Lessons From Daddy Part 3 Continued

Her inner muscles clenched around my hand, grabbing my head with her hands. Panting and grunting loudly, she held him there, as my hand withdrew, not wanting me to move she pressed her cunt hard onto my mouth, rubbing and grinding against it.  I ate her pussy, licking up and down in small movements just under her clit as I finger fucked her faster and faster.

I could feel her inner walls squeezing my fingers and knew she was about to come soon.

I stop what I was doing and I hear her whimper in protest.

I Leaned over and start kissing her on her mouth, trailing my kisses down from the hollow of her neck, and down to her tits, licking and pulling her nipples. She hissed as l left her breasts, missing the attention I was giving them.

 I went down to her love triangle again, stuck two fingers back in and ate out her pussy, sucking and licking as I again fucked her with my fingers, faster and faster.

She held my head firmly, not wanting me to move away again, as she pushed her hips up and down against my mouth, wanting me to do it harder. With my tongue inside of her pussy as I moved my head from side to side, up and down, I started picking up the tempo.

Screaming and shaking with full force, she came, her juices dripping out of her wet hole and down my face and into my mouth. I removed my mouth off her pussy, licking her cum off my lips and still playing with her clit, urging on her climax, I stuck my cock into her gently, intensifying her release.

 I fucked her slowly, trying to control the pace, as I could feel her very tight and convulsing pussy. It was hard not to ram in her and come inside but somehow I held back. Wanting to be even farther inside her and knowing that her cunt was already accustomed to me, I pulled out and told her to lean forward on the couch.

Doing what I requested, she put her hands on the arm rest pulled herself up and leaned over, arching her back and opening her legs wide.

Stroking my hard cock at the position, giving me a good view of her ass, I wanted to fuck it badly but knew I couldn’t. It was to soon for that and I had to wait until later I will gradually introduce it to her then. Taking my dick, I eased myself into her from behind.

Anita gasped at the feeling of my thrusting in and out, making the sensation build as we fucked my balls were hitting her legs. I ran one hand smoothly over her back and ass while pulling her hair with the other, pushing deeper inside her. Looking down, I saw her cunt wrapped around my dick tightly and seeing her left over cum coating it.  

  Grabbing the couch, she yelled ” Oh yes. Fuck me harder. Oh yes. I love how your cock is deep inside me. Hmm, right there” she said over and over again.

Flexing my ass and clenching my teeth together, I tried not to come. I could see her feet held up high behind her as she bent her knees back showing off her sexy legs. Trying to distract myself from coming first, I reached down, opened her folds and started rubbing her clit which was still sensitive. Yelling out she wiggling her hips and pushing hard against me.

Moments later, she screamed out “I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come.” as I fucked and played with her as I increase the speed. She came, squirting all over my dick and crying out as her pussy walls spasm around it “yeeess!!!.

Feeling her orgasm subsiding and her pussy still squeezing me, I told her to bend one leg on the couch so she can see it better.

When she did, I stared down, stroking my hand up and down her calf, touching her foot. Grunting at the sight, I held her hip and pushed even deeper and harder, speeding up his pace even more.

Feeling my climax coming, I quickly pulled out. Anita reached over and started stroking my cock as I threw back my head and groaned in orgasm, spilling my creamy cum all over her back. She kept on rubbing me back and forth, feeling this I kept on thrusting in her hand, milking every last drop of my cum.

 With both of them panting from their encounter, she back and laid down on the couch and I collapsed on top of her.

Holding my sweaty body against hers, she looked up with face flushed and smiled at me. “That was incredible” she sighed, “All I felt was pure pleasure”.

I kissed her and helped her up to a kneeling position, with Anita bent over doggy style in front of me, cum running down her ass, I slid 1 then 2 then 3 fingers into her asshole, wiggling them around gently opened her sphincter, removing my fingers I pushed the head of my well lubricated cock in.

“Now what we are about to do is true love making you will only do this with one you trust and truly Love.”

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