My name is Brian.  I own a bunch of  bars, nightclubs, and liquor stores spread out across the US.  I have a foster daughter who’s name is Kathleen.  I have never been married myself, but Kathleen’s real parents were my friends and buisiness partners.  Their half of the buisiness will become Kathleen’s as soon as she finishes college.  This story starts on her nineteenth birthday.

Kathleen had gotten to the point that she liked to wear really skimpy clothes (normal teenager), but it was the way she wanted to dress at night when it was just us that bothered me.  I don’t mean it made me mad, I mean it BOTHERED me.  She liked to run around the house in nothing but these really thin (most of them see through) half tops, a pair of cotton thongs, and those socks that have the toes in them.  Kathleen is about 5′ 9” and 106 lbs.  Her breasts are a C cup and she measures 34”, 32”, 35”.  She has dark brown hair and hazel eyes with full, pouty lips.  It was hard not to be bothered.  I started to say something to her a few times, but wasn’t sure how she would take it knowing that I was thinking of her like that so I just let it go.

Kathleen’s nineteenth birthday was on a Friday, so I decided to go ahead and have her party that night.  We live on a very nice sized ranch in central Texas, so it was a pretty large party.  Most of the guests left around 11:00pm, but a hand full had stuck around until the last one left at 1:30am.

“I’m so tired,” Kathleen said. “I think I’ll clean this up tomorrow.”

“Me to,” I answered, “but I don’t think I can sleep either.  I think I’ll watch a movie in my room before I go to sleep.”

“Oh, that sounds nice,” she replied.  “Can I join you?”

“Sure.  I’ll just go get the movie and we can watch it in the living room.”

“Don’t be silly.  I’ll go get comfortable and meet you in your room.  That way, if we fall asleep, we’ll at least be in bed.”

“You sure that’ll be ok?”

“I don’t see why not,” she answered as she bounded off to her room to change.

I thought for a second that this was a bad idea, but then thought, ‘What’s going to happen?’

So I went on ahead to my room and got changed into one of my pajamas and got the movie ready.

I figured that if we were going to be sleeping together in my bed, then Kathleen would put on a pair of shorts or something, but when she came into my room, she was wearing her usual thin half shirt and cotton thongs, but without the socks.

She looked at me and said, “Is that what you normally wear to sleep in?”

“Of course not,” I said.  “I normally sleep in just my boxers, but with you in here, I thought I’d be a little more modest.”

Kathleen smiled and said, “That’s sweet, but not necessary. You sleep however you normally sleep.”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Of course I am,” was all that she said.

So I stripped down to my boxers and got into bed.  Kathleen climbed into bed with me, snuggling up next to me and I started the movie.

About halfway through the movie, Kathleen fell asleep.  Or so I thought. In her state of pretend sleep, she began to thrust about, snuggling closer into me.  Her ass was soon rubbing against my cock making it grow hard.  Not long after it had gotten fully hard, it had worked it’s way between her cheeks and would receive a nice rub every time she moved.  I tried to move away a couple of times, this was my foster daughter after all, but Kathleen would just groan and snuggle right back into place, so I just gave in and tried to ignore it.  This also was to no avail.  I was becoming more and more turned on and could feel the dampness from my own pre-come in my shorts.

Next thing I knew, I had my face in the nape of Kathleen’s neck, with my right arm draped over her body cupping her left breast, and was grinding myself in the crack of her ass.  Kathleen was stirring and moaning, pushing back against me.  I feared I might wake her, but wasn’t ready for this to end, so I slowed down hoping that she would not wake until I had reached my climax.  As I drew close, I knew that if I shot a load like this, it would surely wake her and then she would know what I had done.  I started to pull away so that I could cum without getting any on her, but then Kathleen turned her head to look at me and reached back to hold me in place.

“I want this,” she said as she reached down and pulled the front of my shorts down so that I could cum directly on her lovely cheeks.

I cried out as my first load shot out from between her ass cheeks and covered her back and my belly.  Kathleen reached up and gently pulled my mouth to hers and I let loose three more volleys as we kissed with a passion that I had never felt.

We kissed until I had gone totally soft, and then Kathleen pulled away.  Sitting up, she turned to fully face me and sat there, staring down at me, rubbing my chest and smiling with this peaceful glow that I had never seen on her before.  Then, she pulled her top off and leaned over me, kissing and licking my chest all over. She kissed her way down my stomach and then my pelvic region.  She grabbed my shorts and pulled them off, throwing them to the side.  She let her hands glide along the inside of my thighs until she had my limp member in her hand.

I felt my cock jump as soon as her hand made contact.  She  stroked it softly, admiring it.  I was already beginning to get hard again when she looked up into my eyes and spoke.

“This may be something that just happened for you,and you may never want it to happen again, but I’m so glad it did.  I’ve wanted this for a long time now.  I have fallen so in love with you, and if you’ll have me, then tonight I want to make love to you, and I want that even if tonight is the last time we ever do.  If you do want to make me yours though, then know this, I will be all yours.  I will make myself your property.  You will own my body just as you already own my heart.  It will be yours to do with as you please, to share with others or keep all to yourself.  I will never deny you any command, just never ask me to leave you.”

I was in shock.  I couldn’t believe this was really happening, but as I lay there thinking about what she said, I realized one thing.  I had fallen in love with her as well, and as much as it seemed so sudden, the next thing I said was, “I’m in love with you too, and no, this will not be our last time.”

Tears filled her eyes as she leaned down to kiss me once again with the same passion as before.  She then kissed her way down my body until she had once again reached my pelvic area.  Taking my cock in her hand, she looked me in the eye and licked from the base to the tip and lowered her mouth over my entire shaft.  This took me off guard, because though I’m not large, at 7″, it’s not many women that can do that and I wasn’t aware that Kathleen was sexually active.  I wasn’t about to complain though.  The work she was doing on me was nothing short of fantastic.

She continued to work on me with long, slow, and deep strokes.  I knew I wouldn’t last long at this rate, but Kathleen had another surprise in store for me.  She looked up into my eyes once again and smiled as her mouth lowered once again.  Upon reaching my base, I felt her tongue reach out and pull both of my balls into her mouth along with my throbbing member.  I thought I was going to explode but I held back.  She let herself gag on my cock.  The feel of her throat contracting on my head almost made me lose it, but once again, I held out.  Her tongue reached out again only this time to find my anal hole, and again, I thought I would lose it and I instinctively lunged forward, crying out, “I’m going to cum baby, I’m going to cum hard.”

She released my cock only to say, “It’s ok daddy.  Fill your baby girl’s throat with cum.  I want it daddy.  I want it so bad.”

With that, I couldn’t hold back any longer, nor did I want to.  Kathleen had barely returned my cock into the deepest parts of her throat when I let out the largest orgasm I’ve ever had.  I couldn’t stop coming.  Kathleen was swallowing as fast as she could, but there was still cum running out of her mouth, and she was catching as much as possible with her hand.  Six large loads I let out, each as big as the last, and even more just oozing out afterwards.

Once I had finished, Kathleen was still softly sucking my cock until it had gone completely soft in her mouth.  She let it fall free and then looked up at me as she licked the cum that she had caught off of her hand.  She crawled up to me and kissed me deep and  this time, without passion, but loaded with hunger.  She had saved some of my spunk in her mouth and was now sharing it with me.  No one had ever done that to me before and I was shocked at how much it was turning me on.  Then again, there was many firsts I was experiencing with my foster daughter and all of them shocked and excited me.

I let Kathleen kiss me for a long time and then I turned her  over so that she was lying on the bed beneath me.  Pulling away from her mouth, I kissed my way down her neck until I was able to take her left breast into my mouth.  Her nipples were so hard, like small stones.  You wouldn’t have thought that to look at them though.  They looked large and puffy, like large, pink marshmallows sitting atop her breasts.  The kind of nipples I love.  Those nipples were one of the reasons I used to curse her for wearing such thin shirts around the house.  I bit down hard on her nipple, causing her to yelp. A yelp that quickly turned to pleasurable soft moans.  My left hand moved up to her right breast, pinching and twisting her other nipple.  My right hand made it’s way down between her open legs.  The crotch of her panties were soaking wet.  I rubbed her as my mouth made its way back and forth from one nipple to the other, licking, sucking, and biting them both.  She was moaning loudly and grinding herself against my hand hungrily.

I kissed my way down her body to the top of her panties and then pulled them off her, throwing them to the side.  I licked my way down her right leg until I reached the object of my deepest desire.  There, I thrust my mouth upon her, drinking up her scent and her nectar.  My tongue parted her lips and found her bud at once.  I let my tongue linger there for a while, applying a steadily growing pressure.  Her moans turned into whimpers, wanting more.  She thrust herself upon me and I reached under her, pulling her body up to me as I sat up and began to devour her womanhood.  Her legs now resting on my shoulders, I lashed out at her clit with my tongue.  She was screaming as her already arched back thrust into my ready mouth.  Her screams became louder and I knew she was about to cum.  As she thrust forward, I began to rub her clit with my thumb while I moved my tongue’s attention to her tiny back hole.  The instant my tongue started its work on her tight little ass hole, her body began to cunvulse, she thrust harder into me, and she screamed out in orgasm.  Her orgasm seemed to last as long as mine and just as hard.  As I continued to lick at her hole, I began to taste her juices which were flowing freely from her cunt and into her ass.

Once she began to calm, I lay her back down and cleaned up the rest of her lovely fluid.  Then I crawled back up her body and kissed her hard with more lust than love.  I reached over to my nightstand drawer to retrieve a condom.

Suddenly, Kathleen grabbed my hand.

“Don’t daddy.  I want to feel you.  I had my doctor put me on the pill because I want to feel only you.  I want to feel my daddy’s cock inside me and then I want to feel you fill me with your cum.”  After that, she reached up and began to nibble seductivly on my ear and neck.

I stopped reaching for the condom and began to kiss her body once again.  She reached down and grabbed my cock, guiding it towards her.  As she placed the head into her opening, she looked at me and said, “Please daddy, be gentle.”

That took me by surprise because everything up until then had been so hot and sexual, and now she wanted to slow down.  I quickly found out why when my head came into contact with her maidenhood.  She was a virgin.  ‘How could the same girl that had been so versed in sex up to this point be a virgin?’ I thought.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked.

“More than anything,” she said.  “The last year, I’ve been practicing at other things so that I would be able to please you, but this, I always saved for you.”

It finally dawned on me that earlier, when she said that she wanted to be mine, my possession, she wasn’t just saying that because she wanted me to say yes, she really meant it.  She really wanted to belong to me, and I loved her all the more for it.

I leaned down and slowly kissed her as I gently pushed into her until I felt her maidenhood snap.  She cried out and whimpered, so I stopped.  She let her body relax and then she looked up at me and with a smile, she nodded her head.  I eased out a little and then slowly pushed in again. I could see the pain on her face even as she smiled up at me.  With each long , slow thrust, I pushed just a little further in until she was taking all of me.  There was still pain there, but gradually, I started to see pleasure to.  Her pussy was so tight, I wasn’t sure how long I would last, but finally, I saw the pain leave her face to be replaced by nothing but pure pleasure.  I let my weight down on her and held her close to my body as I began to quicken my pace a little at a time.

She began to moan and pant loudly as another orgasm was building in her body.

“That’s it baby.  Cum for daddy,” I said, as her body began to shake.  When her pussy began to clinch even tighter around my dick, I couldn’t hold out any longer and I shot a heavy load deep inside of her.

“OH DADDY!!!” she shouted.  “I’m cumming so hard daddy.  Don’t stop.  Please don’t stop.”

I continued to thrust hard until we both had exhausted our orgasm and I collapsed on the bed next to her.  I hadn’t laid there very long before I realize that my erection was still throbbing and hard.  I look over at Kathleen who is just laying there, panting for air.  As her chest rises and falls, I want more of her.

I turn her over on her belly and pull her hips up to me.  She leans back and looks over her shoulder with a smile and says, “I see daddy is already claiming what’s his.”

I ram into her hard and say, “You told me your whole body was mine do with as I please.  I’m going to make good use of it.”

Kathleen just smiles and wiggles her ass into me as if she just can’t get me deep enough into her.  That turns me on even more, just knowing that she had just lost her virginity and already was turning into such a little slut.  A little slut that would do anything her daddy asked her to do.

I grabbed her by the flesh of her hips, squeezing hard, and began to pound into her as hard as my strength would allow.  She was crying out in pleasure, screaming at me to fuck her.  Telling me to fuck my little girl’s cunt good.  I did just that.  I plowed into my little girl’s cunt hard and even as I felt her pussy tighten around me in another orgasm, I knew I was nowhere near done.  I gave her tight pussy three more orgasms, but was still not ready.

As I watched her perfect ass slamming into my body, it suddenly hit me what I wanted, what it would take to finish me for the last time.  Through all of this, the slow and gentle love making and the rough and hard sex, there was one thing I still hadn’t made mine, and I wanted it.

I reached into my nightstand drawer and got out the bottle  of lube that was inside.  I squeezed some into my hand and as I rubbed it onto my cock, I began to lick Kathleen’s tight little ass hole.  I put the head at her little entrance and felt her body tense up.

“Have you ever done this before?” I asked her.

“No,” she said.  “I’ve never really thought about it.”

“It’s ok,” I told her.  “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

“It’s not that,” she answered.  “I’m just scared.”

“Don’t worry,” I told her, smiling.  “I’ll be gentle and any time you want to stop, just say so.”

She smiled and relaxed her body.  I pushed in slowly until my head penetrated the opening.  She winced, and I stopped there to allow her body to adjust.  After a while, I pushed further in a little at a time until all of me was in.  I sat there a while until I felt her body relax completely.  Once she was ready, I began to slowly pull out until just my head was in her and then back in again.  I made long, full, slow thrusts as the pleasure began to build up in her body.  As soon as I knew she was ok, I began to quicken my pace until I was nailing her hard.  She was crying out in a mixture of pleasure with a hint of pain, but she was loving every stroke.  I could feel her wetness on my balls as they would strike against her swollen cunt.

“Oh my god daddy,” she cried out.  “You feel so damn good in my ass.  Please daddy.  Ooohhhh god.  Please don’t stop. Uhhh uhhh uhhh.  That’s so good daddy.”

“Do you like it baby girl?  Do you like daddy’s cock in his daughter’s tight little ass hole?  Do you want daddy to do it some more, or is my daughter’s little ass too sore?”

“Oh god daddy yes.  Yes I like your big cock in my tight hole.  Ooohhh ooohhh ooohhh.  Your daughter’s ass is never too sore for you, daddy.”

“Rub your pussy, baby.  Rub your little pussy while daddy fucks your tight little ass.  Make that hot little cunt cum for your daddy.”

Kathleen reached between her legs and started to rub her clit hard.  She could feel the orgasm building inside her.  I could tell that she was just about to explode when I grabbed her wrist and pulled it away.  I pulled out of her and flipped her over.

“Daddy wants to watch his little daughter make that pussy cum while he fucks her ass, ” I told her.

I lifted her legs under her knees and pulled her to me.  Lifting her ass off the bed, I stuck my dick back in her ass and began to thrust hard again.  Kathleen began to rub her clit with the same vigor as before.

“That’s it, baby girl.  Make daddy’s pussy cum.  Daddy wants to see his baby girl cum hard.”

“Oh daaaaddddyyyy,” Kathleen cried out as she came hard just as I told her to.

I shot my load deep in my foster daughter’s ass.  When I was done, I quickly moved up to her head and offered her my cock which she eagerly took into her mouth and sucked until it was clean.  Once my now limp cock fell from her lips, I lay beside her, kissed her passionately, and then held her close to me as we both fell asleep, completely exhausted.

The last thing I saw was the alarm clock that read 5:36am.  It was one hell of a night, and even Kathleen says she hasn’t had a birthday quite like it since.


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