipples madly around in circles. Monica just worker her hand in her sisters holes faster and harder until Molly raised her head and screamed, “Oh my god yes. Don’t fucking stop. Oh yes Monica…yes…make it purr…make it cum…make it yours.”
Monica worked her sisters twat into a frenzy all its own. Her actions brought a flood that soaked their bed and bodies in her juices and fluids. When she came a second time shortly after that it was even heavier and thicker
. Then Molly collapsed into her sister’s
loving arms.
The next thing Molly knew was she was being lifted upside down and eaten out as her mouth was being drilled into and on Monica’s now soaked wet snatch. The pair ate each other through another series of wild orgasmic episodes then retired into the warm bathtub to soak.
A few days later they went to a party at a neighboring building. The party was women only and no one could enter with clothes on. Before the beer flowed freely the room was a mass of an orgy of young women.
In the center of it all, Monica and Molly surprised and entertained all of them as they ate each other for nearly two hours. Several girls joined in but none could break their hold on each other. When the pair finally released each one was passed around to the other twenty women in the room. They awoke the next morning in bed with each other a black woman named Julia. She was 35 and a security guard that came to brake up the party and wound up getting raped by Monica. A Double-headed-dildo was shoved up her asshole and pussy and Monica was firmly attached to her right breast, as Molly lifted from the left one. They woke her slowly and gently and then struggled to get her to stop fingering and sucking them. Finally Molly relented and allowed Julia to eat her while she had Monica suck her nipples and work the dildo. Julia liked the twins so much that she started stopping by once in a while to arrest and strip search them. She found out that Monica loved a nightstick up her ass while Molly was partial to being handcuffed whipped with it in the pussy.
Now these two were truly sexually active. Miss Brown was a regular Friday afternoon affair and Julia was becoming a regular pest each Sunday morning. The rest of the time, the two of them had to have each other. Then Julia showed up one night unexpected. Molly was just finishing her homework while Monica bathed before bedtime. She walked in and grabbed Molly and handcuffed her hands behind her back and blindfolded her. She yanked her panties off and used them for a gag as she flipped her over a shoulder and carried down the back stairs to a van outside. She tossed her in and then went back for Monica who now standing naked and wet searched for Molly. Monica was handcuffed, brutally assaulted with a dildo in her asshole and then blindfolded and gagged with Julia’s panties before she was carried out of the apartment. Once she had the two girls in the van she drove away. They traveled a while moaning in their bonds as strange hands explored their pussy and breast. The van stopped and Julia came around and with help extracted the two girls. They were then stripped naked and walked into an open field. The twins were then attacked by several women at one time, ten to be exact. The bonds removed and the blindfolds left on, they could not see who was eating sucking and even fucking them. They were held down and spread like a meal before a hungry bunch of wild wicked women. Then after several long sexual assaults the blindfolds were removed.
Julia stood filming the entire event and as she held the camera to Molly she asked her, “Well honey child, did you like that?”
Molly just smiled and replied, “More.”
The black women were all large heavy set and somewhat ugly women. They began to swap body parts in the twin’s mouth until all had been eaten, eaten and devoured. Then Monica was introduced to a double fuck strap on session by two of the fattest ugliest women ever. They held her young body opens as one went in her ass and the other her pussy while a fat slick wet pussy was applied to her mouth.
Molly faired no better as she also was double fucked and made to eat a similar woman. When they had devoured her and fucked her silly, Julia explained it all, “I made us some money off your asses tonight. This man is going to pay us all a thousand dollars and you two twice as much each for this. He said if you will do another he will pay us more if his boss like it.”
Then the two of them became porn stars. They made a bunch of lesbian films. They also found a way to enjoy sex together and get rich doing it.

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